Ten fined RM1,000 each for being unable to explain total of RM1.3mil in bank accounts belonging to a private school teacher who had been scammed




According to the charge, all the men were each accused of not being able to provide a satisfactory explanation on how to obtain the total money amounting to RM3.14 million belonging to a 31-year-old private teacher, between February 2 and April 4.

All the incidents were allegedly committed at two banks in Ampang, according to Section 29 (1) of the Minor Offences Act 1955 (Act 336) which provides for a maximum fine of RM1,000 or a maximum jail term of one year or both.

Based on the facts of the case, the complainant (victim) received a phone call from a man who introduced himself as the chief tax operating officer from Inland Revenue Board (IRB) stating that the complainant had tax arrears for 15 months amounting to RM17,600.76 on Trillion Star Enterprise, registered in the name of the complainant.

When the complainant denied the matter, the call was connected to another man who introduced himself as Inspector Faisal Amir and Kedah police chief of operations, called Datuk Rizal who claimed the complainant was involved in money laundering by using the complainant’s Public Bank Berhad account.

The complainant followed the suspect’s instructions and acted to open a new account and hand over the banking information to the suspect and the results of the investigation found that the money belonging to the complainant had been put into the bank accounts belonging to all the accused.


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