Reposting a thread by “Ruth: Mother of (lab) robots, first of her name”, on Dr John Campbell’s bizarre Wuhan monkeypox conspiracy video


Ruth: Mother of (lab) robots, first of her name

Dr John Campbell’s latest video: a thread After discussions with

@br3adbot and @danimal555

I did watch the video posted by Dr John Cambell on 31st May 2022 and read the transcript from it. On 31st may, Dr John Campbell posted a new YouTube video discussing the NIH, (1/17)

Wuhan virology centre and monkeypox. This has been shared several times on twitter with various assumptions/associations being made, namely that Wuhan had been working on the monkeypox virus and implying it could be responsible for its release (accidental or otherwise). (2/17)

This may be a long thread, so please bear with me, and feel free to use threadunroller. I have read the complete transcript from the video, and read the paper that Dr Campbell cites and discusses. (3/17)

The paper can be found here . I believe it is open access. So, Dr Campbells video. There are a few things that he got right. Monkeypox is endemic in certain nations eg Nigeria and the Congo. It is a re-emerging pathogen, (4/17)

and there are acknowledged concerns regarding the potential for transmission to domestic pets which would be very difficult to eliminate, and could result in the virus becoming endemic in more countries, resulting in periodic flareups of pockets of infection. (5/17)

He also describes that the NIH are researching techovirmatin as a potential treatment for monkeypox, and that this study began in 2022 and is scheduled to run until 2025. That’s where my positive review ends. (6/17)

He suggests that NIH anticipates the outbreak (21 mins 55 sec) – ok this is not totally false. (7/17)

I know that monkey pox has been mentioned in the news several times in the last ten or so years – where isolated cases have been found and contained preventing any substantial spread. Also, given the endemic nature in some countries, an outbreak isn’t totally unexpected. (8/17)

So the language he uses in this video is that intended to evoke emotion and reaction e.g “What I am about to tell you makes me very uncomfortable” (not verbatim but close enough). “Would you believe it”, “terrifying” and “pretty alarming stuff”. (9/17)

These phrases are going to make people alarmed. The paper itself – the researchers have managed to construct a 50kb (that’s kilobase, not kilobyte Dr Campbell…..) section of the genome and host it in yeast. (10/17)

The DNA sequence used to synthesise the 55kb fragment was generated by a US laboratory and placed in genbank. The full genome is 190-206kb. At 14 mins 28 sec, Dr Campbell states that the “assembled product contains a full set of genetic material”. (11/17)

This is FALSE – and he does later acknowledge that it is only a partial construct….so why state that it’s a full set of genetic material? Bizarre. At 19 minutes and 20 sec, he casts doubt on the use of the smallpox vaccine. (12/17)

The smallpox vaccine has been identified as conferring a good amount of protection against monkeypox. But he again goes on to contradict himself by saying that he acknowledges that the smallpox vaccine provides resistance/protection. Weird. (13/17)

He then also states that China cannot access it’s own sample of monkeypox because it hasn’t had any cases – that all they need to do is hop on a plane to Nigeria and get a bit of pus from an infected person (again I have paraphrased). (14/17)

Not sure he has thought that one through – you send someone to get pus from an infected person, likely infecting that person (as I highly doubt they’ll be sent with full PPE!) and yeah you have your sample, but you probably have several hundred cases as a result. (15/17)

He “can’t believe” that China can’t access a sample of it’s own, that it can’t order it in etc. I can – have you tried sending even harmless strains of bacteria to China for general lab research? (16/17)

I have – it’s almost impossible due to worldwide regulations preventing the import of material to the country. So that’s it – there is no evidence to back up his claims. (17/17)


Wuhan Institute of Virology published on monkeypox research 3 months ago, NIH also have been researching monkeypox treatment

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