Difference Frames the World is decidedly pro CCP China


Difference Frames the World


The following self description is based on the myth/fiction of China having an uninterrupted history of 5,000 years.



China is the only country that has an intact, uninterrupted history of over five thousand years, unlike Ancient India, Ancient Egypt, and Ancient Babylon. And thanks to the Chinese characters, modern Chinese people can still understand their forefathers who passed the wisdom through their books in the past three millenniums. This channel is for anybody who likes Chinese Civilization and wants to make friends with Chinese People, and here you can find a true picture of China through my videos. All the scripts are written word by word, and some of them might be one-sided, if so, please let us know, we are more than happy to discuss them with you.





Difference Frames The World: It made CCP propagandas in a style like PolyMatter or Wendover Productions. I think it is the most cringy pro-China channel, much worse than CGTN.


CCP-China propaganda pusher, “Difference Frames The World”, shows you why China topped the medal tally at the Tokyo Olympics! 


Self-described as “independent”, Difference Frames The World helps the CCP push the unsupported claim that China’s Covid-19 outbreak was caused by cold chain from abroad


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