CCP-China propaganda pusher, “Difference Frames The World”, shows you why China topped the medal tally at the Tokyo Olympics! 😂



We do not think the US topped the medal table. If we count China Hong Kong’s one gold and Chinese Taipei’s two golds, China got 41 golds, and it is still number one. Russians rank China as the first on the medal tally, combining China Mainland, Chinese Taipei and Hong Kong.


Was this removed by Youtube?







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4 Responses to CCP-China propaganda pusher, “Difference Frames The World”, shows you why China topped the medal tally at the Tokyo Olympics! 😂

  1. camajo4711 says:

    Difference Frames the World is NOT linked to China or CCP. It is not supported from the Chinese government.
    But contrary to the mainstream media, DFtW does not bring CIA’s pee-war propaganda about China.

    • weehingthong says:

    • Chris H says:

      How do you know it is not linked to the CCP? They pay literally hundreds of Youtubers to spread anti-Western propaganda – I don’t think you are going to try and dispute that, I mean you can watch videos of the screen split into 16/25 as they all read the same script .
      With that in mind, what makes you think that channel isn’t receiving money from the same propaganda agencies? Their first few videos were not 100% blatant US-bashing propaganda pieces, yet strangely after they reached around 50k subs their earlier balanced opinions went out the window – suddenly, whatever the topic was, it was the fault of the terrible United States. Every BS story being pushed by the global times, DftW is talking about it, often in several languages.

      They’ve said earlier that they are living in Canada so there’s little doubt they know that the CCP are liars, but who knows what shit they’ve had their heads filled with if they went through education in China – singing songs about xi da da being the best man that a woman could want, the Chinese equivalent of Hitlier printed on the money, and telling their citizens that it is so vital to save face that they have to be ready for a war with the West.

      This channel is constantly trying to mock the US for being scared of a little nuclear war with Russia. If that doesn’t tell you everything you need to know…

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