The Battle for Kyiv Round 2 is about to begin


Ukraine stopped Russia in Round 1.


Round 2 is about to begin.







Ukraine Military Calls on Citizens With Hobby Drones to Help Kyiv

Everyone and everything is being mobilized to fight back against the Russian invasion.

By Matt Novak Friday 4:30AM

Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense has called on all citizens of Kyiv who own hobby drones to bring them in and help monitor the city as Russia invades, according to a new Facebook post by the military. Even if people don’t know how to fly their own drones very well they’re still being encouraged to bring them in so that experienced drone pilots can put them to good use during this critical time.

“Do you own a drone? Give it to experienced pilots to use!” the Facebook post says according to an English language translation.

“Do you know how to drive a drone? Join the joint patrol with units 112 of the separate brigade of the city of Kyiv!” the post continues.


Міністерство оборони України 

Febtrguaar7ayon 25 aatoat 033:rh10d PM5  ·

Do you have a drone? Put it to use for the experienced pilots!

Do you know how to operate a drone?

Join the joint patrolling with units 112 separate brigade of the city of Kiev!

Kiev is our home, defending it is a common task


You and your drone need Kiev in this fierce moment!

Contact 112 OBrTRO in messenger on the official page of

Make sure to specify:

1) district of the city where it is more convenient;

2) experience in a pilot;

3) type of drone (if any);

4) the number of batteries;

5) did he serve in the army and when;

6) Contact details

Територіальна оборона ЗС України

This Facebook post is no longer available. It may have been removed or the privacy settings of the post may have changed







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