When Indian doctor Dr Rajeev Jayadevan says “No need of boosters”, he does not mean “No need of boosters at all”.


This message received via WhatsApp can also be retrieved from Dr Rajeev Jayadevan’s Facebook page. Here is the link:



The title is misleading.

No need of boosters is misleading. He actually says that there is no need of boosters if you’re not in the categories agreed to by the FDA. He seems to agree with the FDA but he doesn’t seem to understand that his title misleads. It makes people think he means “No boosters at all”.


What the FDA has approved:



Further reading:



No need of “boosters”
Dr Rajeev Jayadevan
20 September

Drop in antibodies is not the same as drop in immunity.

Why? Because antibodies are only one component of our immune response, more important are T cells and memory cells – that remain active long term.

Drop in antibody level is natural after a few months. This is because plasmablasts disappear, leaving a low baseline production by long-lived plasma cells (LLPC), which is below the detection limit of routine tests. Thus it is perfectly natural and normal for antibody levels to drop.

Unfortunately this is misquoted as “waning immunity” by booster lobbyists.

*What happens when antibody levels drop after a few months? *

If virus happens to enter the nose or throat of such a person, the memory cells immediately get activated, and generate enormous amounts of antibody. There is no delay. This prevents severe disease. That’s how we are programmed naturally.

By the way, the original memory cells (which are essentially like a sleeping library) also improve with time, and are able to generate antibodies against the latest variants including delta – if turned on in the future. This has been conclusively proven. (See my Twitter @RajeevJayadevan for details of numerous immunology research papers, too many to list here)

For healthy people who have received 2 doses of COVID vaccine, there is no evidence that 3rd dose will give them additional protection against severe disease.

There is robust evidence that 2 doses provide excellent (>90%) protection from severe COVID-19 disease, even if a mild or asymptomatic virus infection occurs afterwards. One must also remember there is always an age gradient in COVID-19; younger people have better outcomes. This gradient applies to vaccinated people too.

What will happen after a booster shot?

At the most, those who take a “booster” (correct term is 3rd dose) will have a few months of higher antibody levels afterwards. But that doesn’t mean they are “more protected” from severe disease.

Why? Because unfortunately, there is no “correlate of protection” for COVID-19. In other words, just because someone has a higher antibody level that doesn’t mean he or she is better protected against severe disease.

Vaccines, like many other medicines, are not 100% benign products. Very rarely, people have severe adverse outcomes too.

We must only use the lowest number of doses that gives the maximum benefit.

One or two hurriedly done studies (e.g. Israel’s new claims) do not mean “evidence”. Israel’s study is confounded* by behaviour. People who got 3rd dose had lower testing rates, not to mention only 12 days of follow up.

*Confounding is a technical term in statistics when unseen factors influence research outcomes, leading to wrong conclusions. By the way, anyone can twist data to justify their decisions.

The Lancet recently published an excellent summary article written by several neutral experts, concluding that there is no need to give boosters for everyone.

The US FDA’s advisory committee has also voted 16-2 against routine use of boosters to heathy people. It is well-known that vaccine companies are pushing the US government for “boosters” for everyone.

⚠️ Doctors must be deciding on these things, not pharma companies.

By the way, it was real doctors who voted 16-2 against it: that is the FDA advisory panel. Not sure if the US Government will eventually listen to them.

For people who are immunosuppressed/excessively vulnerable, giving one more dose empirically is understandable.

Evidence must be irrefutable, especially for important decisions like 3rd dose. If such evidence (of good quality) is found in the future, we will discuss it then.


🔺”More” does not mean “better”.

e.g. If a glass is already full, adding more water might make us feel like we are “doing something”, but what we are doing doesn’t make a difference. (*Glass represents our defence against severe disease)
🔺Just because someone is doing it, that doesn’t necessarily make it right.

Dr Rajeev Jayadevan
20 September


He also thinks it’s time to stop quarantine.



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