Wild boars roam. In Rome, Italy.





Mayor of Rome sues local region over wild boar ‘invasion’

Five Star Movement’s Virginia Raggi accuses Lazio regional government of failing to tackle problem

Lorenzo Tondo in Palermo@lorenzo_tondoThu 2 Sep 2021 13.12 BST

Last modified on Fri 3 Sep

Rome’s mayor has opened a criminal lawsuit against the surrounding Lazio regional government over “the massive and uncontrolled presence of wild boar in Italy’s capital”.

In recent years, Rome’s citizens and farmers have protested about wild boar wreaking havoc on their land and causing fatal car crashes. The animal is believed to be responsible for an average of 10,000 road accidents a year in the country.

The capital’s mayor, Virginia Raggi, of the Five Star Movement (M5S) has accused the regional government, led by former Democratic party (PD) leader Nicola Zingaretti, of being responsible for what she described as a “boar invasion” and failing to implement “effective management plans for these animals”.

Debate was rekindled in May by a video widely shared on social media that showed six wild boar surrounding and stealing the shopping from a woman who had just come out of a supermarket near Rome.

The animals, four adults and two piglets, pursue the woman as she backs away, attempting in vain to keep them at bay. She is then forced to drop the shopping bag on the ground, which is immediately raided by the boar.



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