Was China caught manipulating its World Bank Ranking score?


China’s World Bank Ranking Scam has 2 big messages for the world

Originally, China’s score stood at 64.5 and it ranked 85 in the Ease of Doing Business list. Thereafter, out of nowhere, China ended up securing a rank of 78 in the 2018 Ease of Doing Business list with a score of 65.3. This happened after China put pressure on the World Bank’s leadership to pump up the red rogue country’s score and rank. Watch the video to know more.



Did China manipulate World Bank business reports? Questions after probe forces ratings’ halt

The World Bank Group has junked, due to irregularities, its iconic “Doing Business Reports”, the Holy Grail of global rankings that purport to show which countries are most welcoming of private investment and business, popularly known as ‘ease of doing business’. The rankings have acquired the status of a prestige tag for emerging economies and is a key influencer of wide-ranging policies. An external investigation shows senior former bank leaders including chief executive Kristalina Georgieva (now managing director of the International Monetary Fund or IMF) had been working with economists to upgrade China’s 2018 ranking. Watch this report for more.


World Bank kills ‘Doing Business’ report after probe concludes pressure on rankings

The World Bank Group has halted publication of its business climate report following a probe into data irregularities. The decision came Thursday after internal audit reports raised ethical issues on the “Doing Business” 2018 and 2020 reports … after an investigation was carried out by the law firm WilmerHale. The probe concluded that senior officials, including then-World Bank President Jim Yong Kim and then-CEO Kristalina Georgieva, applied “undue pressure” to improve China’s ranking in its 2018 report . It also cited irregularities used to determine rankings for other countries in 2020.


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