Did Vijay Prashad, Marxist intellectual, say that he believes that the Americans planted the Covid-19 virus in Wuhan? ðŸ¤”



Received via WhatsApp.

Writer: Vijay Prashad, the Indian Historian, Journalist…

Title: Mr Blinken really had ‘ blinkers on ‘.

The problem is NOT China, but the US.

The US has conned the world for far too long, with its smooth and sweet rhetorics through the control of the media, with grandiose moral high grounds of human rights, freedom of speech, democracy etc., when itself is among the chief violators, not only in the US itself but throughout the world.

The US on false pretexts bombed up Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Yemen ( through its proxies) among others, created the human refugees’ catastrophe for which Europe had to bear the brunt of handling it.

The US for decades had been an Evil Empire, it’s actually the bull in the China shop.
It has also destabilized many Latin American countries, and now karma has shown up at its own southern borders with refugees.

I agree that Mr Blinken is a better-looking version ( Version 2) of Mike Pompeo, but they are the same, carrying out the the American Military Complex.

The Americans don’t follow any international law or order, though they keep pontifying about it.

They are above the laws and do what they like.
In short, they are the big bully and now the rogue on the International Stage.

At the recent meeting in Alaska, the US delegation was told to f…off, China gave the US a longer lecture in rebuttal.

The US asked China not to bully America’s lapdog Australia by imposing tariffs on Australian goods, but it’s ok for the US to impose tariffs on Chinese goods.
The Australians are now feeling the pinch and the US is now trying to get Australia out of the ditch… more crudely out of the shit that the Americans pushed the Australians into.

The world now needs China more than China needs the world … that’s a debate by itself, for another day.

The US has resorted back to gunboat diplomacy.

Apart from forming Quad, the US had asked and Britain and France had both just obliged by each sending a warship into the Pacific Ocean, from its very depleted fleet.

This time around, China will not be intimidated. The Americans are mistaken, that just because the West won the Cold War against the Soviet Union, they can win the Cold War, the Trade War against China.

China is the giant that Napolean foresaw will awake one day and it has now woken up.

China has delivered 700 to 900 million people out of poverty whereas more and more Americans have fallen below the poverty line.

Is food and shelter, not a basic human right?

CHINA’s progress did not come from the exploitation of other countries, like colonisation, rape and plunder and destruction of other countries, but through the hard work and the sweats toils and tears of the Chinese peasants and people.

Don’t forget the suffering of the 60 million ‘Lost/ Damaged generation of China. These were the children who grew up, who were ‘ abandoned’ by their fathers and mothers who left their countryside to work in the factories in the cities and the economic zones. The children don’t get to see their parents for at least a year or even longer… a tremendous social price paid, so American consumers can enjoy cheap goods.

At rallies after rallies, Trump retched up anti-China and anti-Chinese sentiments by accusing China of raping, plundering and robbing Americans because of repeated annual trade deficits for years of about US 550 Billion.

The question the world can ask is,
did China point a gun at the US to force it to buy Chinese products, unlike the time the West forced China to buy its opium?

The US bought Chinese goods because it benefitted the American Consumers…. it helped to keep inflation down in America. What Trump did not tell the American public is that each year US Companies in China reek in revenues to the tune of US 750 Billion.

Who forced the American companies to go and operate in China?

The West, America and Europe have developed at the expense of the AAA (African, Asian, Aboriginals) countries and peoples.. through colonization, exploitation, killings, slavery etc.

Enough is Enough, the 500 years curse is over.

The 21st century is the Asian century and Women will dominate.

Biden had called Putin a Killer and President Xi a thug.

The truth and the irrefutable fact is the Americans and the British have killed the most number of innocent people in all of human history.

How can America, a nation of about 240 years lecture a 5000 years old, Chinese civilisation?

The Wild Wild West foreign policy of the US will this time not work against China’s Sun Tzu ‘Art of War’.

Sadly, the US today is the world’s biggest terrorist and gangster and a threat to international peace and human civilisation.

Time for America to Repent.

Do not be surprised if one day, Russian and Chinese missiles rained down on the US… if the US persists with its wet dreams that God created America and Mickey Mouse created the rest of the world.

Ps. The Americans have been able to convince the Eskimos to buy refrigerators 🤔

I still believe the Americans planted the Covid 19 virus in Wuhan.

Trump and Pompeo had been saying that the virus escaped from the Wuhan lab and they have the evidence. The whole world is still waiting to see the evidence.




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