The CCP version of the Bible makes Jesus stone the woman caught in adultery


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Chinese Textbook Rewrites Story of Woman Caught in Adultery to Make Jesus Sinful
The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been implementing its plans for the “sinicization” of the Bible and Christianity for some time now, but only recently has it become apparent what the party believes a more “Chinese” version of Scripture would look like. According to a Sept. 22 report from the Union of Catholic Asian News (UCAN), a Chinese ethics textbook tells the famous account in John 8 of the woman caught in adultery, but with a significant change to the ending: After the religious leaders leave, Jesus stones the woman himself.
“I want everyone to know that the Chinese Communist Party has always tried to distort the history of the Church, to slander our Church, and to make people hate our Church,” said a parishioner who posted the CCP’s version of the story on social media. According to ChinaAid, which has published a picture of the text in question, the story about the woman caught in adultery is in a textbook called “Chinese Professional Ethics and Law” that was edited by Zhongmei Pan, Gang Li, and Baoyu Xu. The book was published by University of Electronic Science and Technology Press, and according to the National Review’s Cameron Hilditch, is aimed at high school students.

Read this article and see how the CCP sinicize the Bible

Chinese Textbook Rewrites Bible Story to Make Jesus Sinful



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