The CCP now calls Jack Ma a traitor but praises Huawei’s Ren Zhengfei


Received via WhatsApp.

What are the differences between the founders of Huawei (Ren Zhengfei ) and Alibaba (Jack Ma (Ma Yun).

Alibaba (Jack Ma (Ma Yun)):

  • Jack Ma only holds less than 10% share, the rest split between US, Japan (Softbank) and Canada shareholders.
  • Alibaba is listed outside China, but most business done in China, earns China money and feed foreign shareholders.
  • Alibaba promotes consumerism in China. Due to its large scale business, suppresses other China businesses and creates more un-employment in China.

Huawei (Ren Zhengfei )

  • Huawei business is to maximize as much profit outside China and bring the profits back to China.
  • Huawei creates and controls her own technologies.
  • Huawei promotes new technology and develop talents.
  • Huawei is not a listed company, hence not allowing foreign investors / shareholders to take advantage of Huawei.

Both Alibaba and Huawei appear to be Chinese companies.

Which one creates more values to China?

Now you understand why Jack Ma is so popular, often invited by the western media to give talk and not
Huawei (Ren Zhengfei ).

The Western world loves Jack Ma and hates Ren Zhengfei.

Becos Jack Ma opens the gates of China to foreign interests and drains money out of China.

Ren Zhengfei does the opposite – he conquers Western markets and bring tech/money/jobs back to China.

Now you understand why US is finding all ways to attack Huawei.
Forwarded by Chin KF Recently , many people seem to confused with Beijing decision to nab Jack Ma . Jack Ma was credited as father of modernizing China from a fragmented world to a fully connected digitalized world via internet and transforming china into a cashless society, surely he cannot be the bad guy.

But what many people didnt know was Jack Ma Alibaba was actually 33% controlled by Softbank Japan and 22% by Wall street USA YAHOO finance, Jack Ma only have a meager 5.67% stakes in Alibaba. This China success story is actually a story repeat of proliferation of opium in 1840, but instead of opium, they were offering the poorest Chinese farmers, hard labor workers with easy financing to purchase luxury goods that they do not need such as iphones (not huawei), jeans, branded bags,shoes etc and also offering cheap loans to university students, bypassing banks .

Jack Ma was actually a front man, helping the Americans and Japanese to skin the naive 1.4bil normal citizens with tons of luxury goods that they cannot afford, by offering them financing at 17.7% interest per annum. Many chinese young people were conned to sign up for the latest iphones with 12 months easy instalment but not 0% interest, instead they were getting slapped with 18% interest per annum. All the young chinese hard earned money and the stupid farmers, were sending boatloads of money to USA tech companies, wall street banks and japanese softbank. Japan softbank was famous for making lots of wrong investment moves but still able to report record profit year after year, thanks to the traitor Jack Ma and his team, conned the public wealth and transferred it to the Japanese.

Jack Ma hatred to CCP is so deep he even orchestrated the short selling of China A-shares with George Soros + wall st bankers in 2015, that almost caused china financial crisis. Jiang zemin and bo xilai were part of the team too, that wanted to destroy Xi Jinping reign. That explains why the CCP after successfully defended the market in 2015, launched a series of high profile probe into the highest ranking china CCP officers and thrown them to jail, and xijinping consolidated his power by naming himself unchallengable emperor. It was needed to destroy the traitors within the party. But amazingly xi didnt punish Jack Ma in 2015, many think the reasons were because Jack Ma was still needed to reform China digitally.

Fast forwarded to today, China govt already owned now the best digital payment platform in the world, with help of wall street and softbank, 2 largest financiers in the world . Jack Ma was so arrogant that before Ant IPO that may attract up to $30 trillion at opening lambasted China govt as backward and claiming Alibaba is ready to replace them. But he didnt know that was the excuse Xijinping needed to foil his IPO party. 48 hours before IPO and on the day Trump was busy with USA ELECTION, CHINA GOVT announced suspending the Ant service IPO catching everyone by surprise, and JacK Ma was detained ever since without any mean of communication, until today.

Jack Ma was a traitor all along.
His success is not attributed to his hardwork, but his willingness to sell the country and use his network to connect external threat with internal opportunists that hated the CCP.


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