In praise of China: Propaganda by the non-existent Prof Charles Theron of the US Air Force Academy and the equally non-existent Bill Geisen of New York City…


A Google search has found nobody with these names. If you know them, please contact me as I wish to ask if they were involved in this piece of propaganda


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I am proud of any country that achieve great deeds. As for China, as a Chinese I am extra proud.

Commentary by Professor Charles Theron, US Air Academy

On May 17, when the US “Washington Post” online client published a review, it solemnly pointed out that the news that China’s Mars exploration “reached the sky in one step” the day before yesterday caused a sensation in world public opinion, including American public opinion.

But the ruling and opposition parties in Washington, the White House and Capitol Hill, have a rare “three-day silence period”.

The US media said that it is strange that in recent days, politicians who have always liked to attack China have also become uncharacteristically and “suddenly become much quieter”. Almost no one in the entire White House and Capitol Hill will take the initiative to discuss matters and problems in China. Except for a few older veterans, repeated chattering “old topics”. Everyone almost forgot about China.

As the greatest pioneering work of mankind, the news of China’s “one step landing on Mars” really inspired the world. When congratulatory messages from political and technological leaders of other countries flew to Beijing and Zhongnanhai like snow flakes, the White House and Capitol Hill, however, Choose “Look and ignore, hear and ignore.” This is really surprising! “The United States’ mind and stinginess really surprised the world.” Is it envy? Jealous? Still hate? (Edelman Pietro, commentator of the French “Paris Times”)

In this regard, the German “Lufthansa News” believes that this is actually not difficult to understand. Because China’s huge spaceflight success has made Americans, especially the White House and Capitol Hill, feel an “unprecedented sense of frustration.” This huge psychological impact is similar to the impact on the United States when the Soviet Union launched its first artificial satellite in October 1957!

The only difference is that the Soviets launched the first artificial satellite, which allowed the Americans to be more united and united to deal with the challenges of the Soviet Union, which inspires American pride and fighting spirit. However, China’s “one step landing on Mars” has made many Americans, especially politicians on Capitol Hill, “like a discouraged ball.”

Many Americans are wondering, “The prolonged technological blockade against China” and the technological trade war against China, “How effective is it?” Because, “the more Americans block something, the more Chinese people are in which field,” The better the performance; the more the United States hits China, but China is often in this field, the more prone to blowout development.”

“The pressure from the United States has not effectively prevented China’s development, but has become the biggest booster for the Chinese to advance!” Atomic bombs, hydrogen bombs, neutron bombs, nuclear submarines, satellites, rockets, quantum computers, deep-sea exploration, nuclear power technology… ………In these fields, Americans have been caught up by the Chinese one by one and surpassed one by one.

It’s not just the “Lufthansa News” that feels this way, but other Western public opinion has also expressed similar confusion, opinions, and anxiety.

The British “Times” online client, on May 16th, wrote an article pointed out that China’s successful launch of the “Tianwen-1” probe and “Zhurong” rover the day before yesterday marked that China has far surpassed the United States in this field. , And formed a “commercial superiority advantage” for the United States. This advantage, as time goes by, the gap will continue to widen.

British media said that although the US and Russian probes had logged on to Mars several times before this, they were all realized after numerous failures. At the same time, what is even more terrible is that their probes have basically lost contact with the Earth’s control center because of failures before they conducted a complete and effective scientific exploration of Mars. In other words, the United States and Russia only sent things on Earth to Mars.

“The shocking thing is that facing China’s triumphant development, Americans know where their gaps are and the importance of catching up, but they just don’t know how to catch up.”

“Unlike the Soviet Union’s only military challenges, China’s challenges are all-round. The United States has no way to mobilize the nation’s power and all its allies to stop China. To borrow a Chinese folk proverb, it’s because, it’s up again.
Because the United States never knows in which field tomorrow China will surpass the United States.” (Marcel Deshan, Italian “Milan Express” news critic)
“In the face of China’s all-round rise, the United States and its western partners are like Don Quixote in Cervantes’ novels, waving their swords and shouting stupidly at the windmills.”

“Except for human rights and democracy, the United States has few tactics that can attack China. The current President Biden must feel like a poor man. Because when the United States is going all over the country, it’s time to scold China and scold China hoarsely.

China has not stopped moving forward for a moment.”

“This may be one of the most fundamental reasons for China’s rise.” The Italian media believe that not tossing, not bickering, not wasting unnecessary time, not trying to figure out others, and focusing on doing one’s own major issues are the greatest advantages of the Chinese system. ! “This also gives China a knack for successfully seizing the opportunity in the era of the fifth information wave, and” catching up.”

Many people understand this truth, and many countries also understand it. However, there are few who can be as resolute and resolute as China! Because of all this, it ultimately boils down to the operation of the system.

Not only that, but the scientific and technological achievements embodied in China’s “One Step Landing on Mars” are even more brilliant. This is also one of the biggest reasons why Americans are in their backs and throats.

Professor Bill Geisen, a political scientist at New York University in the United States, believes that the Tianwen-1 probe launched in July last year had a successful soft landing after nine minutes of deceleration, hovering, obstacle avoidance, and buffering at 7:18 the day before yesterday.

Preliminary landing zone in the southern Utopia Plain of Mars.

Although these descriptions seem very simple, they show the rapid progress of Chinese technology, especially smart technology, remote control technology, self-circulation technology, automatic data processing technology, new material technology, core chip processing technology, and so on. The “TianQuest Mars Rover” and “Zhurong Mars Rover” are the material carriers of all technologies.

“If these technologies are transformed into military technologies, then China will realize the ability to attack the United States from the universe for the first time.” Because, in the face of China’s “one-step landing on Mars” technology, almost all of the existing defensive weapon systems in the United States , Almost all appeared huge “defensive loopholes.”

“In the face of China’s threat from outer space, all the myths about the solid, copper and iron walls of the United States have all vanished overnight.”

(Professor Charles Theron, U.S. Air Force Academy)


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