Jerry Grey: An open letter to Australia’s ABC (Excerpts)…


(19 June 2021)

An open letter to Australia’s ABC

Jerry Grey

4 days ago
·9 min read

After being invited to appear on an Australian ABC evening show last week, I was unceremoniously uninvited. No reason given, just dumped after I made a comment that I’m happy to be asked because my view of China doesn’t usually align with the usual view the ABC holds on China.

I have written an article about Western media’s obvious campaign to ignore the real China here:

I decided to write the article and I sent a copy to the ABC but wanted to give them time to respond — in giving them that time, I felt it was appropriate to explain why I was upset with their decision to ignore my views, I also thought it was appropriate to explain how my views were/are formed: Here’s what I wrote… Sadly, two full working days after sending this, I’ve received no reply

Good evening ABC,

Before proceeding to a formal complaint level, I want to share some information with you, so you understand where I come from and why I feel so strongly about what needs to be done.

It was you who contacted me, not me contacting you about my experiences in China, experiences you learnt about through a friend sending you information about my writing. So, I assumed, before contacting me, you had done a little research, but as soon as I told you I don’t hold the same view of China as the mainstream narrative you disengaged in a rather abrupt manner.

I’ve listened to the host you mentioned several times, my friend, the man who passed my article to you is a regular listener and knew the host personally some time ago. I know that he is a man of integrity, I assume working with him that you must also be.

I guess the question is: Is he/are you able to stand up to the pressure if someone goes on his radio show that speaks out against the narrative on China?

I sincerely believe the entire China, Xinjiang, HK and Covid reporting all constitute another “WMD/Babies in incubators/Viagra to help mass rapes/theft of oil/Gulf of Tonkin” you name it, whatever the excuse for starting a war in the last 70 years. It’s always been something the USA have concocted and, so far, it’s been exposed as a lie on every occasion.

You can read the rest here:


Jerry Grey: I’m British born Australian citizen. I live in Guangdong and have an MA in Cross Cultural Change Management. I write about China experiences on and off my bike


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