Latest version of Propaganda blaming Italy for the origin of Covid-19…


China: Don’t blame us for Covid-19 as it was in Italy before it was found in Wuhan! Others: It means that it escaped from Wuhan earlier than we thought.

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“These findings simply document that the epidemic in China was not detected in time,” Giovanni Apolone, scientific director of National Cancer Institute (INT) and a co-author of the study, told a news conference in Milan. That doesn’t even make any sense.



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This morning, the Italian prime minister admitted for the first time that the epidemic of Italian crown disease was half a year earlier than in China!

Original Qingshan Tongfeng new Lingnan observation today

On June 7, Italy Radio and Television Corporation released an emergency news report, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi (Mario Draghi), Beijing time this morning, Rome local time yesterday (6) evening, in a video interview with reporters at the Prime Minister’s Office for the first time, as early as the summer of 2019, the epidemic situation in Milan, Genaya, Venice and other northern areas began to epidemic. “in terms of time, this may be more popular than COVID-19 in Wuhan, China, half a year earlier.”
Because of his lack of experience, Draghi said, it was mistakenly called “European influenza 2019” by the Italian Ministry of Health at the time. But at that time, it was strange that its spread speed is extremely fast, fatality rate is also much higher than the common cold! However, “the whole Italian government and opposition have been careless and have not attached great importance to the epidemic.” This is one of the worst lessons in Italy’s history of epidemic prevention.

Finally, Draghi called on political leaders in the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia and other countries to stop political manipulation at a critical time when the COVID-19 epidemic is growing in the world. “as an unpredictable natural disaster, human beings can defeat the increasingly rampant novel coronavirus only if they unite as one, unite as a city, and share a common enemy. Otherwise, novel coronavirus could be the end of all mankind. “
Immediately after Draghi’s speech was broadcast, he triggered an earthquake of public opinion in Europe.

Reuters reported that Draghi’s speech directly proved that all the dirty water poured on Beijing about novel coronavirus in the United States and the West was a lie made up out of thin air. It was the loudest slap in the face of the United States and its allies.

Reuters said Draghi was not lying. This is also confirmed by the news sent back from the United Nations. On June 1, World Health Organization (WHO) has sent a letter requesting the National Institute of Oncology in Milan, Italy, to provide blood samples containing novel coronavirus antibodies collected in 2019 and send them to the University of Rotterdam in the Netherlands for scientific testing.
Afterwards, according to the test results published by Rotterdam University, the similarity of the gene sequencing structure with the pathological structure of novel coronavirus in the early stage of the outbreak in Wuhan, China, has exceeded 99.37%. In other words, the outbreak in Wuhan, China, may have originated directly from Milan, Venice, or Genaya in Italy.

On June 4, local time, the National Oncology Institute in Milan, Italy, also confirmed to reporters that Prime Minister Draghi’s words were true. Milan National Oncology Institute director said that Milan is not the birthplace of novel coronavirus, there is still no final conclusion. However, by July 2019 at the latest, it had begun to spread quietly among the streets of Milan.

“as scientists, we are strongly opposed to the politicization of the epidemic. In this regard, we strongly support the position of Prime Minister Draghi. At a time of COVID-19 ‘s epidemic, continuing to smear China without a bottom line does not help solve the problem, on the contrary, it makes the problem more complex and worse. Therefore, we hope that US President Biden, Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau, Australian Prime Minister Morrison and others will quickly return to the position of equality and cooperation in the United Nations. “
The Italian scientific community continues to say that if the United States continues to politicize the epidemic, the United States will eventually drag itself into the water. According to research by scientists from the National Center for epidemic Prevention and Control, earlier virus samples have been found in Richmond, the United States. It was discovered no later than January 2019.

Richmond is only about 80 kilometers away from Fort Derrick, a famous biochemical experimental base in the United States. As the logistics base of Fort Derrick Labs, Richmond has thousands of people running between the two places every day. Many laboratory scientists also use Richmond as a restaurant, hotel, kitchen and back garden.

In addition, according to a report in Richmond Express on May 11, a scientist named McVille Jean Nadoref at the Fort Derrick Laboratory recently disclosed to the outside world a top secret message that the gene sequencing structure of novel coronavirus in Wuhan, China, is very similar to that of a batch of viruses stored in the United States.
So, many American scientists also doubt the virus in the American laboratory, how did they get to Wuhan, China? Just as the problem gradually surfaced, the lab suddenly received a telephone warning from the Washington security services asking all laboratory officials to shut up! Otherwise, you will be charged with treason by law! (report of the Guardian online client on May 26)

“just at this time, the statement of Italian Prime Minister Draghi came. This is undoubtedly tantamount to telling the world that all the smear and attacks on China by the United States on the COVID-19 epidemic are false rumors. “

“American politicians should be ashamed of this and blush at their daily false statements of benevolence and morality. We are ashamed of the immortality of the whole West! “
All kinds of signs show that the shameless politicians in the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia and other countries, and the daily clamour of novel coronavirus traceability survey, the most real results have been irrefutably placed in front of the people of the world.

“thieves shout to catch thieves” is perhaps the best description of the mentality of Western politicians!

When they unscrupulously spilled dirty water on China, I wonder if their conscience has been condemned at all. Or perhaps, it is more appropriate to describe them with another sentence from the Chinese people!

“they have no conscience at all, because their conscience has already been eaten by the dog!”

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The article was revised on 2021-06-07


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