US Mayor makes an unsubstantiated claim that he had Covid-19 before Covid-19 landed on American shores, and CCP mouthpiece CGTN is keen to use it as propaganda…


Received via WhatsApp:
Worth watching
Mayor Michael Melham of Belleville, a publicly-elected official in the district of New Jersey USA attesting to fact that he tested positive in the US for coronavirus antibodies in November 2019, and how he believes, he, along with thousands of others had same but were diagnosed as ‘flu’, and covered up as they have no public protest voice, unlike himself, an elected public official.

This video is >1-year old but CGTN is now releasing it as the Americans are getting ‘hot under the collar’ again re their ‘Wuhan virus’ allegations.

This must now be shared as widely as possible because the world MUST NOT go to war again under a known falsity, ie a LIE, like it did in the Iraq War when General Colin Powell paraded a vial of washing powder seeking United Nations approval to bomb Iraq on basis that they had Weapons of Mass Destruction when they didn’t, as subsequently revealed.



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