Ehab Bayoumi writes in Quora on the US/Canada/Dutch declaration of genocide in Xinjiang: There is no objective evidence of even one concentration camp or one death…



Received via WhatsApp.

By Ehab Bayoumi on US/Canada/Dutch declaration of genocide in Xinjiang.

Ehab completely exposed the nature of the US/Anglos beast:

I’m an ex-Muslim from Egypt but let’s pretend for the purposes of this question that I’m still Muslim. Also this’lll be long, sorry, but bear with me.

Right now about 4 or 5 million people in the Gaza Strip, West Bank, and East Jerusalem are living under a 50-year-old Israeli occupation with blatantly inferior rights and in circumstances unsuitable for human life, which are quite explicitly designed to drive them out and replace them with foreign settlers.
Response from the Western world: Coddling up to Netanyahu’s far-right government and ignoring and even cracking down on all domestic protest (BDS, anti-Israel activities at Western universities, etc.).

In 2003 Iraq, which was a functional state even after 10 years of US sanctions, was brutally invaded and its army, police, government, and ruling party dismantled in a matter of months, based on accusations of nuclear weapons and terrorist links which proved to be false. Iraq then experienced the bloodiest civil war of its history, not to mention the rise of ISIS. The death toll runs at least into the hundreds of thousands.
Response from the Western world: All is forgotten.

Right now Iran is suffering from the most brutal sanctions suffered by any nation in history (even worse than the ones applied to apartheid South Africa). Several Western countries have cut off diplomatic relations. Iran can’t sell its oil, its currency is now worthless, it’s cut off from the global financial system, it couldn’t even access a World Bank loan to help it deal with coronavirus, and even international children’s charities in it aren’t allowed to hand out cash donations anymore, only food packages. You can’t even send a letter to Iran right now. This is based on accusations of an illegal nuclear weapons program, accusations which are not supported by any evidence (remember Iraq?).
Response from the Western world: Totally ignored.

NATO bombed and destroyed the Libyan state of Muammar Al-Gaddafi based on accusations that he, among other things, was using a mercenary African army and even jet bombers against peaceful protesters. These accusations turned out to be utterly
false and now Libya has been at civil war for 10 years.
Response from the Western world: All is forgotten.

The Communist government of Afghanistan enlisted Soviet help against armed Islamic extremists. The US happily swooped in and turned those Taleban extremists into a proper army with funding, weapons, and political backing. 15,000 Soviets died, the Soviets pulled out, the Afghan government collapsed, a civil war happened, the Taleban seized power and ruled for a decade and turned the country back to the Stone Age.
Response from the Western world: All is forgotten.

Nobody in the Western world ever bore responsibility for these atrocities. No one was tried for war crimes, no politician even lost his office, not a penny was sent to these countries as compensation. Hell! until now there hasn’t even been an official acknowledgement of wrongdoing. In fact the West has the nerve to complain about these countries producing refugees after it destroyed them.

Now the main point

There’s supposedly an anti-Muslim genocide going on in China’s Xinjiang. Despite the allegation of millions of Muslims being imprisoned, beaten, raped and tortured, there is no objective evidence of even one concentration camp or one death.

But here the Western world (US, Canada, Australia, Britain, EU) is suddenly extremely involved. It is denouncing and even insulting China every day. Every politician and every news organization is doing it. It’s recognized the matter as genocide, it’s giving money and political backing to Muslim separatist groups, it’s shutting down Chinese institutions and sanctioning Chinese corporations, and it’s trying to isolate China economically and diplomatically.

Muslim nations talked to China and sent observers to Xinjiang. They decided nothing was going on. But the Western world is being extra vigilant. Its conscience just can’t rest. Suddenly it loves Muslims so much that even when they say they’re not being oppressed, it still says they’re being oppressed!

Huh? Why’s the response so different this time? Why does the West suddenly care so much about Muslim suffering? The West must love “oppressed” Uyghurs, but shows no such concern for Libyans, Syrians, Palestinians, Afghans, Iraqis or Iranians.

You might have a very poor image of Muslims.
You might think they’re all idiots. But I assure you they’re not too stupid to see that the West is trying to enlist Muslim allies in a smear campaign and economic war against its #1 rival and only non-Western rising superpower, based on bogus horror-claims and a pretence of humanitarianism.

And what better way to weaken both China and Muslims?

The West is turning for help to the very same Muslim countries it wrecked, and whose problems it otherwise totally ignores. But the Muslim world will never turn its back on a great power that has always shown it respect and friendship; it will never prostitute itself to a Western world which offers only arrogance, violence, neocolonialism, chaos, torture and death.

It’s just not gonna happen, the Muslims aren’t buying it. Trust me I know we’re not the most educated, enlightened, logical population (you might even call us barbarians), but we are simply not that dumb. We know true friends like China from lying backstabbers from the West.







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