Siti Kasim is supposed to have said that “Choosing Anwar to be PM is preparing for your own funeral” but I can’t vouch for the fact that she said it…


My view?

I prefer Anwar. He knows the political realities of today. He can’t remain the extremist of his DPM days. He won’t mistreat us.


Received via WhatsApp:

Preparing your own funeral
Lawyer-activist Siti Kasim was correct to call voters to reject PKR Anwar Ibrahim

Anwar Ibrahim is no angel and some of his recent utterings becomes worrisome for many of us looking forward to a New Malaysia. His previous track record too when he was a BN minister & DPM isn’t exactly brilliant and had in fact, contributed to the many disasters we see in our poor education system today. And apart from this Anwar Ibrahim has always been pro UMNO, so when he becomes PM be assured many UMNO morons will be back in Action..

To me a leopard cannot change its spots. Same with Anwar Ibrahim. I’m apolitical but I do support Mahathir and his government.
When Anwar was the Education Minister in the late 80s it was him that started the pro-islamic movements in Universities that trickled down to schools. The radicalization of the Malay Muslims was the brain child of Anwar Ibrahim. The removal of the crucifixes in Mission Schools and school badges, the replacing of nuns and brothers in mission schools, the conversation of Christian school to national type ,the acquisition of church lands, was some of his agenda, the starting of pro-islzamic ideology and terrorism in UiTM also started with Anwar Ibrahim.

The removal of Scattered Hindu temples (Kg Rawa in Penang case) and the introduction of headscarf in schools, Government department stopping services during Azan magrib and discrimination to non Muslim public servants were some of his doings…

Now ask yourself this question can a leopard change its spots. Do you think this man will be an honest worthy PM. East Malaysian have already rejected Anwar when the question was asked, “Why did you give the go- ahead to remove our crucifixes from our Mission Schools and school badges. Anwar could not answer. His fanatic action of yesterday speaks for itself today. Anwar was power crazy then what makes you think he has changed. Think again people a leopard cannot change its spots.

VERDICT: ANWAR should never become PM of Malaysia. He’ll be a disaster to this country. So if you’re a non-muslim and voting for him is just like preparing your own funeral..




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