Thaipusam in Kedah: Public holiday cancelled! And MIC deputy president M Saravanan can’t do anything about it…




UPDATED 3.15PM: A Tanjong Malim resident has lodged a police report against Kedah MB Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor.

MIC deputy president M Saravanan has fired another salvo at Kedah Menteri Besar Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor, calling him a tale spinner (penglipur lara) who likes to twist stories just to amaze the people.

The two men have been at loggerheads ever since Sanusi announced that Kedah would reverse a seven-year-old policy of recognising Thaipusam as a public holiday this year due to the movement control order to contain the spread of Covid-19.

This morning in a post on Facebook, aimed squarely at the MIC man, Sanusi said that Tapah MP Saravanan had to cancel an appearance at his constituency scheduled for Jan 27, 2021, because there were not enough participants interested.

“Furthermore, Uncle Sara suffered from prolonged diarrhoea for the past few days,” said Sanusi.

Both Sanusi’s Islamist party PAS and MIC are part of the federal government led by Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin, but the dispute appears to be widening a rift between the two.

“I am sad to hear the story of Uncle Sara, who could not go to Tapah because of diarrhoea from a tale spinner from Kedah.

“Fortunately, Uncle Sara’s diarrhoea can be cured, but the shallowness and arrogance are difficult to treat because it is the natural personality of this tale spinner,” said Saravanan.

He left no doubt that he was referring to Sanusi when he said the tale spinner was from Jeneri, which is represented by Sanusi as state assemblyperson.

“The tale spinner from Jeneri only knows nonsense, and late last night he told stories to confuse the people again. This is the tale spinner who did not know the difference between ‘trillion’ and ‘billion’ before,” said Saravanan, mocking an occasion last month when Sanusi misspoke on the value of rare earth deposits in Kedah.

“Two days ago, this superficial tale spinner told the story of the cancellation of the Thaipusam public holiday, and now the storyline has changed again, as he was saying the holiday was not cancelled, because the holiday was never given or considered.

“This tale spinner is so obsessed with his story that he even says that the Thaipusam 2020 holiday is not announced! Of course, the reason for that was that the festival fell on Saturday last year and Kedah was already on the weekend!” said Saravanan.

The recent furore erupted after Sanusi announced that the public holiday would be cancelled, although religious events for the occasion are still allowed with strict conditions.

The decision to nix the holiday has courted flak from MIC, Pakatan Harapan, and even former Umno president Najib Abdul Razak.

In response to criticism, Sanusi said the move is not meant to sideline Hindus, and MIC should lobby for the federal government to make it a national holiday.

Prior to this, Sanusi had been accused of being anti-Hindu by critics, after the PAS state government demolished two Hindu temples.

He also hit back at critics then, saying they should not be “drunk on the toddy of popularity”.

However, he denied the remarks were racist but were instead metaphorical and proverbial.


Meanwhile, Tanjong Malim resident M Mythreyar lodged a police report last night against Sanusi for cancelling the Thaipusam holiday in Kedah.

“Sanusi intends to belittle Thaipusam and wants to seize the rights of Malaysian Hindus. Sanusi has also insulted the contributions and sacrifices of Hindu Indian leaders for the betterment of Malaysians.

“I hope the authorities will take action to prevent Hindu Malaysians from being dissatisfied with the Kedah government. My report is to stop Sanusi from cancelling religious celebrations of other religions arbitrarily because I think he does not think about racial harmony in Malaysian society,” read his report which Malaysiakini sighted.

When contacted, Mythreyar said he lodged the report as a concerned citizen and did not belong to any political party.






MB Muhammad Sanusi cancels Thaipusam holiday in Kedah

Friday, 22 Jan 2021 04:20 PM MYT


I don’t think he’s scoring any points even with the Malays …. even as a political move it was dumb…. we all know it’s dumb…. we’ve all denounced it ….. rather than continue with the ranting (we’re all angry…. me too…) let’s now focus on how to get dumb asses like this and his kin out of the system….(KAMAL AB)

With due respect, this response to the sudden cancellation of Thaipusam in Kedah is not a fight against the Malays in general, but against the action of one man who happens to be Malay. What they do in U.K. or Singapore is not relevant. If they had never given recognition to the festival before, as in Sabah, there would be no problem. But in this case, it is the withdrawal of a privilege without preliminary discussion that had already been established. Furthermore, when challenged he reacted with rudeness and insults. No politician, be he Malay, Chinese or Indian, or even as an office bearer, should be allowed to think he has a right to such behavior. (R B Barrow)

Since the discussion is still on Thaipusam, as an Indian Hindu, I wish to say a few words.

The issue really is not a.small matter. Minorities do matter. But having said that, the issue – IMHO – is the cancellation. Why cancel something that is already there? It’s a public holiday for the last 8 years for all. With every public holiday in Malaysia – and we have many – that is already there, every Malaysian does what he/she wants to do. Go somewhere, chill, invite friends, shopping, go to pray, etc. It’s a no work day, for all. Shops open. Cinemas open. If there is a holiday in Selangor, KL works. No issues. If he wanted to cancel any public holiday, some notice should have been given. Simple administrative leadership. If he wanted everyone in Kedah to be more careful with the MCO, a simple notice would have sufficed. People are already following the rules. The public holiday would have remained a public holiday for all.

But this cancellation with little notice smacks of racism and discrimination. Yes to win the hearts of Malays there. He’s demolished Hindu temples, now this.

Some have said that Thaipusam has not been gazetted. This is a major issue in my mind. How easy can a politician unilaterally play around with ungazetted items? For an item, any item like public holidays or land for that matter, to become something on the verge of getting gazetted, simply means it’s gone through many rounds. There are many religious days for all religions but just two in Hinduism that has gotten attention. For Sanusi to so easily make a decision to cancel an ungazetted public holiday is no different from an FT Minister slicing off an ungazetted public park to make money off it. Just like that. Why do we allow ungazetted anything from being raped by politicians in broad daylight? If he wanted to cancel anything, he should have just canceled his public holiday plans on the day. No one would have minded.

I really can’t stand bigots.

I think minorities have given ample latitude to the majority. We have endured discrimination, bias, every arrow that has come our way. We are second class citizens here. No issue. We don’t like it but we can accept it. So when a religious public holiday for all is canceled just like that, it’s another sorry slap on the face of the most minor of minorities. We live on. What’s next.(ANAND).

Very simple to me. He’s the champion for Islam and he looks down on ‘belum Islam’ as they like to call the non-Muslims. He wants to score political points with the Malays. So, he thought. He thinks all Malays are dumb like him. That is why the way forward is what GI (Gerak Independent) stands for. We must reject race and religious politics. Completely reject it. At the very least, return anything to do with Islam back to the Sultans. No Federal Government involvement. That was what our original constitution provided. (Siti Kassim)




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