A response from Eric Choong Kon Sin, Penangite to “FMT: The oldest food stalls and restaurants in Penang”…


A response to the article from Eric Choong Kon Sin, Penangite, whose taste buds are second to none:

It says the “oldest” and not the famous. Let us be clear about that.

Allow me to give my take as a Penang guy who enjoys food and goes where good food is.

  1. Hameediyah
    Yes, I can vouch for the quality of its food, especially nasi kandar. One of the trusted nasi kandar joints in Penang.
    When I am hard-pressed for time, I take my outstation Malay friends for a meal here instead of at a faraway restaurant like in Batu Maung.
  2. Neoh Kay Chye Lor Bak
    Never heard of this lor bak stall although Trang Road is less than 200 meters from my childhood home in Brick Kiln Road.
    When I was a primary school pupil, I helped an itinerant curry mee hawker who would push his stall to Trang Road, which was his last stop, before calling it a day. Even then, I did not notice the lor bak stall although I believe it was there. Anyway, I will verify it and give it a try one of these days.
  3. Apom in Swee Kong Coffee Shop
    However famous or tasty Apom, or Ban Chien Kueh (Chinese pancake) is, it means nothing to me. Not that I don’t eat it. It’s just that I find there is nothing special or great about apom or ban chien kueh.
  4. Ice Kacang in Kek Seng Café
    Yes, it was famous. It still is but for difficulty in finding a lot to park your car.
    I heard about it when I was a little boy but then my family was too poor to take us, kids to partake the ice cream (it was the ice cream that was popular back in those days).
    When I took my younger daughter, who is going to be 24 this year, to savour the hawker food and ice kacang there for the first time in 2017, her eyes lit up as she was eating the ice kacang.
  5. Tho Yuen Restaurant
    My mum told me that her dad used to bring her to enjoy dim sum at Tho Yuen when she was a kid.
    From my experience, the dim sum is reasonably good and recommendable.
    Most times when I eat a meal there, e.g. hor fan, other noodles and dishes, I enjoy the food as well. However, once in a while, I get an unpleasant aftertaste in my mouth, probably because on that occasion, the chef had inadvertently added too much MSG in his cooking.
  6. Bangkok Lane’s Mee Goreng
    My favourite since 70’s. It is famous but not everyone who eats it first time will enjoy it thoroughly. They may find the mee goreng to be a little too sweet. As for me, I am very okay with it.
  7. Sisters’ Curry Mee, Ayer Itam
    Famous, there is no doubt about it.
    I have not tried it, did not make any attempt to try it and probably never will.
    Ada makan, tak ada makanpun tak apa.







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