Fake news exposed: No, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, Ayanna Pressley and Maxine Waters did not call for violence and vandalism!


Democrats Like Kamala Harris And Nancy Pelosi Did Not Incite Violence The full remarks which the quotes came from make clear that the Democrats were not calling for violence or vandalism.

By – AFP  |  21 Jan 2021 11:13 PM

Social media posts shared after the storming of the US Capitol by followers of President Donald Trump combine images of prominent Democrats with pictures of burning buildings and quotes suggesting that the politicians previously incited unrest. But the full remarks which the quotes came from make clear that the Democrats were not calling for violence or vandalism.

“NEVER FORGET: Democrats have been stoking public unrest and violence for years!” says a January 8, 2021 post from The Great American Movement, which describes itself as a political organization and whose website says there is a “war against America and her values.”

The post includes quotes about uprisings, unrest and protest from Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, and representatives Ayanna Pressley and Maxine Waters.

Screenshot taken January 12, 2020, of a Facebook post that is no longer available

Other versions of the post use similar quotes with the speakers shown pictured in front of raging structure fires, implying that they endorsed the violence and arson that occurred in connection with some of the largely peaceful protests against racism and police brutality in 2020.

Among those who posted those images was radio host Ben Ferguson, whose Facebook page shows him in the Oval Office beside Trump. His January 7 post is no longer available.


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