Body snatchers! In Malaysia: 3 bothers and a sister ran off with their father’s body from the hospital PUI zone on a trolley…


By May Vin Ang — 22 Jan 2021, 11:18 AM

The suspects escaped the hospital PUI camp with their father’s body on a trolley.

Four siblings in Sabah ran away with their father’s body after hospital staff told them about the standard operating procedures (SOPs) for funerals during the COVID-19 pandemic

According to New Straits Times, the incident occurred after their 58-year-old father passed away at the patient under investigation (PUI) zone camp at Lahad Datu Hospital, on Wednesday, 20 January.

Lahad Datu district police chief ACP Rohan Shah Ahmad said the patient, with a history of acute left ischemic pontine infarct, was rushed to the hospital after falling unconscious at around 8.30pm.

“The patient was then isolated in the PUI zone camp and given emergency breathing assistance for 30 minutes by medical officers,” the police chief said in a statement last night.

“The patient, however, died and medical officers explained the SOPs for funeral arrangements during the COVID-19 pandemic to the siblings, including COVID-19 screenings to eliminate the risk of infection.”

Rohan said the siblings then refused to leave their father’s body at the hospital and escaped by pushing the body trolley out of the PUI zone camp

The suspects, three brothers and one sister aged 26 to 31, took the body back to their home in Kampung Panji Laut.

“A team of police from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) managed to locate all the suspects with the assistance of the Lahad Datu Hospital’s forensics unit, and the body was found in the living room of the house,” the police chief said.

The siblings were arrested at 11.30pm that night and were placed in remand for three days to assist with investigations


4 siblings held for ‘stealing’ PUI father’s body from Lahad Datu Hospital

Suspects wheel corpse out of Covid-19 tent in defiance of rules

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LAHAD DATU – Four siblings are facing the long arm of the law after “stealing” their father’s body from the hospital here as they refused to let the corpse be subjected to Covid-19 standard operating procedures.

District police chief Rohan Shah Ahmad confirmed the incident, and said police have remanded all four under Section 117 of the Criminal Procedure Code.

The incident on Wednesday night involved three brothers and their sister, aged between 26 and 31. 

Rohan said the 58-year-old patient was sent to Lahad Datu Hospital’s emergency ward about 8.30pm after falling unconscious.

As he had a history of stroke and brain damage at a hospital in Sandakan, he was placed at a Covid-19 tent outside the emergency ward designated for “persons under investigation”.

His condition deteriorated, and medical personnel performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation on him, but to no avail.

The medical personnel then explained the SOPs to his children, including the body being kept in a morgue until the Covid-19 test result is received.

However, the siblings refused to heed the SOPs, quickly pushing the wheeled stretcher with their father’s body on it to their car and driving home.

Acting based on the medical personnel’s report, Criminal Investigation Department officers from the district police headquarters raided the family’s home in Kg Panji and arrested the siblings.


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