G Selvakumar, Letter: Independent inquiry needed over IGP’s statement on dirty cops (FMT)…


Independent inquiry needed over IGP’s statement on dirty cops

Letter to the Editor -January 3, 2021 11:30 AM

Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Abdul Hamid Bador’s statement on the existence of dirty cops within the service is not really something new.

Going by his constant and consistent emphasis on the gravity of the situation, I am of the opinion that the matter at hand is more worrying than anytime I can remember in the past.

Many of his predecessors have acknowledged the same problems and have made similar statements in the need to weed out these black sheep within the ranks.

Many of these deviant officers make use of their police powers for illegal intent and are somewhat criminals in disguise and have a much more dangerous criminal mind than the common criminal.

I would believe that they are but a few and it is not the norm with the majority of the personnel serving in the police force. It is believed that the IGP is on the same page.

Nevertheless, his statements insinuating that some senior officers are collaborating with criminals is extremely alarming.

Obviously, the problem at hand is deeply embedded in the system and our top cop’s revelations indicate that we are nowhere near having a grip on the situation.

Alarm bells have been ringing for some time now, especially ever since this IGP was appointed. However, the lackadaisical response from the political landscape which is not reacting in tandem is quite worrisome.

In fact, the silence from the executive, who are directly responsible and accountable for the police force, is deafening.

Furthermore, I find it quite disturbing that our top cop insinuated that there is a diabolical paradigm of thought by many from the middle ranks to collaborate with criminals. This is a mind-boggling allegation to say the least.

This statement, coming from the IGP, must be viewed seriously. There must be a parliamentary demand for further clarity on his comments.

The lack of sociopolitical reaction to such an alarming allegation is needless to say, extremely disappointing. Notwithstanding, the devastating effect his statements on the matter will have on the overall morale of the men in blue.

Who are these wolves in sheep’s clothing? How are they working with criminals? Who exactly are these criminals?

These are only the basic questions that need to be asked. Meticulous and thorough investigations will open more doors as in all probability, the IGP should have all the evidence to back up his statements.

Why are our politicians across the divide not insisting on further clarity on what the IGP meant and more crucially, does he need some help in facing off these traitors? Or has he gone overboard with these image-marring allegations?

We need answers and we need them fast as the integrity, pride and honour of the police service are at stake. Present and past serving officers require swift action to be taken so as to address the allegations made.

We definitely need to set up an independent inquiry as soon as possible to get to the root of the matter.

Remaining silent is totally not an option for the sake of the image of the police apart from the fact that we owe an explanation to not only those serving dutifully and honestly but to all those who have served in the past with total dedication.

G Selvakumar is a former police officer and an FMT reader.

The views expressed are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect those of FMT.



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