Bung Mokhtar claims that there was vote buying at the Sandakan by-election: Will he apologize if he can’t prove it?

13 May 2016

Stephanie Lee

KOTA KINABALU: The police do not have any evidence that vote-buying occurred in the recent Sandakan by-election save for a dark and blurry video purportedly showing the act in progress, says Sabah police commissioner Datuk Omar Mammah.

He said there were no new developments to the case and police were trying to gather more evidence.

Reports were filed by opposition supporters alleging vote-buying took place during the by-election.

Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) information chief Datuk Joniston Bangkuai had issued a statement on May 11, urging authorities to conduct a thorough investigation.

However, a Sabah Bersih spokesman said they had conducted a probe but could not find concrete evidence to support the allegations and it would not be in their report.

“Bersih cannot include these claims in our report as it is only hearsay,” he said.

He also said that though they had received some photographs of the alleged act, they were unable to make out the parties handing out money and therefore could not determine the truth.

He explained that Bersih would only report what they observed directly or based on credible reports by the media.

However, he said “if allegations of vote-buying are true, the police must take action”.
Read more at https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2019/05/13/police-no-evidence-of-vote-buying-in-sandakan-by-election-except-dark-blurry-videos/#tKUr31kmsTrsGSsG.99

12 May 2019



Sabah Umno chief Bung Moktar Radin today claimed that vote-buying occurred in yesterday’s Sandakan by-election.

“Some voters are telling me there was money used. We are checking on the allegations,” he was quoted as saying by The Star.

Last night, DAP’s Vivian Wong retained the Sandakan parliamentary seat with an 11,521 vote majority, against PBS’ Linda Tsen and three independent candidates.

Tsen, who was backed by BN, only managed to secure 4,491 votes.

Bung had previously claimed that Umno would mobilise 9,700 members in the constituency to vote for PBS.

However, The Star quoted him as saying that the party only managed to mobilise 3,500.

The Kinabatangan MP cited a lack of funds as the reason why outstation voters could not be brought back.


KOTA KINABALU: Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS), which yesterday lost the Sandakan by-election, has urged police not to leave “any stone unturned” in their probe of alleged vote-buying in the by-election.

PBS information chief Joniston Bangkuai called on the authorities to “investigate with utmost professionalism” the reports on alleged bribing of voters.

He said vote-buying was a mockery and serious threat to democracy.

“I appeal to Sandakan voters to display their integrity as defenders of justice who clamour for a fair and clean election to come forward and provide whatever information they have on the alleged vote buying to police.”

Bangkuai was responding to a statement by Sabah police chief Omar Mammah yesterday that police are investigating claims that voters received money for the Sandakan by-election.

Omar had said police received a report of the alleged offence at 12.06am on May 11, adding the probe was being undertaken under Section 10B of the Election Offences Act.

He added that a supporter of a rival party who claimed that DAP supporters were involved in vote-buying had lodged an official complaint with the police.

“We trust police will get to the bottom of the allegation and investigate the matter professionally,” Bangkuai said.

The Kiulu assemblyman also called on independent election monitoring body, Bersih, to initiate a probe into the allegation.

“As an independent election watchdog, we urge Bersih to include the claims of vote buying in their report to the Election Commission.”

He also thanked Bersih for highlighting and reprimanding contesting parties which appeared to have breached election rules during the campaign period.

Sabah Umno chief Bung Moktar Radin had also claimed money politics was behind the huge loss of votes in Muslim Bumiputera areas, which resulted in a loss for PBS’ Linda Tsen.

Sabah DAP publicity secretary Phoong Jin Zhe dismissed the allegations of vote-buying, saying the claims were baseless.

“As what the EC chairman had said last night, the by-election has been a role model for elections.

“We all have been following the rules and the law. But we can’t stop people lodging police reports,” he told FMT.

Veteran DAP leader Lim Kit Siang says Bung Mokhtar had insulted the 9,700 Umno members in Sandakan by alleging vote buying. “Utter rubbish,” he said in a statement.

Probe vigorously claims of vote buying in Sandakan by-election, PBS urges cops

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