Razlan @razlanrafii: elok tembak puak2 DAP ni!!!! (Razlan Rafii is a Former Umno Youth leader)

16 March 2019


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.. elok tembak puak2 DAP ni !!! https://t.co/1Q8YWT64fC


malaysiakini.com @malaysiakini

Umno man says DAP people should be ‘shot’, Saddiq calls for police probe

Malaysiakini  |  Published:


Former Umno Youth leader Razlan Rafii called for “puak DAP” (DAP people) to be “shot”, following Mengkibol assemblyperson Chew Chong Sin’s remarks on the Christchurch terrorist attack yesterday.

“DAP people should just be shot!” he tweeted yesterday in response to a rebuke from Umno Youth chief Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki towards Chew.

Meanwhile, Youth and Sports Minister Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman called on police to investigate Razlan over his tweet.

“Police should investigate this. This doesn’t reflect an Umno leader. Differences of opinion are normal but don’t be extreme,” Syed Saddiq tweeted.

When contacted, Razlan said his tweet was not a threat but a “sindiran” (jibe).

He also defended his tweet.

“Many don’t understand how to use Twitter. I was only commenting on the DAP assemblyperson’s very rude remarks on Christchurch.

“Throughout this month, DAP has been making hateful statements towards related to Muslims,” he said.

He cited remarks by DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng and his deputy Nga Kor Ming as examples.


Mohon PDRM siasat.
Tidak melambangkan seorang pemimpin UMNO.

Perbezaan pendapat itu biasa, jangan sampai keterlaluan. https://t.co/rf20KB9s0R


Lee Hwa Beng @hwabeng

Not a threat to public?
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Syahredzan Johan @syahredzan
UMNO’s Razlan Rafii saying that its better to just shoot DAP fellas. twitter.com/razlanrafii/st…


Can @PDRMsia  take action?


Norman Goh @imnormgoh

Is this criminal intimidation under Penal Code Section 506?

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The Mamu™ @The_Mamu
Salam @PDRMsia.. saya bimbang kalau abang Lan ni pun amuk sampai nk tembak orang. Buat la apa yang patut.


.. elok tembak puak2 DAP ni !!! https://t.co/1Q8YWT64fC


Sheikh Ya Boo Tea @TharmaPillai

Here’s the bekas Ketua Pemuda UMNO Wilayah Persekutuan threatening to shoot DAP members, ala Christchurch. White supremacy is similar to Malay supremacy.
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.. elok tembak puak2 DAP ni !!! twitter.com/drasyrafwajdi/…
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