Who is Michael Chia Thien Foh, named in 16 of the 35 charges against Musa Aman?

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For the second to the 15th charges, Musa allegedly received US$17,195,700 from one Chia Tien Foh…

7 November 2018




Excerpt from:

Musa Pays Off Chia’s Dad With RM67million Deal – EXCLUSIVE

Chia Nyet Min - father of jailed Michael Chia

Sabah’s Chief Minister Musa Aman has quietly reached a judicial settlement with the father of the scandal torn businessman Michael Chia, by granting him major logging concessions and a barging monopoly, together worth a staggering RM67,300,407.

Chia, who has been exposed for running a series of secret bank accounts which benefitted Musa’s family, was sentenced to jail a few days after the deal went through on February 6th, over separate fraud charges.

The grants are all at the expense of the public purse and represent the settlement of a claim by the father, Chia Nyet Min, against Musa Aman in his capacity as Chairman and former Chief Executive of Yayasan Sabah.

Aman had granted him highly criticised barging monopolies, which the state company Sabah Berjaya Sdn Bhd then attempted to break in favour of a fairer and more efficient system for transporting the logs.

It would appear that the settlement, which was officiated by a judge before the case came to trial, represents a disastrous cave-in by the Yayasan’s subsidiary, thanks to the questionable monopoly deal, which had been negotiated by Musa with this business crony of many years standing.

“No business association whatsoever”

Back in 2012 Musa had publicly denied any association at all with Michael Chia, who had once represented himself as the key gatekeeper to the Chief Minister for logging concessions and called himself Musa’s ‘adopted son’ in deference to the close relationship between Musa and his own father Chia Nyet Min.

“ I wish to put it on record once again that I have no business association whatsoever with an individual named Michael Chia” [Musa Aman 12th April 2012]

However, Sarawak Report exposed Chia as the nominee behind a network of bank accounts, which processed millions of dollars of timber kickbacks, which then found their way to Musa’s own Swiss bank accounts and into payments for own his sons in Australia.

When the issue could no longer be denied, given the weight of the evidence, Musa’s BN bosses attempted to then justify the graft by claiming that the payments were for party purposes and not personal gain!

How this legitimised illegal bribes and kickbacks for logging concessions has yet to be explained by the ruling coalition, since it is every bit as illegal to accept bribes for the benefit of a political party as it is to accept bribes as an individual.


Michael Chia sentenced to jail, whipping for cheating

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 26 ― Sabah timber tycoon Michael Chia Thien Foh was sentenced to a one-year jail term and one stroke of the rotan today after a Sandakan Sessions Court found him guilty in a decade-old cheating scandal involving some RM2.5 million.

Chia ― who has previously been alleged to have close ties to the Sabah administration led by Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman ― was charged with tricking Datuk Agus Hassan of RM2.5 million in a logging-related matter in 2004 by claiming that it was meant for Umno’s political funds.

The court, however, allowed an application by Chia’s lawyer Rowiena Rashid to defer the sentence while he files for an appeal at the High Court, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) said in a statement today.

Chia was charged under Section 420 of the Penal Code, read together with Section 511 of the same law.

The businessman was said to have cheated Syarikat Peluamas Sdn Bhd’s Agus into believing that he needed to pay RM3 million in political funds for Sabah Umno as one of the three conditions to obtain a letter for a timber-logging operation in the state’s Kalabakan Forest Reserve.

The two other conditions were the surrendering of rights to purchase 100,000 cubic meters of timber to Rakyat Berjaya Sdn Bhd/Innoprise Corporation Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of state-owned Yayasan Sabah, as well as a RM25 commission per cubic meter for every meter of timber logged by Peluamas in the Gunung Rara Forest Reserve, MACC said.

In her judgment today, Sessions Court judge Elsie Primus said the defence team had failed to raise reasonable doubt in the prosecution’s case against Chia.

In her grounds for judgment, Primus noted that the prosecution’s witness had testified that Chia had asked him for money purportedly to fund Umno in order to get the logging document.

According to MACC, the judge noted that the the claim affected Umno’s image as the witness also testified that the party did not seek such political funds.

Chia’s name previously made the headlines in April 2012, when whistleblower website Sarawak Report claimed he was caught trying to smuggle RM40 million worth of Singaporean currency from the Hong Kong International Airport to Malaysia in 2008.

Chia had purportedly told the authorities that the money was meant for Musa, resulting in a probe on international fund transfers that was then believed to be tied to possible money-laundering activities connected to illegal timber-felling in Sabah.

But in October 2012, minister Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Aziz told Parliament that the MACC had cleared Musa of corruption after it found that the RM40 million was not for his personal use, but was a “political donation” to Sabah Umno.

Pakatan Rakyat (PR) lawmakers later disputed Putrajaya’s declaration of Musa’s innocence, saying that it did not show evidence that the Hong Kong’s anti-graft agency ICAC had cleared him on its own.


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