Ex PM Najib reveals his hurts and resentments…


13 October 2018


KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 13 — Former prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak continued deriding Pakatan Harapan today over the coalition’s failure to deliver some of its election pledges, reminding them they previously derided him for touting the promises he fulfilled.

Seizing on Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s admission that PH’s pledge to abolish highway tolls is not and never was possible, Najib likened this to a young man willing to say anything in order to woo a girl.

“Let me help translate, their true meaning is that their manifesto was written with the intention to deceive the people, without any intention to deliver,” he wrote on Facebook.

“Behind the mockery of ‘Janji Dicapati’ by the previous opposition, records show that a large part of [Barisan Nasional’s] promises were delivered.”

Najib’s BN launched a campaign themed “Janji Ditepati” ahead of the 2013 general election to highlight previous campaign pledges that were honoured.

Political rivals at the time mocked this by amending it to “Janji Dicapati”, in reference to the Indian flatbread.


BN’s National Day Song, JANJI DITETAPI (Promises Fulfilled)


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2 Responses to Ex PM Najib reveals his hurts and resentments…

  1. Doris Looi says:

    Joker Apple Never Jumbo Israel

    Dick Israel

  2. Doris Looi says:

    Tell Thelma better Who is thelma

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