GE 14: Raja Bomoh will challenge Zahid Hamidi in Bagan Datuk!

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18 April 2018

GE14: ‘Raja Bomoh’ to face Zahid in Bagan Datuk

By Loghun Kumaran


IPOH, April 17 — Ibrahim Mat Zin, popularly known as ‘Raja Bomoh’ (Shaman King) will face Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi in Bagan Datuk for GE14.

Ibrahim — the self-declared shaman who made global headlines five years ago during the initial days of Flight MH370’s disappearance — announced today that he plans to run in the Bagan Datuk parliamentary seat in the May 9 polls.

At a press conference held at the M Roof hotel today, Ibrahim, who is also the Malaysian Seni Silat Gayung Ghaib association president, said he chose Bagan Datuk because he had ‘many friends there’.

“I’m a Bagan Datuk native and I know many people there especially my silat students who have promised to support me,” he told reporters.

Ibrahim said he had around 25,000 supporters ready to back his candidacy in Bagan Datuk.

“For the past 10 years, people there have been asking for me to run there. I believe in helping all people, regardless of race and background.”

Berita Harian: Raja Bomoh will announce his candidacy for Teluk Intan parliamentary seat and the Manjoi state seat in Ipoh…

17 April 2018


‘Bomoh King’ plans to contest in general election
Tuesday, 17 Apr 2018
Malaysia’s self-styled Bomoh King of the World Ibrahim Mat Zin plans to contest in the upcoming general election, the Harian Metro tabloid reported on April 16, 2018.ST PHOTO: SHANNON TEOH.

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysia’s self-styled Bomoh King of the World plans to contest in the upcoming general election, the Harian Metro tabloid reported on Monday (April 16).

Ibrahim Mat Zin is holding a news conference on Tuesday to announce his intention to stand in both a Parliament and State Assembly seat in Perak state, according to a circular issued by an aide seen by the newspaper.

The circular said the press meeting will be held in Ipoh at 2pm on Tuesday, with media representatives allowed into the meeting room to meet the self-styled shaman only if they have valid media passes.

16 April 2018

‘Raja Bomoh’ may join GE14 race


GE14 | Ibrahim Mat Zin, who once courted international attention for his antics as a bomoh (shaman), is scheduled to announce his foray into politics tomorrow.

According to a report by Berita Harian, the once self-styled “Raja Bomoh” will announce his candidacy for Teluk Intan parliamentary seat and the Manjoi state seat in Ipoh tomorrow.

The report said the press invitation had clearly stated that only those with media accreditation cards will be allowed at the event.

Ibrahim, 67, shot to fame after the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 with a series of strange rituals, aimed at helping the authorities.

His antics include a “magic carpet” routine and incantations involving coconuts.

But his trademark has been his bamboo “binoculars”, which apparently allowed him to peer into the other world.

Apart from generating international attention, Ibrahim found himself being pursued by the local Islamic authorities.

Eventually, Ibrahim confessed that all the rituals were, in fact, an act and that he was acting under orders. He did not reveal who had instructed him.


Raja Bomoh is no longer Raja Bomoh but plain Ibrahim Mat Zin: “It was all an act. I was instructed to do all those things…”

Raja Bomoh on Karpal Singh’s untimely demise. Now we are told that he faked everything under orders!

Raja Bomoh @ #1MalaysiaBomoh: Man who put Malaysia Bomoh on the world map!

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