Azmin Ali: Grievous Errors in Malaysiakini Report on Caretaker Menteri Besar’s visit to Gombak and Bukit Antarabangsa…

16 April 2018


1h1 hour ago

Grievous errors in Malaysiakini report “Cash, laptops, iPads – Azmin doles out over RM2m worth goodies”



Grievous Errors in Malaysiakini Report on Caretaker Menteri Besar’s visit to Gombak and Bukit Antarabangsa


16 APRIL 2018


We note with great dismay a misleading report published by online portal on 14 April 2018 at 11:29pm. The report entitled, “Cash, laptops, iPads – Azmin doles out over RM2m worth goodies”, makes several serious errors and dubious assumptions which is now our responsibility to correct since they affect the good name of Dato’ Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali.

The report covered the activities on 14 April 2018 of caretaker Menteri Besar Dato’ Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali in disbursing grants and state aid in the state constituency of Bukit Antarabangsa and the Parliamentary constituency of Gombak, for which he was the elected representative for the 13th Parliament of Malaysia.

No Cash Given Out, Only Cheques; No iPads, Only Samsungs

To start with, the very first word in the article’s title is false. No cash was disbursed in the programme. Only cheques were handed over as is proper for official programmes which have been processed through the proper channels.

To suggest that “cash” was handed out gives the impression that what occurred was an event of a very base political calibre, which is far from the truth.

Furthermore, iPads were not disbursed to qualified recipients. Rather, it was the more affordable Samsung Tablet.

The truth and official documents can be verified with the constituency office, the Gombak District Office and the State Economic Planning Office, all of which are subject to audit.

Total Given Out Less Than Half of What Was Reported

Second, the report stated that out of the four events on 14 April “two events in Ukay Perdana and Kampung Kerdas, the amount of aid distributed totalled over RM2.24 million.”

This is a gross and inaccurate overstatement of the amount of aid disbursed. In actual fact, the total value of aid disbursed for all four events only amounted to RM967,150.00, made up of constituency allocations and official state programmes.

The figure from Malaysiakini is 2.3 times the true figure.

It is regrettable that no attempt was made to contact the constituency officer to verify that the number put to print was accurate and truthful.

The true figure comprised a few hundred thousand ringgit from Azmin’s constituency allocations. A substantial portion of the aid went towards applications to uplift public facilities. The remainder comprised aid for the needy and educational support.

To clarify, the Residents’ Associations of nine low- and medium-cost flats had applied for building remediation works under the SMART LIFE and CERIA programmes by the Selangor state. Selangor’s Budget 2018, passed in November 2017, provided for the state government as a caring government to bear 100% of the cost of repainting and lift repair works for qualifying low- and medium-cost flats.

All Spending Proper and Above Board

Third, all applications for this aid were made prior to the dissolution of Parliament and do not represent ad hoc spending specially tailored for the election season. The allegation of “goodies” in the headline is thus misleading, if not defamatory. Constituency disbursements are a regular part of a public representative’s duties to their constituents and Dato’ Seri Azmin reports such events openly on his social media accounts. His last such event was on 16 December 2017.

We have tremendous respect for the role of an independent media as the Fourth Estate to exercise scrutiny on power in modern democracies. However, that honourable role must be upheld with a code of conduct that is observed to a high standard. Facts must be verified and sources must be consulted so that the public gets the truth.

For the reasons stated above, we demand a correction of the article and an acknowledgement of the error made since there has been damage to the good name of Dato’ Seri Azmin.

A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold.

Strategic Communications Director
Selangor Menteri Besar’s Office

2h2 hours ago

S’gor MB’s Office: Handouts not ad hoc GE14 goodies

Apr 14

Cash, laptops, iPads – Azmin doles out over RM2 million worth of goodies

Editor’s note: The Selangor Menteri Besar’s Office has clarified that all handouts described in this article were given to applicants to had sought state government or Azmin’s help, as their elected representative, well before the dissolution of Parliament. The full statement can be read here. Malaysiakini regrets errors made in this article.

GE14 | Caretaker Selangor menteri besar Azmin Ali handed cash allocations, laptops, and even iPads to his constituents in Bukit Antarabangsa and Gombak today.

Azmin had four aid distribution events scheduled this morning, two of which Malaysiakini attended, which were part of various state government initiatives.

In those two events in Ukay Perdana and Kampung Kerdas, the amount of aid distributed totalled over RM2.24 million.

For youths, Azmin handed cheques worth RM44,000 as student aid, as well as 14 laptops.

The caretaker menteri besar also gave six laptops to village chiefs as part of the state government’s Peduli Rakyat initiative.

The bulk of aid, however, was for community programmes and public facilities, worth between RM5,000 to RM75,000.

The RM75,000 was requested by the Spring Ville 2 residents’ association for local council public facilities.

Besides this, Azmin also gave cash aid of between RM500 to RM1,000 for living costs to the poor, as well as cash aid to cover medical expenses.

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