Nazri, who had attacked Robert Kuok, himself comes under attack…

4 March 2018


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Bad blood persists as MCA picks on Nazri’s black attire at CNY do

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The bad blood between MCA and Umno supreme council member Nazri Abdul Aziz continues with MCA Youth firing a fresh salvo at the minister.

Kedah MCA Youth chief Tan Chee Hiong took issue with Nazri’s black attire at a Chinese New Year celebration in Sungai Petani last night.

In a press conference after the celebration, Tan urged Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to sack Nazri as tourism and culture minister for “lacking cultural sensitivity”.

“The tourism and culture minister does not have one bit of cultural sensitivity.

“He wore entirely black to attend the national Chinese New Year open house.

“We know that he is very arrogant, but we didn’t know that he is also ignorant,” Tan was quoted as saying by China Press.

Black is typically considered inauspicious in Chinese culture, and is avoided during Chinese New Year which is seen as an auspicious period.

28 February 2018


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Nazri’s true colours on show once again

LETTER | “Don’t be a pondan (effeminate). Don’t be a hen (ayam betina) which hides behind the wall in Hong Kong,” Tourism and Culture Minister Nazri Abdul Aziz was quoted as saying yesterday.

This quote came from a supposedly matured and experienced politician. This clearly will invite criticism that he is indeed very rude and/or “kurang ajar.”

Surely a man of Nazri’s age with good education and fine background would not like to call a respected, dignified and well-known Malaysian, Robert Kuok, a “pondan” and “ayam betina“. This indeed is not only “kurang ajar” but reflects your upbringing.

This is, in fact, not Malay culture. Surely, with your quotation, you have insulted the culture of our right thinking Malay brothers and sisters.

Nazri is not a hero but rather the opposite, a reckless and irresponsible creature. Many Malaysians have now seen the true colours of Nazri.
Nazri, do not patent yourself as a “kurang ajar” person.

You have definitely damaged the integrity and dignity of Kuok.

I now call upon all right-thinking Malaysians to rally behind and give their strongest support to Kuok.

If you, Nazri, do not feel sorry and apologise for your misdeeds, perhaps you will have to pay a heavy price for it – causing Umno and BN to lose vital support from the rakyat.

ROBERT PHANG MIOW SIN is a justice of the peace and chairperson of the Social Care Foundation.

The views expressed here are those of the author/contributor and do not necessarily represent the views of Malaysiakini.






Tourism and Culture Minister Nazri Abdul Aziz’s acerbic salvo against billionaire Robert Kuok has drawn flak from another business magnate.

In an open letter today, Country Heights Holdings Bhd founder and major shareholder Lee Kim Yew said the senior Umno leader had behaved in a dishonourable manner.

Penned in Chinese, with a smattering of English, the tycoon said he felt compelled to air his views due to Nazri’s rudeness.

“My purpose of writing this open letter, firstly, is (to point out) that you as a minister had behaved dishonourably.

YB tidak YB, tapi kasar, banyak kasar (An ‘honourable’ MP who is not honourable, but rude, very rude),” read the letter.

Lee said Nazri… a minister, is paid by taxpayers and enjoyed many perks – travelling allowances, aides and government funding.

“Surely, a small part of that money came from the Kuok Group,” he wrote.

Lee, who is known to be a close associate of former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad, said Nazri and other Umno leaders should not think that Malaysia belonged to them.

“Perhaps you have enjoyed too many terms (as a minister), a business venture that does not need capital.

“You have forgotten that you need to balance what you receive and what you have to give back. You have forgotten what is a democracy, and believe that this country is owned by the party,” he added.


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Where are your balls, Nazri?

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Fa Abdullah

My mum used to say, “If you call someone idiot, you are a bigger idiot.”

That was the first thing that came to my mind upon hearing Tourism and Culture Minister Nazri Abdul Aziz call billionaire Robert Kuok pondan (effeminate).

As mind-blowing, jaw-dropping and eye-rolling as it was for me to hear a leader like Nazri degrading someone much senior to him, forgetting all the calls to practice a lifestyle full of sopan santun (politeness), budi bahasa (manners) and hormatmenghormati (respect) which the Malay culture is so rich in, I have to say it was equally funny as well.

For those living underneath the tempurung (coconut shell), having no clue of what’s this all about – well, it all began when Raja Petra Kamaruddin accused Kuok of funding DAP to topple BN in the forthcoming general election on his blog, Malaysia Today.

Who is actually ‘ball-less’?

Seriously, if Nazri has any balls, shouldn’t he be the one to catch the first flight to Hong Kong and set an appointment to meet this so-called BN-made tycoon and ask him why he has become a kacang lupakan kulit (ungrateful)?

On second thought, it is always easier to have a laser mouth spurting out saliva as the cameras click away, rather than actually making an effort to demand an explanation (that is, if someone was really seeking an explanation).

Is Nazri an ayam betina?

Anyhow, now that Kuok has denied the allegation that he funded DAP to topple the government, one would expect Nazri to have the balls to officially apologise for pulling his guns before checking the facts.

Sadly, not only is Nazri not sorry for the remark he has made, he even had the audacity to blame Kuok for not coming forward earlier to deny the allegations.

I guess my mum was right. Those who call others “ball-less” are the ones who are “ball-less”.

Poor Nazri. Perhaps he missed Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak’s call not too long ago to be mindful of fake news and stop believing every post and tweet circulating online.

“Do not make decisions based on lies, distorted facts and smears. Such claims can be debunked with a quick search of the facts,” Najib said last November.

I do hope Nazri takes his beloved Najib’s advice seriously in the future, instead of behaving like an ayam betina (hen) making too much noise for no reason at all.

FA ABDUL is a passionate storyteller, a growing media trainer, an aspiring playwright, a regular director, a struggling producer, a self-acclaimed photographer, an expert Facebooker, a lazy blogger, a part-time queen and a full-time vainpot.




26 February 2018

Contest in GE14, don’t be a ‘pondan’ – Nazri opens fire on Kuok

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Tourism and Culture Minister Nazri Abdul Aziz is the latest Umno leader to train his guns on billionaire Robert Kuok.

Speaking to Malaysiakini, he challenged the 94-year-old tycoon, who is based in Hong Kong, to return to Malaysia and contest in the coming general election.

“Don’t be a pondan‘ (effiminate). Don’t be a hen (ayam betina) which hides behind the wall in Hong Kong,” said the Padang Rengas MP, who is known for not mincing his words.

Earlier, when speaking to reporters at his parliamentary constituency in Perak, Nazri lambasted the billionaire as a “coward with no testicles”.

According to China Press, the minister described Kuok as “arrogant” and told him “not to hide overseas and fund DAP”.

Nazri was quoted as saying: “Kuok, we will fight you. Don’t think you are rich.

“If you consider yourself rich, then join politics. Don’t be a coward and hide (overseas), just to fund DAP in order for BN to collapse. BN accepts your challenge.”

Nazri said while Kuok was free to donate to a party of his choice and this was not against the law, the billionaire should not forget that his success is due to BN government’s help.

The minister also claimed that funding DAP was irresponsible and could harm racial unity.

Nazri said many Chinese, although not as rich as Kuok, continued to live in Malaysia to develop the nation together with other races.

“It is better for people like Kuok to surrender their citizenship,” he added.

DAP stalwart Lim Kit Siang has denied receiving funds from Kuok or through intermediaries such as the businessman’s relatives in Malaysia.

The issue first came to light following reports in Malaysia Today, which alleged that Kuok was financially backing DAP.

The billionaire’s nephew James Kuok, who was implicated in the articles, denied that his uncle had used him as a conduit to fund DAP’s war chest.




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2 Responses to Nazri, who had attacked Robert Kuok, himself comes under attack…

  1. Edward Lye says:

    Does anyone know whether the esteemed minister verified his “facts” with ?

    A pity the fake news law hasn’t been passed yet otherwise this could be the first celebrity case …….. unless NFAed bt the AG.

  2. Doris Looi says:

    Typhoon or tai moors

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