Fight in Ipoh Parade. 8 December 2017.


Published on Dec 8, 2017

9 Disember 2017 | 5.52 pagi: Kes pergaduhan di Ipoh Parade jam 9.00 malam tadi. Punca tak tahu.

Mall fight over slippers and socks sees dustbin lid and helmet thrown in (VIDEO)

IPOH, Dec 9 ― A three-way brawl started at a local mall parking lot last night after a man criticised another’s footwear fashion, police confirmed today.

Ipoh district police chief Assistant Commissioner Mohd Ali Tamby related that two men involved in the fight filed their complaints with the police, relating the incident.

“The fight broke out when the first complainant was smoking at the parking lot and a man approached him and mocked him for wearing slippers with socks.

“The first complainant questioned the man for mocking him and it turned into a fight,” he said in a statement today.

He recounted that a third man was also involved in the fight, adding that the complainant said he was attacked with a rubbish bin lid and a motorcycle helmet and suffered injuries to his head.

Mohd Ali said the three men claimed they had never met prior to the mall fracas and had no grievances with each other.

“Both of them made a police report after the brawl for their own safety.

“However, after the reports were made, both parties were called to make peace and the report was retracted as they don’t want the matter to be extended,” he said.


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