Video. Death of a 16 year-old boy: When Vigilantes went too far…

8 December 2017



Teen dies after being beaten with sticks, garden hose

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A 16-year-old boy died after being beaten with sticks and a garden hose by several men for allegedly stealing his grandfather’s money.

According to Makkal Osai, one of the assailants is believed to be an uncle of the deceased.

A now-viral on social media video of the assault shows the victim, who is only clad in a pair of trousers, screaming in pain, begging for the attack to stop as he is repeatedly lashed by a garden hose and a stick by at least two men.

At one point, he is heard admitting to stealing RM4,000 from his grandfather, which he claimed to have used to treat his friends.

The caption for the video claimed it was a case of the boy being “taught a lesson” for stealing the money.


Police looking for 3 suspects linked to fatal abuse of 16-year-old

MELAKA: Police are on the lookout for three suspects, including a teenager’s uncle, over the alleged abuse of a 16-year-old boy which resulted in his death on Monday.

It all began when the Form Four student from Taman Tangkak Jaya was rushed to the Melaka Hospital unconscious and he could not be revived even with Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) performed on him on Dec 4 night.

A video of the boy badly whipped with a pipe hose surfaced on Facebook on Tuesday (Dec 5).

The caption claimed that it was the case of the teenage boy who was ‘taught’ a lesson for stealing his grandfather’s money.

zzzbbb.jpgA picture combo from video grabs showing the teen being abused.

During a press conference here, Melaka Tengah deputy police chief Superintendent Mohd Kamal Zainal said investigations were underway to probe the case which was under Section 302 of the Penal Code for murder.

“The deceased boy hailed from Tangkak living with his mother and a younger sister.
He said the boy, who had old scars and lesions at both his arms and back, estimated to be about a week old, was found unconscious at a bus stop in Ayer Keroh and rushed to the Melaka Hospital by two members of the public.

“We have identified three suspects, aged 32, 35 and 38. One of the suspects is the victim’s 32-year-old maternal uncle who is also a lorry driver, and we urge them to come to the nearest police station or the Melaka Tengah IPD to give their statements,” he said.

The suspects were J Visvanathan, 32, from Tangkak, Johor, and two others, K Shanmuganatan, 35, and N Thiagu, 38, from Melaka.

He said police were investigating the relationship of two other suspects with the victim.

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