The LDHN scam: Our records show that you have an overdue tax refund…

This is dangerous! Don’t click on 




Viral M’sian’s Bank Account Gets Wiped Out After Clicking into E-mail From ‘LHDN’

Published 5 hours ago on November 8, 2017 By Jolene


Just like poor Lee Shi Ni Michelle, she honestly thought that she had received an email from the government body, Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri (LHDN).
LHDN is basically the government sector which handles taxes and Malaysians usually go through this government sector for our income tax.
In a heartbreaking Facebook post she wrote on November 1, 2017, Michelle shares how an e-mail caused her to instantly lose all the money in her bank account.
She said, “I received this email from Encik Fadzli Bin Abdul Wahit <> on Monday and yesterday, I clicked in to check it out.”
Turns out, many people, including us at WOB have received this email!
“After clicking the blue proceed button, I was linked to a page with logos of all the banks, telling me to select my bank and follow the instructions given.
“After I selected CIMB bank, I was directed to CIMBclicks.”
Oh no, girl… that should have been a massive red light already!
“I keyed in my username and password and was then asked to type in the TAC code.
“A few minutes later, I received an SMS from CIMB saying that almost ALL my money in the bank account was transferred out to a person whom I DON’T EVEN KNOW!”
So, the next time you see such emails, it is best to be careful and avoid clicking on any weird links, especially if you’re unsure what it is.
There’s also a similar e-mail from the same person that’s being sent out, but instead of asking you to click into a link, you have to download a file. PS: Don’t do it.

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  1. Doris Looi says:

    Nowadays, so,many,online, scams,internet,marketing, etc,



    One,person, do,everything, think,wonder,woman…show,lah,omggggg,

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