Jakim preacher, Zamihan Mat Zin, banned by the Sultan of Johor and the Sultan of Selangor, is involved in the militant rehabilitation programme…

Jakim man, Zamihan, called a liar by the Sultan of Johor; and other unintended consequences…

11 November 2017

G25: ‘Extremist’ Zamihan may lead militants down wrong path

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 12 — G25 expressed concern today that preacher Zamihan Mat Zin, a civil servant in charge of rehabilitating militant detainees, may influence terrorists to advocate for an Islamic state in Malaysia.

The group of retired senior civil servants also said Zamihan’s employment was disrespectful towards the Johor and Selangor Sultans, who had both criticised the Home Ministry officer over his remarks defending a Muslim-only laundromat in Johor.

“We hope that the Ministry is not employing Zamihan in the belief that it takes a thief to catch a thief,” G25 said in a statement.

“With his background, there is a risk that Zamihan may influence the detainees into the wrong path.

“Instead of rehabilitating them to understand the multicultural diversity of the country and the need for Malaysians to show tolerance for our differences, commitment to ‘Wasatiyyah’ (the middle path/ moderation), and to respect the Federal Constitution, the rule of law and the Rukun Negara, he may use religion to advocate for an Islamic state in Malaysia,” it added.
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11 November 2017


‘Zahid, how can Zamihan be trusted to deradicalise terrorists?’

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YOURSAY | ‘The preacher’s actions so far point to someone who will inculcate the opposite of inclusiveness.’

DPM: Zamihan is an asset, deradicalisation expert

RR: Very sad that this statement of accreditation of preacher Zamihan Mat Zin’s deradicalisation
of terrorists comes from the Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi who is in charge of the country’s internal security, besides being the deputy prime minister.

Both the rulers of Selangor and Johor have been wronged by the DPM’s statement. Is the country so short of good Islamic teachers to rehabilitate hardcore terrorists?

Alfanso: Zahid, we are very concerned about your preference for people like preacher Zakir Naik and Zamihan. Why do you vouch for people like that when there so many good souls around who you fail to give support to?

My question would be, does Zamihan hold any degree or qualifications related to deradicalisation, or is it merely by holding a religious qualification and speaking in other languages which qualifies him as an expert for rehabilitation of terrorists? How naive can the DPM be?

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Zamihan in charge of ‘deradicalisation’, but Sapno denied PR

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COMMENT | We recently learned two things.

First, that controversial preacher Zamihan Mat Zin will have his services retained by the federal government, ostensibly as an expert in rehabilitating terrorists.

Second, that a surau bilal in Penang, Sapno Tukijo has been applying for permanent residency in Malaysia for some 23 years without success.

I suppose this contrast is quite a microcosm of the Malaysia we seem to find ourselves in today.

Zamihan shot to fame for vociferously defending the owner of a launderette in Johor who wanted to open his facilities to Muslims only.

The Sultan of Johor took strong exception to Zamihan’s views, as did the Sultan of Selangor, who barred him from preaching in Selangor.

As it happens, Zamihan also commented directly on Sapno’s famous decision as bilal of the Taman Free School surau to grant refuge to victims of the recent Penang floods in said surau.

Zamihan stated that the floods could not be categorised as an emergency situation, that other avenues existed for the victims, and that the surau authorities should have reminded those taking refuge in the surau to observe proper courtesies and guidelines.

There is some irony in Zamihan’s (photo) credentials as a “de-terroriser”, which are now being touted by our very own deputy prime minister.

Historically, we have seen many terrorists profess the same type of views and attitudes as Zamihan himself.

Surely the many parallels in terms of xenophobia and intolerance are not hard to see.

Terrorism is in essence born out of hate, and how can a radical man so full of hate and “us versus them” thinking possibly deradicalise others?

A man, no less, who has been publicly denounced by not one, but two heads of religion, who have made known in no uncertain terms that Zamihan is not welcome in their states.

We might not be surprised to find terrorists becoming more, and not less, radicalised after spending time with Zamihan, who the government seems dead set on protecting.

NATHANIEL TAN is deeply impressed that the Taman Free School surau even opened its doors to dogs in times of need. Perhaps the rest of us could learn a few pointers about treating strays well.

The views expressed here are those of the author/contributor and do not necessarily represent the views of Malaysiakini.


Read more at https://www.malaysiakini.com/news/401538#kIlVIfFh84xXbGmX.99

9 November 2017


Why is extremist preacher still carrying out militant rehabilitation programme, asks PKR



PKR has questioned why Putrajaya has allowed controversial preacher Zamihan Mat Zin, who has been banned from lecturing in Selangor and Johor, to conduct rehabilitation programmes on detained IS militants.

PKR Supreme Council member Latheefa Koya., who is also a lawyer, said Zamihan’s extremist views, such as on the Muslim-only launderette and criticising a bilal in Penang for allowing non-Muslim flood victims to take refuge, were well-known.

“How does a preacher who is banned from speaking in Selangor and Johor, and caused so much controversy is still being given access to IS detainees?

“I urge Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi to re-evaluate the role of Zamihan at the prison immediately, especially with IS-related detainees,” she said in a statement today.

Latheefa said it was shocking that after the numerous controversies, Putrajaya still allowed Zamihan access to the “most extreme” groups of detainees who were sympathetic to IS’ struggle.

Two days ago, Zamihan recounted in a Facebook post his experience of conducting a programme with militant detainees in Tapah, Perak.



Alhamdulillah. Baru selesai sesi Deradikalisasi bersama mereka yang terlibat dengan kumpulan militan Daesh di Tapah. Sesi pencerahan berfokus kpd : Jihad bahasa dan Istilah, ayat2 dan hadith jihad, kronologi pensyariatan jihad, hukum jihad: fardhu kifayah dan fardhu ain, syarat2 jihad menerusi kitab al-Iqna’ dan isu al-Salab, al-Faei, al-Ghanimah, peranan pemerintah, askar dan polis dlm negara Islam dan lain2.

Sesi berjalan dgn ceria dan rancak tanpa henti selama 4 jam lebih sambil melayan semua soalan yang dibangkitkan. Semoga Allah memberi taufik dan hidayahnya kepada kita semua atas perkara yang disukai lagi diredhaiNya. Saksikanlah Ya Allah, daku telah membimbing mereka.

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