AirAsia Indonesia Flight QZ535: Some people are always waiting to run down AirAsia…

Oct 16

Crew were not screaming but telling passengers as they had to sit down and belt up and get oxygen on for safety reasons

Oct 16

Aviation: AirAsia’s Tony Fernandes on Flight QZ535 : ‘Our pilots and crew did a sup… – The Edge Markets

18 October 2017

DCA: AirAsia crew did right in Sunday’s emergency situation


PETALING JAYA: The Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) has come to the defence of the pilot and crew of AirAsia Indonesia Flight QZ535 against allegations that they responded inappropriately to an emergency situation last Sunday.

DCA director-general Azharuddin Abdul Rahman said the rapid reduction of altitude was part of standard operating procedure.

“Modern aircraft fly at a very high altitude, more than 30,000 feet, in which the pressure outside is too low for humans to survive,” he said. “So the pressurisation system is automatic to ensure the cabin pressure is comfortable for passengers.”

Azharuddin said he did not know what exactly happened with the QZ535 flight but he suspected there was a problem with the pressurisation system.

“This is common,” he said. “The captain can adjust the system manually or semi-manually. He can resort to many procedures to ensure the passengers fly comfortably.

“One of the ways would be to bring the aircraft down as fast as possible to normalise pressure so passengers do not have to continue using the oxygen masks.

“The captain’s action was correct.”

The pilot came under heavy criticism from various quarters for the rapid drop in altitude, which reportedly caused a panic among the crew members and passengers.

Asked to comment on reports that some of the crew members were shouting, Azharuddin said that was part of their training and they did the right thing.

“Because of the rapid descent, which causes depressurisation, resulting in the oxygen masks dropping for passengers to use, the crew is trained to shout to get important instructions across to passengers.

“At that point of time, their priorities change from pleasing passengers to ensuring their safety.”

He said the crew members had to exert their authority over the anxious passengers.

“They can’t be calm and smiling at this point. They have to shout to get their instructions across and make sure the safety of the passengers is taken care of.

“The main reason for having cabin crew members on an aircraft is to ensure the safety of passengers. Serving them a meal is secondary.

“I can’t say exactly what happened on that particular flight, but in general, this is normal SOP by the crew, who have to move fast in such a large aircraft and make sure they get their instructions across to passengers.”

17h17 hours ago

. surfaces from hush-hush with tweets defending Flight


Oct 16

Passengers on flightQZ535 thought they might die when the plane dropped 20,000 feet mid-air.



Here is an example of the cooments made:

i hope all crew members of Flight lost their job… they should never again be allowed to be a cabin crew member

Oct 15

AirAsia Perth to Bali flight QZ535 plunges 20,000 feet in mid-air emergency


Aircraft doesn’t ‘plunge’, it makes a rapid controlled descent to below 14,000ft where air is breathable 🙄



Replying to

4) Plunging 20,000 feet – was that an out-of-control event? No. When cabin depressurisation is detected, the most urgent thing to do is for the pilot to put the aircraft into a steep controlled descent to get to a flight level where air is breathable





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