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How long can Papagomo last? Is grabbing Invoke his last desperate act?

… A Bankrupt: Papa Gomo, UMNO’s ex super sex blogger who can’t pay Anwar Ibrahim RM850,000 for defamation. … 27 October 2017 #BebasAnwar‏ @BebasAnwar 14h14 hours ago Papagomo nak elak jadi Papakedana, rayu sedekah untuk bayar saman Anwar Ibrahim. #BebasAnwar #BebasRakyat … … Continue reading

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Expelling students or Placing them in Prison: When the Ministry of Education runs out of ideas and gives up on our kids…

… How did Hin Hua High School end up WRONGLY on the List of 402 Malaysian schools with disciplinary and drug issues? … 25 October 2017 .. FMT News‏ @fmtoday October 25, 2017 Prison no place for delinquent children, says expert Nurul … Continue reading

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