Oman bans Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM), SEGi University, Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, and Binary University of Management and Entrepreneurship…

6 October 2017

USIM says administrative issues to blame for Oman ban

SEREMBAN, Oct 6 — The Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM) has met with the Oman’s Cultural Attache following the country’s move prohibiting its students from pursuing studies at four local universities including USIM.

USIM vice chancellor, Prof Datuk Dr Musa Ahmad expressed regret over issues arising and the USIM acknowledged the ban issued by the Omani Higher Education Ministry affected the reputation and image of the university as well as sparked various speculations and negative interpretations by various parties.

“This ban against USIM is not related to the quality of our academic programmes and it clearly indicated that our academic programmes are of a high quality and in line with the rigorous assessment that the university needs to go through to obtain accreditation (recognition) by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) for each programme.

“The ban was made due to administrative issues at USIM level including visa application, academic management and financial process.

“In a review made, USIM admits there are matters raised due to the weaknesses of the internal administration of the university while some specific problems are still in the process of settlement as it is closely linked to current policies of the university and outside agencies and this requires a bit of time,” he said in a statement here today.

Musa also announced that a task force, comprising personnel from both Oman’s Cultural Attache and USIM, would be formed to address the issues between the two parties promptly.

4 October 2017

Miscommunication may be reason for Oman’s ban on universities

October 4, 2017

Higher education minister Idris Jusoh says his officers will meet Omani officials on Monday to resolve the matter.


KUALA LUMPUR: Oman’s ban on four Malaysian universities may be due to miscommunication, says Higher Education Minister Idris Jusoh.

Idris said relations between Malaysia and Oman were very good and his officers would seek a meeting with Omani officials on the matter on Monday.

“I hope the matter can be resolved amicably. I don’t see any big problems.

“If there are any improvements that need to be made by the universities, we will make sure they are done,” he told a media conference after launching a high-speed broadband project at Universiti Malaya today.

Oman’s cultural attaché in Malaysia, Yahya Salam Al Mandhari, was quoted as saying that the accreditations were revoked over various “violations”.

Referring to the discovery of fake degrees using the names of Universiti Teknologi Mara and SEGi University, Idris said the two institutions would take legal action against the syndicate involved.

“I have been told they have already taken the necessary action,” he said.

The Kosmo! Bahasa Malaysia newspaper reported recently that a syndicate was selling fake degrees using the names of the two universities at prices as low as RM1,000 apiece.

The newspaper added that the two universities had lodged police reports.

2 October 2017

(Update) Oman bans four Malaysian universities over alleged ‘academic, administrative abuse’

KUALA LUMPUR: The Higher Education Ministry of Oman has banned four Malaysian universities due to alleged academic and administrative abuses by the varsities.

The universities are Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM), SEGi University, Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, and Binary University of Management and Entrepreneurship.

In total, there are 378 Omani students enrolled in the four universities.

The Times of Oman, in its report, stated that the Committee for the Recognition of Non-Omani Higher Education Institutions and the Equivalence of Educational Qualifications in the Oman Higher Education Ministry had issued a decision to stop dealing with these universities.

It said Omani students were not allowed to attend the educational institutions following the decision.

“The decision is due to the various alleged abuses by the universities,” it said.

Oman’s cultural attache to Malaysia, Yahya Salam Al Mundhari, said the reason for the withdrawals were due to alleged academic and administrative abuses.

“Most of these reasons are academic and administrative, including the existence of complaints against these universities by some of the Omani students studying there (in Malaysia),” said Yahya.

“These universities are not complying with some of the laws of the country of scholarship such as registering students, allowing them to study on tourist visas, and most of these universities are unresponsive and not cooperating with the Cultural Mission in solving the challenges facing Omani students,” he was quoted as saying.

Meanwhile, in an immediate reaction, USIM deputy vice-chancellor (academic and international) Prof Datuk Dr Zulkiple Abdul Ghani said the university has yet to receive any official information on the ban from Oman’s Higher Education Ministry or its embassy.

“The issue was only made aware to us through news reports from Times of Oman.

“However, an immediate meet-up will be organised by USIM with the Oman embassy to discuss this issue.

“Any problems or issues related with international students, whether it involves student welfare, finance or academics, have always been given the utmost attention by USIM as we believe they (international students) are our stakeholders,” he said.

Meanwhile, a SEGi University spokesman said it would obtain further details about the ban to solve the issues immediately.

“We view the matter seriously as SEGi is out to achieve the highest education standards to serve the future generations.

Meanwhile, Limkokwing University rubbished claims of such abuse occurring in their university.

In a statement today, its pro-vice chancellor (International), Professor Cedric D Bell said the university has no records of Omani students making complaints in their learning experience or any related matters.


Bell said the university categorically rejects the contrived reasons provided by the ministry for its reasons.

He added that the university will take necessary steps to address the reputational damage it would from this ‘unwarranted’ action.

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