S Surendhar, MIC man, apologises to Sri Sanjeevan over defamatory tweets…

Vindicated. Yet again…

17 April 2018

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23 May 2017


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Sri Sanjeevan R Retweeted Saladin

My motive was clearing my name not damages, that’s why

Sri Sanjeevan R added,


MIC man apologises to Sanjeevan over defamatory tweets

May 23, 2017

MIC member S Surendhar also apologises for any distress or inconvenience his comments might have caused the former MyWatch chairman.


PETALING JAYA: An MIC man today apologised to former MyWatch chairman R Sri Sanjeevan for defaming the anti-crime activist on his Twitter account last year.

MIC member S Surendhar read out the statement before Shah Alam High Court judge M Gunalan today, apologising for defaming Sanjeevan on his Twitter account (@BN_Surendhar) between March 22 and March 24, 2016.

“The statements were published based on unverified information received from members of the public concerning Dato R Sri Sanjeevan,” he said in the statement tendered in court today.

Admitting that his tweets were false and without basis, Surendhar also apologised to Sanjeevan for causing any distress or inconvenience through his comments.

He also agreed to publish an apology on his Twitter and Facebook accounts from May 23, the date of the court order, for six months.

Sanjeevan sued Surendhar in November last year for accusing the anti-crime activist of being a criminal and a fraud.

He sought an injunction to stop the MIC man from publishing further defamatory remarks against him, a retraction and damages.

When contacted by FMT, Sanjeevan’s lawyer Preakas Sampunathan said both parties had entered into a consent judgment and the court had not ordered any costs.

Sanjeevan himself said he felt vindicated after getting the apology from Surendhar.


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