If you are a ‘Singh’, please pay attention in case you fly Malindo Air. Or does it apply to all airlines?

If you are Jaswant Singh, and your father is Harcahran Singh, your first name is not ‘Jaswant’ and your last name is not ‘Singh’.

Your first name is ‘Lal Singh’ and your last name is ‘Harcharan Singh’.




28 Jan 2017


(Actionline) Passenger cries foul over RM50 penalty for name change

A frequent flyer from Rawang was shocked when he was asked to pay a RM50 penalty for a name change minutes before his scheduled departure from the Subang Skypark International Airport.
Delip Singh, who took a flight from Subang Jaya to Penang via Malindo Air flight OD 1160 on Jan 15, had problems checking in due to confusion with the name used to book the ticket.
“When I arrived at Subang airport about 9am to check in, the Malindo ground staff told me that my name was not according to my identity card and referred me to the ticketing counter.
“The Malindo ground staff checked the system and told me that I had not keyed in my last name,” said Delip, who had typed “Delip” as his first name and “Singh” as his last, a practice he claimed had not given him problems before.
“According to the ticketing staff, my first name was Delip Singh and my last name was Lal Singh, which is my father’s name.”
Delip thought it a simple procedure to change the name, but to his surprise, he was asked to pay a penalty of RM50 for his oversight.
ACTIONLINE: Malindo Air said the procedure was in accordance with security measures imposed by Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd and the company’s policy.
“The charge of RM50 imposed on Delip for the name change is based on the company policy and is stipulated under the†terms and conditions†of our General Carriage Agreement.
“Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd is stringent in checking passengers’ identity, and the name on their passport must tally with their name on the boarding pass, failing which the passenger will be denied entry and/or boarding.
Its public relations and communications manager, Suresh Vanan, told Actionline that Delip was very fortunate to be exempted on previous occasions.
He explained that in this case, the passenger’s last name should be his father’s name. The Malindo Air website states that the passenger’s name should be entered in full as per the official travel document used.
“Any name amendment, for more than three characters and by adding or removing will be charged with penalty fee and fare differences if any,” states the website.

Read More : http://www.nst.com.my/news/2017/01/207873/actionline-passenger-cries-foul-over-rm50-penalty-name-change

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