Rosmah wants to fix the Mat Rempit problem because she and Najib could not sleep. Did Najib build them a RM30 million racing circuit?

Gone silly? Tengku Adnan, “Let mat rempit race on K.L. streets!”


12 August 2017

Rosmah reveals inspiration for Permata initiative to help ‘Mat Rempit’

The patron of the child development and youth leadership initiative recounted that she became concerned about ‘Mat Rempit’ youths after she and Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak had difficulties sleeping due to illegal motorcycle races near the couple’s private home in Kuala Lumpur at night.

“Najib was grumpy, he said it was too noisy and he could not sleep, so from then on, I became concerned about this issue,” she said during the Permata Youth Empowerment Day programme in Kuala Lumpur today, as reported by Free Malaysia Today.

That is why, she said, she was moved to create the Permata Empowerment Camp with the co-operation of Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) and the police.

The police had agreed to hold courses for Mat Rempit youths after discussions with UKM, she said.
The programme, she said, turned out to be successful in re-integrating ‘Mat Rempit’ youths back into society after a two-month rehabilitation program.

These youths, she said, have now become useful members of society who could look forward to a brighter future than before.

“Now they realise, there are some who want to start a business, open a motorcycle workshop, and even some who said they want to become police officers so they can catch their friends who are still ‘Mat Rempit’,” she said.

17 Feb 2017

Put RM30 million to better use, please

February 17, 2017

RM30 million for Mat Rempits will be better spent on more badminton courts, football fields, swimming pools and other facilities for a greater number of youths.


Prime Minister Najib Razak has approved a RM30 million allocation to build a race circuit for youths in Sungai Petani, Kedah, so that the Mat Rempits can indulge themselves in their favourite pastime. Apparently the PM has tried all he can to please the street racers in the state.

A majority of street racers blindly follow their peers as they floor the accelerator of their machines on the highways without caring for their own safety as well as that of other people. To heighten their excitement level, many have given in to stimulative narcotics, and subsequently thefts, premarital sex, abandoned newborns and a plethora of other social ills.

Instead of taking stern actions on these illegal street racers, our government has opted to condone their dangerous acts, culminating now in a wasteful RM30 million race circuit.

If the RM30 million race circuit in Sungai Petani is an election pledge of the BN government, what about the unfulfilled promises it made to the local Chinese community?

The 1,298 Chinese primary schools in the country can only look to a paltry sum of RM50 million, while the 78 Chinese secondary schools get only half of this. Allocations supposed to have been disbursed in 2016 remain nowhere in sight to this day.

Tan Poh Kheng writes for Sin Chew Daily.

The Perkasa Remaja programme is an intervention programme focused on teenagers involved in high-risk motorcycle activities to enable them to build their self-confidence as well as to educate them to be responsible individuals.

11 Jul 2015

Rosmah, Najib tak boleh tidur kerana mat rempit via

17 Dec 2016

Rosmah to woo ‘Mat Rempit’ with ‘Perkasa Remaja’ programme

Shakira Buang

The prime minister’s wife, Rosmah Mansor, is concerned about social ills involving the country’s youths, especially those branded as ‘Mat Rempit’.

As such, she has set up a programme called ‘Perkasa Remaja’ after she felt “called” to approach this group.

“I am concerned over social ills among youths especially those called ‘Mat Rempit’ who ride motorcycles without thinking about their own as well as others’ safety.

“This became the reason why I intend to get close to these youths so that they can be guided in order to realise their true potential for them to one day contribute to the country,” said Rosmah in her speech at the closing ceremony of the ninth series of the Perkasa Remaja camp in Kuala Lumpur today.

Her speech was read out by Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia vice-chancellor Noor Azlan Ghazali.

The Perkasa Remaja programme is an intervention programme focused on teenagers involved in high-risk motorcycle activities to enable them to build their self-confidence as well as to educate them to be responsible individuals.

The Perkasa Remaja camp was established in 2010 but had previously been more focused on community activities.


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