2015 Malaysiakini.com article: Dyana Sofya, ‘Why must taxpayers fund BTN’s racism?’


18 June 2015


‘Why must taxpayers fund BTN’s racism?’

Published 18 Jun 2015, 2:18 pm


DAP Youth exco member Dyana Sofya Mohd Daud today questioned the National Civics Bureau (BTN) for sowing racism and division at the expense of taxpayers.

“Do Malaysians as taxpayers accept the tens of millions in funding for BTN’s budget for this purpose (of sowing racism)?” she said in a statement today.

Dyana ( photo ), who was narrowly defeated in the Teluk Intan by-election last year, was responding to BTN’s presentation slides that have captured public attention.

Among the slides claimed that Malays in DAP like Dyana were being used to split the Malays and that DAP allegedly has ambition to see Sabah and Sarawak break away from the federation.

Slides purportedly defended racism

The BTN slides also purportedly defended racism, stating that it can unite people for a good cause.

“But it is clear BTN is destroying the nation and sowing anger and hate among Malaysians.

“Unfortunately, most of its participants are there by force as it is either a compulsory course or a prerequisite for government promotions,” she added.

Dyana called for the dissolution of BTN to avoid further damage to society.

“Furthermore, effort, energy and time must be dedicated to reversing the damage done by BTN over all these years,” she said.


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