No end to the attacks on Hindu temples: Police form special team…

Amok doctor who desecrated Hindu temple in Ipoh is charged but returns to T.R. Mental Hospital…

20 July 2016

Hindu temple in PJ vandalised | Seventh temple so far this year

Temple statue desecrated in PJ Old Town


PETALING JAYA: The Sri Veera Muniswarar Alayam Hindu temple in Petaling Jaya’s Old Town area found one of its religious statues vandalised this morning.

According to temple committee member Indrakanthi Dorasamy, her sister Shanthi had discovered that the temple’s snake Nagama statue had been broken.

“My brother lodged a police report at the Petaling Jaya station after we went to see the broken idol,” she said.

She added that the damage was shocking, as this incident was the first of its kind.

14 July 2016

More temples vandalised, this time in Kedah and Perak


After Penang saw four of its temples vandalised in the past two months, two temples  ̶  one in Mahang, Kedah and the other in Selama, Perak  ̶  were similarly desecrated.

English daily The Star quoted the caretaker of the Sri Maha Muthumariamman temple in Mahang, who found its 0.9m-high statue of a deity removed from its original spot and smashed.

Meanwhile, the caretaker of the Suba Sri Sakthi Kanagavalli Temple in Tong Hurst Estate, Selama, found the wooden door leading to the main hall of the temple open and two statues broken.

Both incidents had occurred on Tuesday and jewellery kept beneath the statues at both temples was also missing.

The two temples are only 4km apart as Selama is a town located at the border of Perak and Kedah.

Kulim deputy district police chief Barudin Wariso said both cases would be investigated under Section 457 of the Penal Code for break-in and theft.

He also confirmed that two suspects have been detained to assist in the investigation of both cases.

11 July 2016

GP: Special team formed on temple vandalism, no proof of terror link

A special team has been formed to investigate the spate of vandalism cases involving Hindu temples in Penang, said inspector-general of police Khalid Abu Bakar.

Speaking to Malaysiakini, he said the team, which comprises officers from the Bukit Aman federal headquarters and state police, would report to him directly on the developments.

The team is headed by Penang deputy police chief A Thaiveegan.

Khalid also expressed concern over the incidents, which he warned could lead to undesirable consequences.

“I am worried, and that is why I decided to form this special team. We will not tolerate those who disrespect the right to religious freedom.

“Vandalising places of worship is a serious offence and has the potential to cause religious unrest. I will not allow that to happen under my watch,” he said.

Asked if the cases could be the work of those involved in terrorist groups or inspired by the likes of Islamic State (IS), Khalid said there is no evidence to suggest this at present.

“Based on our investigations, we haven’t found any evidence to link the two. However, we are not ruling out any possibilities,” he added.

10 July 2016


Fourth Hindu temple vandalised in Penang in two months


The Sri Muneeswarar was vandalised in Penang this morning, bringing the number of temples desecrated to four in these two months.

According to Deputy Chief Minister II P Ramasamy, intruders smashed three statues of deities in the Sri Muneeswarar temple at Jalan Kudin, Gelugor this morning.

The vandalism was discovered at 5.30am today and a police report has been lodged by the temple committee, he added.

“Why the attacks on temples in Penang? Are there political forces trying to destabilise the state government?” Ramasamy asked.



Third Penang Hindu temple attacked in two months

By BALVIN KAUR – 3 July 2016 @ 10:49 PM


GEORGE TOWN: A third Hindu temple was broken into and its deities statute destroyed yesterday.
Southwest district police chief Superintendent Lai Fah Hin said the incident at the Sri Mathurai Veeran Temple in Sungai Nibong Kecil here took place at 10.10pm.
“We received the report today at about 12am that one of the statutes in the temple had been destroyed.
“The temple is no longer used for religious ceremonies as the area had been purchased by a developer, who has given the temple management until the year-end to vacate the area,” he told reporters here yesterday.

He said there were no any residents nearby as well as the developer had moved the previous residents.

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Second Hindu temple attacked in less than a week in Malaysia’s Penang

Another Hindu temple in Penang attacked by vandals

17 June 2016

Abim questions if UTM slides taken out of context via

| June 17, 2016

Muslim group calls for transparency in controversial Titas slides probe, says the lecture on the subject may not have any ill intention.

PETALING JAYA: Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) must be transparent in its internal investigations into the controversial module slides which are demeaning to Hindus and Sikhs, the Angkatan Belia Islam Malaysia (Abim) said.

Abim President Mohamad Raimi Abd Rahim commended the university’s admission of wrong doing, but said more had to be done to determine if the slides were taken out of context or were ill-intended, the Malay Mail Online (MMO) reported today.

He said the judgement against the slides was based on a photo, but the context of its presentation was unknown.

“Right now judgement against it is based on a photo, but there are possibilities it could have been something the lecturer was refuting, so it has to be subjected to a transparent investigation,” he was quoted as saying by the news portal.

Raimi said Abim believed that any false understanding of a religion must be corrected as it could “breed prejudice and negative behaviours” between multi-religious communities.

“In this case, the management of UTM has recognised that there is basis for action to be taken and we welcome the immediate response because it shows the management know that this is a sensitive issue,” MMO quoted him as saying.

14 June 2016

MIC: Probe UTM under sedition law for erroneous ‘dirty’ Hindus claims

MIC treasurer-general S Vell Paari has called for the police to investigate the matter of the Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) teaching module under the Sedition Act.

“Inspector-general of police Khalid Abu Bakar has often warned that those who trample upon the religious and racial sensitivities would not be tolerated.

“This is a blatant example of how the sensitivities of Hindus and Sikhs have been trampled upon.

“What makes it worse is that the perpetrators are those responsible for shaping the future generations of Malaysians,” he said in a statement today.

Vell Paari said that the vice-chancellor of UTM should not describe their module as having “mistakes” as they were utterly disrespectful, arrogant and bigoted.

He also questioned whether the module was vetted by the academic staff of the university before being used for teaching or was that another oversight.

It is disheartening, he said, that non-Muslims are often at the receiving end of such ugly episodes, and saddening that their children are shown such disrespect in an education institution.

“When there are perceived insults to Islam, there is an uproar and police investigations, even threats of racial violence.

Police report lodged against UTM on ‘dirty Hindu’ module

Malaysia Hindu Dharma Mamandram has lodged a police report against Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) over its teaching module, which included erroneous claims about Hinduism and Sikhism.

The report was made by the chairperson of the association’s Sungai Petani branch, according to Malaysian Indian Progressive Association (Mipas) secretary-general S Barathidasan.

Barathidasan said more police reports would be lodged against the university soon over the “demeaning” modules, which allegedly labelled Hindus as a “dirty” community that regards physical uncleanliness as part of their religious practice.

“Since when did UTM authorities become experts in Hinduism?” he asked.

“UTM should conduct a more thorough research (on Hinduism), and collaborate with Hindu religious organisations, NGOs and expert academicians who specialise in the Hinduism field.

“UTM should make sure its facts are correct and accurate by checking with them (Hindu organisations and academicians) before releasing any university learning modules,” he added.

He said the university should immediately remove the learning modules and issue an apology to all Hindu Malaysians.

Sikhs want author of erroneous UTM module sacked


The Malaysian National Sikhs Movement (Geraksikh) today urged Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) to sack the person responsible for the “erroneous” slides used to teach students about Sikhism and Hinduism.Urging for a public apology, Geraksikh also lodged a police report at the Ipoh police headquarters over “factual errors” on Sikhism, published in UTM’s module.A slide bearing UTM’s logo circulating online showed that students were taught that Sikhism’s founder had borrowed elements from Islam, but he had a shallow understanding of the religion.”The Malaysian Sikhs are upset with the move by UTM seen trying to change the history or dilute the facts on the foundation of Sikhism, especially to students in this country.”This is utterly wrong,” Geraksikh secretary-general Amarjit Singh Gill said in a statement.He said any future modules on religion should be vetted by historical experts, including those who practise the religion in question, he said.

Unfortunate some Muslims are ‘loose cannons’, MCA raps UTM modules

The controversial Tamadun Islam and Tamadun Asia (Titas) modules which contained erroneous claims about Hindus and Sikhs have incurred the wrath of an MCA leader.

Ti Lian Ker said such episodes are not only demeaning to other faiths, but also cast Muslims in a negative light.

“It is rather unfortunate that Muslims, on the one hand, demand high reverence for their religion but at the same time some are loose cannons when it comes to understanding and respecting the religious practices of others,” he added in a media statement.

The MCA central committee leader was commenting on the slides used by Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) for the subject.

The vice-chancellor had agreed to fix the errors expeditiously, but this did not silence demands for action to be taken against those responsible.

Ti, who heads the MCA religious harmony bureau, pointed out that Islam taught its followers to respect, honour and never insult another religion.

“But the said lecturer or head of department had failed to be a better Muslim… It is a weakness of the human ego to belittle the practice of other religions.

“It is even worse if there is a direct reference of one’s own religion as superior or above another’s,” he said.

Therefore, Ti wanted the authorities to take immediate action on this issue to serve as an example and reminder to others on the need to be more sensitive in future.

“The recent trend of one-upmanship of one religion over another is a sign of inadequacy or immaturity of such individuals.

“What they are doing is in fact giving their religion a bad name and ought to be reprimanded,” he said.

UTM admits mistakes in controversial slides via

37m37 minutes ago

Rafizi bombed; UTM’s ‘dirty Hindu’ gaffe; BN says no royal snub


UTM modules state Islam taught Hindu followers how to stay clean

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) will amend its modules, after slides showing erroneous information on Hinduism and Sikhism went viral on social media.
(amend its modules)

Deputy Education Minister P Kamalanathan said the UTM vice-chancellor admitted there was a mistake and would rectify them immediately.

The slides, among others, said Islam taught Hindu followers manners and cleanliness, and that some Hindu followers believe that dirt on the body is a form of ritual which could help them attain nirvana.

It also claimed the founder of Sikhism had shallow knowledge of Islam.

UTM to fix erroneous claims on ‘dirty’ Hindus

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia will amend a teaching module which includes erroneous claims about Hinduism and Sikhism, said Deputy Education Minister P Kamalanthan.

He said the vice-chancellor admitted there were mistakes and the module would be “corrected expeditiously”.

“I also asked him to please ensure that such errors are not repeated as they can cause confusion and hurt in some segments of students besides not being factual.

“He has totally agreed to my suggestion,” Kamalanthan said in a statement on his Facebook page.


This comes after screenshots of the module slides bearing UTM’s logo went viral on social media.

The slides showed that UTM students were taught that Hindus preferred to be “dirty”, and that the presence of Islam taught former Hindu followers “manners in life”.

It stated that “some Hindu followers believe dirt on the body is a form of ritual which could lead to the attainment of nirvana”.

Another slide claimed that Sikhism is a combination of Hindu and Islam, but its founder had a shallow understanding of Islam.

While it is not stated on the slide, it is believed that this is part of the Tamadun Islam and Tamadun Asia (Islamic and Asian Civilisation) module compulsory for all undergraduates at public universities.

They could blame the first attack on a doctor who went crazy but when more incidents occur, what is the truth?

13 June 2016


Another temple attack ruins Rahman’s Ramadan mood

June 11, 2016

Umno Supreme Council man reminds Malaysians of taking up the task to ensure there is no place for religious hatred


PETALING JAYA: News of another attack on a Hindu temple has upset Umno Supreme Council member Abdul Rahman Dahlan, who said today it had ruined his Ramadan mood.

Abdul Rahman, who is also federal minister of urban affairs, urged Malaysians to respect each other’s religions.

He said in a Twitter posting: “This news just ruined my Ramadan mood. C’mon peeps, let’s work together for a #betternation.”

He said the sacrilegious act was a loud reminder to Malaysians of the huge task to ensure there is absolutely no place for religious hatred in the country.

Statues of three Hindu deities were desecrated at Sri Dharma Muniswarar Temple in Penanti Estate, Penang, the third attack in mainland Penang this month.

Ten days ago intruders destroyed religious statues at Muthu Mariamman Temple in Penanti Estate.

On June 2, intruders broke into another Hindu temple at Muthumariamman temple in Seberang Perai and smashed several deities in an attack that a Penang DAP leader called a hate crime.

A Hindu temple was vandalised in Malaysia’s Penang state by unidentified persons who damaged the deities


Hot Wire
1 min read

Hindu Temples Bear the Brunt of Hate Crimes in Malaysia

June 10, 2016, 10:27 pm

A Hindu temple was on Friday vandalised in Malaysia’s Penang state by unidentified persons who damaged the deities, a top state official said, less than a week after a similar incident in the area.

The Sri Dharma Munisverar temple was reported to have been damaged in Friday’s incident though the extent of the damage was yet to be ascertained, Deputy Chief Minister Dr P Ramasamy said.

This is the second such incident involving a Hindu temple in Butterworth town. The Munisverar temple is located about one kilometre away from the Muthumariamman Temple in Penanti Estate, Ara Kuda which was reportedly vandalised last Saturday, he said. A police report was lodged by the temple authorities.

Malaysia’s 28 million population comprises eight percent ethnic Indians mostly Hindu Tamils. Last week, two statues of deities were vandalised in Ara Kuda, prompting the temple committee to look into installing closed-circuit television cameras for security purposes.


  • TheMalaysianTimes : Penang temple latest target of hate crime: KUALA LUMPUR, June 2: Muthumariamman Te…

    Penang temple latest target of hate crime

    penang temple

    KUALA LUMPUR, June 2: Muthumariamman Temple in Penanti Estate in Ara Kuda, Penang is the most recent case of a temple having been desecrated.

    Penang Deputy Chief Minister II, Prof Dr P. Ramasamy told The Malaysian Times (TMT) that the temple committee had lodged a police report last night, after they discovered roughly four statues of the deity wrecked.

    “There has been no news yet on the identity of the attacker,” the Batu Kawan MP told TMT, he added that the perpetrators had used the back entrance to access the temple.

    A wooden pole was said to have been used to smash the statue to the ground.

    Dr Ramasamy had also posted several photos on his Facebook page of him paying a visit to the temple and of the smashed statues.

    Dr Ramamsamy said that the century old temple sits on a less than one acre land given by the late N.T. S. Arumugam Pillai.

    Ramasamy speculated that the reason for this “hate crime” may be due to the country’s “heated political situation”.


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