Nepal Earthquake: Where are our Malaysians?

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UPDATE: 89 Singaporeans and PRs fly out of Kathmandu on C-130 planes

Apr 28, 2015 8:53 PM

Eighty-nine Singaporeans and permanent residents left Kathmandu for Singapore on two C-130 planes on Tuesday afternoon.

There were 74 passengers on the first plane, which left at 3pm Nepal time (5.15pm Singapore time) and is flying straight to Singapore. The second plane carried 15 passengers, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement.

The Ministy’s Crisis Response Team is also working with Silkair to secure seats for Singaporeans wishing to return home.

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Tuesday April 28, 2015 MYT 7:19:50 PM

Nepal quake: RMAF brings home 102 Malaysians

KUALA LUMPUR: A total of 102 Malaysians boarded the C-130 aircraft belonging to the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) departing from Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu this afternoon to return home.

RMAF deputy chief Lt Gen Datuk Seri Che Akmar Mohd Nor said the aircraft was now on its way to Kolkata, India, and was expected to arrive at the RMAF Subang base tonight, depending on flight conditions.

“The RMAF is willing to continue working with the National Security Council (NSC) if there are requirements to use RMAF aircraft to bring Malaysians home or to send relief supplies to Nepal,” he told Bernama on Tuesday.

The team: five Malaysians, three Singaporeans, one Belgian, several Sherpa climbers, and founder of travel adventure company Ever Quest Expeditions, Jamling Bhote.


Tuesday April 28, 2015 MYT 4:37:37 PM

Nepal quake: Malaysian Everest team postpone mission

PETALING JAYA: The Universiti Teknologi Malaysia mountaineering team in Nepal has decided to postpone their expedition to climb Mount Everest.

The landlocked country was slammed by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake on Sunday, with the official death toll now passing 4,000 killed.

In a recent Facebook update, mission leader Azim Afif said the team is undergoing an evacuation process to Kathmandu, slated to take place over the next few days.

“InsyaAllah, if there is an opportunity, the UTM flag will fly here another year. The climbers have not given up. This journey home is not a failure, but a mission that is not yet complete,” said the 27-year-old.

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Bernama | Updated: April 28, 2015

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysian sales executive, Loy Yun Qing would have lost her life under the rubble of a four-storey restaurant building in Kathmandu if she had not acted fast to exit the building during the massive 7.9 magnitude earthquake that struck Nepal on Saturday.

Loy, 29, escaped the jaws of death in a mere seconds before the restaurant collapsed during the quake that killed 3,218 people and left more than 6,500 injured, while thousands were made homeless in the worst earthquake to hit the country in 81 years.

She was having breakfast with a Chinese national and a male local tourist guide. They were preparing to travel 179 kilometres to Annapurna, a trekking destination.

“I was on the ground floor when suddenly we felt massive tremors. Everbody started screaming and running. I could hear the loud sounds of collapsing buildings nearby while I was running.

“Debris of small stones and glass fell from the sky and nearly hit me as I waded through a sea of panicking people running to a nearby open space,” she said when contacted by Bernama, on Monday.

She said as she turned her back she saw all the buldings in the area were destroyed in an instant.

She went back to the rubble of the restaurant and managed to recover her belongings and her pasport once the quake settled down.

Loy, who arrived in Nepal for her first trip on Friday (April 24), might have cheated death but her 48-hour ordeal is not over as she endeavours to return home.

It took her hours to arrive at the Tribhuvan international airport, Kathmandu. She said: “It was hard to get transportation to the airport because the locals were trying to escape from the city due to aftershock

Adding to her tension, she could not book a flight once she arrived at the airport because it was shut down and was only operational on the next day (Sunday).

follows historic pattern of destruction

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latest – 3,617 killed – 6,515 injured – Totals “set to rise” – Huge damage “

Malaysia’s Hollywood actress and husband among those stranded in

UPDATE: toll tops 2,400

JUST IN: toll tops 2,300

: SAF sending multi-agency to aid disaster relief efforts

: Foreigners in Nepal at time of deadly disaster

: Malaysian honeymoon couple safe.

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KUALA LUMPUR : The Malaysian couple on honeymoon in Nepal have been reported to be safe. This was after initial reports stated that the newly married could not be contacted following the devastating earthquake which hit the Himalayan nation on Saturday.
Fareen Faradilla Mohd Farid,38 who posted her concern on her brother Mohd Fadzryl Farin Mohd Farid, 34 and his wife Ida Norhidayah Norhadi,31.
…The couple who went for hiking at Pokhara has since made contact with their family.Read More :

M’sia to deploy 46 members from SMART team, Red Crescent & Mercy M’sia to tomorrow via RMAF aircraft.

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UPDATE: : Rescue plane reaches Kathmandu with injured

: Nepalese dig with bare hands for quake survivors as toll exceeds 2,000

: Asian countries search for stranded citizens, pledge aid

sweeps region, killing 17, injuring 61

update: Death toll up to 1,805, with 300 killed in capital, says Home Ministry

: Cyclists, mountaineers, Malaysians are safe

“The Foreign Ministry has received a preliminary report from the Malaysia embassy in Katmandu. Our High Commission in New Delhi has contacted all Malaysians who are registered under the ministry and they are all safe condition.
The ministry added that a team of Everest climbers from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) which is not currently based at the Everest Base Camp is also reported to be safe, despite report on the avalanche.
Meanwhile, a group of 13 Malaysian cyclists was thankful to be out in the open when the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that killed hundreds hit Nepal at 11.56am local time today. The group from the KE7B club, led by prominent duathlon athlete Shahrom Abdullah were out of their hotel in search of amenities when the massive earthquake struck.
The group also includes former national cyclist Hafiz Wong Ah Thiam, Asmaruddin Jamaluddin, Nazahiyah Mohd Hadzir, Ahmad Shahir Noh, Zulkifli Yusof, Muhammad Irwan Yusuf, Nurshaqifah Mohd Haris, Khairil Aslan Ab Rasid, Muhamad Aliff Abdullah, Wong Wai Yein and Harith Muhadzir.
.Read More :

1. All registered Malaysians in Nepal are safe.
2. A group of climbers from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) hiking up Mount Everest were safe, despite an avalanche in the area, and were now at the mountain’s base camp.
3. Cyclists are safe.

UPDATE: At least 1,394 dead after 7.8 magnitude earthquake devastates

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Walking into Ebc was coincidentally filming when the avalanche struck. Our team is safe, waiting for news of others

1m1 minute ago

MÉXICO: Seven Mexicans safe after earthquake in Nepal

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He said when the tremors stopped, he quickly got on his motorcycle and headed to his living quarters five kilometres away from the embassy and was relieved to see his wife Jamiah Salleh, 51, safe.

Malay Mail Online

Malaysian diplomat in Nepal recounts quake ordeal

NEW DELHI, April 25 — A Malaysian diplomat and four local staff at the Malaysian Embassy in Kathmandu spoke of their ordeal in weathering 7.9 magnitude earthquake tremors for two to three minutes.

Mohamad Amin Wagiman, 51, third secretary in charge of Immigration and Consular Services, who faced the ordeal, also confirmed that four other Malaysian employees and their family members were safe.

“I’ve weathered an earthquake two years ago here, but that time it was not as strong as today’s,” he said when contacted by Bernama.

When the temblor struck, he was working at the four-storey embassy building.

“Once the tremors stopped, my local staff and I rushed out of the building to the closest open space.

“Despite being in open space, we can still feel tremors from the aftershock,” he said.

Mohamad Amin also said that there were cracks on the embassy building but was not sure how severe the damage was.

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Saturday April 25, 2015 MYT 10:16:57 PM

Wisma Putra: No Malaysians harmed in Nepal earthquake

PETALING JAYA: No Malaysians were injured or killed by the earthquake that struck central Nepal Saturday morning.

The Foreign Affairs Ministry said its offices in Kathmandu and New Delhi, India called up all Malaysians registered with them and found that they were safe.

A spokesman said that this was based off an initial report, and that the embassy in Kathmandu said aftershocks continued in areas near the capital.

He added that a group of climbers from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) hiking up Mount Everest were safe, despite an avalanche in the area.

He said that they were now at the mountain’s base camp.

“We urge Malaysians in Kathmandu and affected areas to be calm, stay in a safe place and give full cooperation to Nepalese authorities,” he said.


Singaporeans at Everest Base Camp safe

SINGAPORE: Four Singaporeans who are scaling Mount Everest to mark Singapore’s 50th birthday are safe.

Aluminaid Team Singapura Everest 2015 gave this update on its Facebook page on Saturday (Apr 25), following a powerful earthquake which struck Nepal, near the capital Kathmandu.

The team is made up of one woman – Yusrina Yaakob – and three men – Seumas Yeo, Ismail Latiff and Zulkilfie Latiff.

The team said there had been a few aftershocks which triggered some avalanches in the Everest region. The team is at the Everest Base Camp and is contactable over the satellite phone.

: Malaysian Embassy waiting for news on M’sians

Kathmandu, which sits in a valley surrounded by the Himalayas, has a population of 1 million people.

Over 6.6 mil people are in the area affected by . Widespread damage & destruction of infrastructure feared


Death toll from huge quake in Nepal hits 876: police

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At least 688 killed in Nepal earthquake, official says.

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Kathmandu, Nepal (CNN)A 7.8 magnitude earthquake centered less than 50 miles from Kathmandu rocked Nepal with devastating force early Saturday, killing at least 777 people — and probably more — in Nepal’s capital city, authorities said.

Historic buildings in Kathmandu lay in rubble on the ground. The injured were being treated outside hospitals in chaotic scenes. Residents, terrorized by a seemingly endless series of aftershocks, huddled outdoors.

Wisma Putra says unable to contact Malaysian Embassy in

KUALA LUMPUR: Wisma Putra is unable to establish contact with the Malaysian Embassy in Kathmandu, Nepal to check whether any Malaysians have been affected by the earthquake there today.

A spokesamn at Wisma Putra’s operation rooms said the efforts to establish communication with the embassy is ongoing but without any success.

“We will continue with the efforts to establish communication with the embassy in Nepal and report on the latest development,” the spokesperson said when contacted by Bernama here today.

Powerful earthquake hits Nepal

People free a man from the rubble of a destroyed building after an earthquake hit Nepal, in Kathmandu, Nepal. EPA.

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Over 750 killed in massive 7.9-magnitude earthquake in Nepal.

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Earthquake set off avalanches on Mount Everest, where trekkers were attempting an ascent

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