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5 October 2018

KUCHING: Electricity supply to 55 illegal gambling premises has been disconnected as an approach to stop them from operating.

Sarawak Commissioner of Police Datuk Azman Yusof said it is within the law that the police gave orders to Sarawak Energy Berhad (SEB) to disconnect the electricity supply to these premises.

“Despite the actions (raids) of the police on these premises, the operators were still stubborn by using the same premises to conduct their illegal activities,” Azman told a press conference after the closing of the General Operations Force (PGA) basic training course at Pulapol Kuching yesterday.

He added that once electricity to these premises is disconnected, the operators would not be able to power-up their equipment such as computers as well as other electrical appliances in the premises.

“I would also like to express my gratitude to SEB for working together with the police to combat these illegal gambling activities in the state,” he added.


4 October 2018

KOTA KINABALU: An unidentified man was found dead on rocks along the Likas River, underneath Yayasan Sabah bridge, in Likas.

There was no identification found on the victim but police believed the deceased is believed to be in his 40s.

City police chief ACP Habibi Majinji said the discovery was made by a Dewan Bandaraya Kota Kinabalu (DBKK) worker at around 10.30am on October 4.

“Police and forensic were call to the scene and investigation only reveal the victim had sustained face and hand injuries.

“There was no suspecious object found at the scene and forensic conclude that the victim mite had fall to his dead from the bridge,” said Habibi.

The body was taken to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital for an autopsy while a thorough investigation will be carry out to determine the actual cause of death.


3 October 2018

KOTA KINABALU: A driver of a Kia Sportage vehicle manage to escape in a nick of time when his car burst into flame along Jalan Kepayan.

State Fire and Rescue Services Department Public Relation Officer, Superintendent Mohd Affendy Ramin said, 13 firefighters responded to the 7.11pm distress in two fire trucks.

Firefighters manage to control the flame by 7.35pm without any untoward incident reported, he said.

Mohd Affendy added that the driver was not injured and an investigation will be carry out to determine the cause of the fire.


6 October 2017


Gunned down by lone assassin

zrrThe bodies of Lau (left) and Loh at the coffee shop following the shooting.

SIBU: A local businessman and his young associate were gunned down in broad daylight at a coffee shop here yesterday by a lone assassin in what appears to be a contract killing.

The victims have been identified as Lau Ngik Yin, 47, and Loh Lik Siong, 21.

The incident happened at 12.15pm at Jalan Pahlawan when Lau, Loh and a female Chinese national were having lunch at the café – the same premises where Lau’s wife was shot dead in 2012 in one of two previous attempts on the businessman’s life.

A man wearing a red, long-sleeved jacket and a motorcycle helmet is said to have casually approached their table before firing four shots – twice at each victim – before fleeing the scene on a motorcycle parked nearby.

State police commissioner Datuk Amer Awal, who issued a statement following the incident, said Lau and Loh were pronounced dead at the scene.
Lau, widely known as Ah Kang, was previously the target of two shooting incidents in 2012 and 2014.

Although Lau survived both attempts on his life, his wife, Law Leh Kuong, died in the November 2012 incident after she was hit in the back of her head by stray pellets fired from a shotgun.

Law was the elder sister of Law Leh Hing, a businessman who was gunned down in a shooting at Brooke Drive here on Jan 11, 2012.


15 April 2016

UPDATED: Gun Gunshot Case Happened At Sabah This Morning. 2 Sibu Businessman Man Were Killed In Driveby Shooting.
1) Hii Lam King(Male/36yrs Old)
2) Ting Wen Hou(Male/23yrs Old)

更新: 今早八时许于沙巴洲水塘路一辆 “忍者王” 被2名神秘人开枪 造成车内两位詩巫商人中彈死亡。警方证实神秘抢手留下八道开枪痕迹,造成二死一生还。坐在後座的23歲雙胞胎弟弟僥倖沒事逃過一劫。死者車主證實是拿督級商人。‪#‎sibu‬

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Sibu Update 詩巫更新網's photo.
Sibu Update 詩巫更新網's photo.
Sibu Update 詩巫更新網's photo.
Sibu Update 詩巫更新網's photo.

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Lokasi kejadian : Jalan Kolam, Luyang, Kota Kinabalu


KUCHING: Two men in a 4WD were shot dead along Jalan Kolam, Luyang, Kota Kinabalu at around 8am this morning.
According to eyewitness accounts, they were at the Foh Sang traffic lights when two men on a motorcycle drove alongside the Toyota Land Cruiser and fired shots through the driver’s window, killing the driver and passenger.It is believed that one of the victims was Sarawakian.Read more: http://www.theborneopost.com/2016/04/15/two-men-killed-in-driveby-shooting/#ixzz45rTtJ4wZ



15 April 2016 | MYT 9:54 AM

Two shot dead in 4WD in Kota Kinabalu

KOTA KINABALU: Two individuals were believed shot to death in a daring morning attack at the Foh Sang road at about 8am near here Friday.

It is learnt that a motorcyclist had ridden towards the four-wheel drive vehicle and opened fire at the victims who were inside.

Witnesses said the motorcyclist rode off immediately after several gunshots.

Police have yet to make a statement regarding the incident.


Hati² Warga Kota Kinabalu, jangan risau team sudah turun Sabah .


27 January 2016

Borneo Post Online

Sarawak police to reduce housebreaking, theft cases this year

KUCHING: Sarawak Police are to focus on reducing the number of housebreaking and theft cases this year.

This follows the state having recorded 140 of these cases in the first 26 days of this year, up from the 61 cases during the corresponding period last year.

Sarawak CID chief SAC Dev Kumar M. M. Sree Shunmugam said the state recorded 1,278 cases of housebreaking and theft last year, a drop of 244 cases from the number reported in 2014.

Most of the cases occurred in Kuching, Miri, Sibu, Bintulu, Padawan, Kota Samarahan and Sarikei, he said.

23 January 2016


Power restored to most parts of Sarawak – The Star Online

In a press statement issued shortly after 9pm the same night, Sarawak Energy Berhad’s (SEB) Media Relations & Issues Management Division manager Ahadiah Zamhari stated that the Kemena to Selangau 275 kV lines experienced a double circuit trip at 6.38pm, causing a partial outage in the southern part of the state.

The first major blackout of the year hit several areas in Sarawak simultaneously at around 6.30pm today. Read…

KUCHING: A citywide blackout hit Kuching and other parts of Sarawak at approximately 6.30pm today, causing traffic congestion and disrupting routine.

As night began to fall, many eateries in town were observed relying on candlelight as diners sat down to have their dinner.

Roads were also jammed with motorists due to non-functioning traffic lights.

Mobile phone lines were also affected by the blackout, with networks experiencing slowdown during the period.

Power was gradually restored to the city grid about an hour after the outage occurred.

The blackout stretched all the way to Sarikei, Sri Aman, Sibu and Mukah.

No power disruption was reported in Miri and Bintulu.

Blackouts hit Kuching, Sibu and other parts of Sarawak

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KUCHING, Malaysia – Large parts of Sarawak have been plunged into near darkness Saturday evening, with a power outage occurring just after 6.30pm.

All of Kuching and Sibu, which is 500km away, appeared to have lost power simultaneously. Rural areas like Lundu, Bau, Sarikei and others have all reported blackouts.

There are no reports of power disruptions in Miri, located in northern Sarawak.

The last time a Kuching to Sibu blackout occurred was last November. That incident occurred around noon lasting until late afternoon.

Sarawak Energy Bhd, which is the state own power company, has yet to comment on the incident.

– See more at: http://news.asiaone.com/news/malaysia/blackouts-hit-kuching-sibu-and-other-parts-sarawak#sthash.wkytSmzX.1GceyV73.dpuf

The whole Sarawak blackout so we candlelight dinner at Bibik 😂😂

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20 January 2016

Chaos in Kota Kinabalu as suspected robbery attempt leads to horrific road accident

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A suspected robbery attempt resulted in a road accident near a shopping centre in Kota Kinabalu this morning (Jan 20) at around 6.40am.

In a WhatsApp message to Stomp, Stomper Eric said that a man holding a knife followed a woman into her car as she was entering the vehicle.

He believes that they began fighting inside the car as it was moving on the road.

The car then crashed into a pickup truck in front of Suria Mall.

The woman fainted and was sent to hospital. No one dared to chase her suspected knife-wielding assailant as he walked away from the scene.



Kota Kinabalu, 20 Jan – Polis sedang mengesan dua lelaki yang dipercayai terlibat dalam insiden cubaan merompak dan kemalangan jalan raya di sini pagi tadi.

Ketua Polis Bandaraya Kota Kinabalu, ACP M. Chandra berkata lelaki berkenaan yang berkulit gelap dan berumur antara lewat 20-an dan awal 30-an, telah cuba merompak seorang wanita di belakang sebuah bank di Jalan Gaya di sini kira-kira pukul 6.45 pagi.

“Bagaimanapun, satu pergelutan berlaku menyebabkan wanita berumur 27 tahun itu terheret masuk ke dalam kereta Proton Iriz yang dinaiki suspek,” katanya.

“Semasa pengadu (wanita) melalui belakang Bank CIMB, seorang lelaki keluar dari sebuah kereta berhampiran dan telah menarik beg pengadu yang tidak dilepaskannya.

“Ini menyebabkan pengadu telah terheret masuk ke dalam kereta suspek. Suspek telah memandu kereta tersebut bersama pengadu,” katanya dalam kenyataan di sini hari ini.

Chandra berkata, semasa dalam kereta, salah seorang suspek cuba mendapatkan beg tangan pengadu, tetapi terpelanting keluar kereta ketika pengadu meronta-ronta melepaskan diri dari dalam kereta itu.

“Pengadu telah menjerit dan meronta-ronta yang menganggu pemanduan suspek menyebabkan kereta yang dipandu masuk laluan bertentangan dan melanggar sebuah kereta (kenderaan) jenis (Toyota) Hilux warna hitam,” katanya.

Beliau berkata, wanita itu berjaya melepaskan diri dan membuat laporan polis, manakala dua suspek berkenaan melarikan diri dan meninggalkan kereta terbabit di tempat kemalangan.

Chandra juga berkata, polis mendapati kereta berwarna kelabu itu dilaporkan hilang pada 14 Jan lepas dan menggunakan nombor pendaftaran palsu ketika kejadian.

Beliau berkata wanita itu pula hanya mengalami kecederaan ringan iaitu kesan calar pada kaki kanannya.


13 January 2016

Man survives 50m plunge into ravine with BMW

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PAPAR: A businessman who went missing after his car plunged 50 metres into a ravine was found alive off the Kimanis-Keningau road at about 7am.

His employee found him slumped in some thick bushes during a search operation led by the Fire and Rescue Department after a report was lodged late last night.

District Fire and Rescue Department chief Dunstan Peter said the 56-year-old victim, identified as Lim Tang Chai, was conscious but in shock after spending a cold night in the area which is part of the Crocker Range.

“He has been sent for treatment at the Keningau Hospital,” Dunstan said, adding that investigations will continue to find out what had happened.

Read More : http://www.nst.com.my/news/2016/01/121884/man-survives-50m-plunge-ravine-bmw

11 January 2016

Pub owner shot dead, China girlfriend wounded in gunfight…

Three detained over probe into Sibu businessman’s fatal shooting

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SIBU: Police have detained three men to facilitate their investigation into the murder of a businessman, who was shot dead last night.
The three suspects, all in their 30s, were picked up by a team from the Sibu district Criminal Investigation Department (CID) at 2.30am today.

January 11, 2016 in The Borneo Post today:

• 1 dead, another injured in gunfight; Man gunned down, companion injured, victim’s bodyguards return fire possibly wounding two of the assailants

BorneoPost Online's photo.




[METROTV] Dibedil ketika makan malam. Selanjutnya di

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10 January 2016 | MYT 9:14 AM

Businessman shot to death, girlfriend injured after supper in Sibu

SIBU: A businessman died after being shot at close range by an unidentified gunman from a four-wheel drive while his girlfriend was injured during the incident.

According to police, Ting Meng Min and his Chinese national girlfriend identified as Xiao Fen were having their supper with four people at a coffeeshop at Jalan Lanang, and were about to leave when the vehicle pulled over.

A man alighted from the vehicle and fired several shots which hit Ting and his girlfriend at 11pm Saturday.

Ting, in his 30s, died on the way to a private medical centre from a shot in his back. His girlfriend, who was hit on her arm, was reported to be in stable condition.



1 January 2o16

4 robbery suspects shot dead in Bintulu

46m46 minutes ago

Polis Tembak Mati 4 Penjenayah Dalam Usaha Mempertahankan Diri Di

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4 robbery suspects shot dead in Bintulu
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By ADIB POVERA – 1 January 2016 @ 10:59 AM

BINTULU: Police shot dead four men believed to be responsible for a spate of three armed robbery cases in the division hear early today.
Three teams from the Sarawak Criminal Investigation Division were conducting crime prevention rounds in the city when they spotted the suspects, in their 30s and 40s, acting suspiciously inside a car at Jalan Tun Hussein Onn here at about 1am.
The suspects sped off in their white-coloured Toyota Vios towards Miri after realising the presence of the police. Sarawak Police Commissioner Datuk Seri Muhammad Sabtu Osman said a car chase ensued between the police and the suspects until an oil palm plantation at Ladang Maskat near here before the latter’s car veered off road and crashed onto a road shoulder.
“Several shots, believed to be from a shotgun, were heard coming from the car when police approached the vehicle. Our men took cover and returned fire at the vehicle.

“Two men were then seen rushing out of the car and ran into the oil palm plantation.

“As the police were about to apprehend the duo, the suspects turned around and rushed at the police team. One of them was swinging a parang while the other was armed with a sickle. The police team shot in self-defence at the two,” said Sabtu.

The other suspect was slumped in the driver’s seat of the car while the fourth member of the gang was found in the passenger side with a sawn off shotgun beside his body.

Read More : http://www.nst.com.my/news/2016/01/119986/4-robbery-suspects-shot-dead-bintulu

14 December 2015

He attacked police with a knife and a machete but they shot him. In the bum. He won’t be sitting on his bum for quite a while.


Amukan bawa padah. Selanjutnya di

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Borneo Post Online

Police shoot man in buttock to subdue him


KUCHING: A 43-year-old man, who was believed to be under the influence of drugs, was shot by police amidst a frenzied situation at his residence at Kpg Keluru, Bekenu near Miri on Friday.Head of state Criminal Investigation Department (CID) SAC Dev Kumar said the incident happened at about 11pm when the man’s 64-year-old mother noticed her son’s strange behaviour at their home.

“He appeared to be hallucinating and talking to himself while holding a knife. Fearing for their safety, the family members ran out of the house and the Bekenu police were notified.

“The OCS (officer in-charge of police station) Bekenu tried to calm the man down and coax him into surrendering but the man refused. Instead, he threatened to burn down the house and kill himself. The tense situation went unresolved until the following day,” he said in a press statement yesterday.

“The police team broke in through the front door. The man then ran into a bedroom and locked himself inside. The village chief was called to coax the man out and this attempt too failed.”

Sensing that the man was turning more aggressive and the situation was going out of control, he said a tear gas canister was thrown into the room to flush the man out.

The man was then seen rushing out of the room with both hands holding a knife and a machete, trying to attack the police team, he added.

One of the police officers then shot the man on his right buttock, he said.

Despite being shot, Dev said the man still put up a struggle while being apprehended.

As a result, one of the policemen sustained injuries to his right hand from the machete held by the man, he said.

18 November 2015

Woman slashed on the head in robbery

November 18, 2015, Wednesday

MIRI: A 19-year-old woman sustained injuries to her head after she was attacked by three unknown men in a robbery in Senadin here on Monday.

In the 7.30pm incident, the victim was walking home from her workplace when the three suspects on two motorcycles stopped her.

One of the suspects was said to have demanded the victim to hand over all her belongings to them, but the victim refused leading to one of the robbers slashing her head with a machete.

They managed to rob the victim of her handphones and several other valuable items before fleeing the scene.

12 November 2015

They met through Facebook, had a date, had sex, and his mother paid her parents RM10,000. In 5 instalments.


Thursday November 12, 2015 MYT 7:02:30 AM

One-night stand a costly affair

SIBU: A one-night stand with a girl he had just met on Facebook ended up with her parents demanding a RM10,000 compensation from him.

The young man, who has no steady job, got to know the 18-year-old on Monday through Facebook.

They subsequently met for a three-hour date which ended at 2am yesterday.

She then sneaked out from her house at 2.30am to meet him for a second time. He took her to his home where they had sex.

After they were done, he dropped her near her house and she walked home.

Her parents were waiting for her at the gate and the man fled upon seeing them

It so happened that a police MPV passed by the area at the time and the girl’s parents lodged a complaint.

Eventually, the families of both sides ended up at the police station. It is believed that the girlfriend gave the man a slap there.

His 48-year-old mother agreed to the RM10,000 sum but requested for payment by instalments as she did not have enough money.

An “agreement letter” was later drafted in the police station.


17 October 2015

10h10 hours ago

KUCHING – Sindiket penipuan bomoh warga China kembali aktif.

Translated from Malay by

Kuching-scam-man Chinese citizens back active.

KUCHING – Sindiket penipuan bomoh membabitkan warga China kembali aktif di Sarawak apabila dua kes dilaporkan berlaku di Kuching dan Padawan membabitkan kerugian sebanyak RM45,000 bulan ini.

Ketua Jabatan Siasatan Jenayah Komersil Sarawak, Superintendan Yow Kok Khiang berkata, daripada maklumat diperolehi, kes terbaharu itu melibatkan tiga suspek perempuan dan seorang lelaki warga China berusia dalam lingkungan 40-an.

Kok Khiang berkata, modus operandi sindiket itu ialah anggota sindiket berkenaan akan mencari mangsa yang terdiri daripada kaum wanita berbangsa Cina berumur 45 hingga 70 tahun di pasar-pasar basah sekitar bandar raya Kuching dan Padawan.

“Sehubungan itu, orang ramai dinasihatkan agar sentiasa berwaspada terutamanya jika didatangi perempuan atau lelaki warga China yang bertanyakan mengenai bomoh dan berkata anda atau anggota keluarga anda sedang diganggu oleh hantu atau roh jahat,” katanya.

Google translation

Kuching – Healer scam involving Chinese nationals is active in the state, with two cases reported, in Kuching and Padawan, involving a loss of $ 45,000 this month.

Chairman of Sarawak Commercial Crime Investigation Department, Superintendent Yow Kok Khiang said of the information obtained, the recent case involved three female suspects and a Chinese man in his 40’s.

The syndicate members will look for victims who are ethnic Chinese women aged 45 to 70 years in wet markets around the city of Kuching and Padawan.

“Members of the public are advised to remain vigilant, especially if approached by a female or male citizen of China who ask about the healer and said that you or a member of your family is being harassed by ghosts or evil spirits,” he said.


12 August 2015


KOTA KINABALU: Three people, allegedly involved in robbing a shop assistant at gunpoint in Lahad Datu, were arrested some four hours after the alleged incident.

Difahamkan Berlaku Rompakan Bersenjata Di Bandar Tabanak Lahad Datu Tengahari Tadi. PDRM Berjaya Kesan Suspek Dan Menahan Suspek Di KM15 Jalan Kunak.





Wednesday August 12, 2015 MYT 8:07:59 PM

Trio nabbed four hours after robbery


KOTA KINABALU: Three people, allegedly involved in robbing a shop assistant at gunpoint in Lahad Datu, were arrested some four hours after the alleged incident.

It is understood that two men had gone to a shop selling clothes at Bandar Tabanak at about 10.45am on Tuesday when one of them pointed a pistol at a female shop assistant.

The duo then fled after snatching the shop assistant’s handbag which contained a handphone among other things.

Lahad Datu district police chief Assist Comm Hamzah Ahmad said the that two men and a woman were nabbed at about 2.30pm after the victim had lodged a report.

“With information from the public and assistance from the Kunak police, we managed to arrest three suspects aged between 24 and 30,” he said at a press conference here.



Lahad Datu police bust armed robbery gang

LAHAD DATU: The police busted an armed robbery gang about four hours after they robbed a premises selling clothes in Bandar Tabanak, yesterday.

Lahad Datu district police chief ACP Hamzah Ahmad said the group, which comprised two men and woman aged between 24 and 30 were arrested at 2.30pm in the ‘Ops Tutup’ operation at Jalan Kunak.

“With quick action and information from the public, (and) through the assistance of policemen from the Kunak district police headquarters, (we) arrested the suspects at the location, and confiscated some stolen items,” he told a press conference at the Lahad Datu district police headquarters here today.

Hamzah said in the 10.45am incident yesterday, an employee at the premises was approached by two men and one of them pointed a pistol towards the victim and took a handbag including the victim’s mobile phone, before fleeing the scene.

“Following the incident, the victim filed a report and due to the quick action of providing information, police managed to track down and arrest three suspects at the location concerned.

“The police recovered all the items that were robbed by them and also seized a Pietro Beretta pistol along with an empty bullet magazine,” he said.


Miri MP and PKR chief Dr Michael Teo was assaulted by an unknown assailant outside his clinic at about 8.15am this morning


Friday May 15, 2015 MYT 10:23:15 AM

Miri MP clubbed outside his clinic

zaDr Michael Teo sitting on the ground nursing his shoulder after he was attacked.

MIRI: Miri MP Dr Michael Teo Yu Keng was assaulted outside his clinic at about 8.30 am Friday morning resulting in him sustaining injuries to his shoulders.

Dr Teo, who is Miri PKR chairman, was said to be walking to his clinic from the parking lot when he was attacked by a lone assailant.

His clinic is located in the Miri city centre not far from Mega Hotel.

Witnesses said his assailant alighted from a car wearing a helmet and hit Dr Teo with what something resembling a baseball bat before driving away.


Borneo Post Online

Explosion rocks apartment block in Sibu Jaya

Posted on April 11, 2015, Saturday

SIBU: Residents of a four-storey apartment block in Sibu Jaya received a shock this morning when an explosion caused part of the ground floor and first floor to collapse.

Seven people were injured in the explosion which is believed to have originated from the first floor of Block E at 2.30am.


Explosion rocks apartment block in Sibu Jaya

5m5 minutes ago Kuala Lumpur Federal Territory, Malaysia

tong gas dalam rumah yg dijadikan kedai runcit di tingkat bawah rumah pangsa itu punca letupan: JBPM

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Saturday April 11, 2015 MYT 11:44:52 AM

Eleven injured in Sibu flat explosion


SIBU:  Eleven people were injured in an explosion at a Sibu Jaya township medium-cost flat they were staying in here, at 2.48am Saturday.

All the injured, who included three men and eight women, were admitted to the Sibu General Hospital.

The Fire and Rescue Department is trying to determine the cause of the explosion.



Fire at the Timberland Medical Centre, Kuching..

59 pesakit bjya dpindahkn smasa Kebakaran Wad Hsptl Swasta di Tmn Timberland Batu 3, Kuching, Sarawak 8.50 mlm td

Sarawak News

February 05, 2015 23:56 PM

Quick Action By Firemen To Put Out Fire

KUCHING, Feb 5 (Bernama) – Swift action by the Batu Lintang and Tabuan Jaya Fire Station personnel succeeded in bringing the fire at a private hospital, Hospital Timberland under control in Jalan Rock, here.

A spokesman of the fire station said the fire which occurred at about 8.45pm tonight had damaged part of the ward at the Soo Brain and Nerve Neurology Specialist Clinic located on the first floor of the hospital.

No injury or fatality was reported.

He said that eight firemen had rushed to the location of the fire and succeeded in bringing the blaze under control at 9.14pm while it was fully put out at 9.25pm.

He said 59 people who were in the hospital then were successfully evacuated.

The spokesman said the fire was believed to have been caused by the electrical wiring system of the hospital.



59 pesakit bjya dpindahkn smasa Kebakaran Wad Hsptl Swasta di Tmn Timberland Batu 3, Kuching, Sarawak 8.50 mlm td

Fire gutted brain and nerve clinic of private hospital

KUCHING: More than 50 patients of a private hospital here were in shocked after fire gutted a neurology specialist clinic at the premise in Jalan Rock here tonight.

No injuries were reported as the clinic, located on the first floor of the hospital, was close when the fire broke out at 8.49pm.

Batu Lintang Fire and Rescue Department deployed eight man in one engine to the scene upon receiving a distress call over the incident.

Kuching Zone Fire and Rescue station chief Tiong Ling Hii said preliminary investigation showed that the fire might have been triggered by short circuit.

“Only 10 per cent of the clinic was razed by the fire,” he said.


Police believe that the train went off track because someone had switched the track line and forgot to put it back on!


Monday February 2, 2015 MYT 1:15:09 PM

Kota Kinabalu-bound train hits excavator after derailing


KOTA KINABALU: A change of tracks nearly caused 130 people their lives as the train they were travelling in derailed and hit an excavator early Monday.

The train from Beaufort was heading to the Tanjung Aru train station when the accident happened at about 5.30am.

Following the mishap, passengers took a bus to continue their journey.

The excavator is believed to have been “parked” by the side of the track by a contractor in charge of repairing damaged rails following last month’s floods.


Beaufort-KK train skids, one railway carriage derailed

One of the three railway carriages of a train travelling to Kota Kinabalu from Beaufort skidded after its front rail derailed from the main track.

Sabah Railway Department general manager Melvin V Majanga said the incident occurred at Km 69.6, Kampung Bandau in Membakut about 45 minutes after the train started its journey from Beaufort district station at 5am.

It was scheduled to arrive in Tanjung Aru station, Kota Kinabalu at 7am.


Borneo Post Online

Businessman robbed, murdered

by Gary Adit, reporters@theborneopost.com. Posted on February 1, 2015, Sunday

KUCHING: A businessman was robbed and murdered by drunk and drug-addict workers who forced their way into his house at Mile 13 Jalan Matang to attack him with a machete.

In the incident which occurred around 9.15pm on Friday, Hii Nek Kah, 68, was set upon by four men and a woman hired as daily-paid labourers to renovate his house.

Hii and a male friend he had  invited to stay over were in separate rooms when the house’s alarm system went off.

Hii opened the kitchen door to find out what had triggered the alarm but was pounced on by the workers who attacked him with a machete and wooden club when he put up a fight.

His friend peered out from his bedroom to witness the incident, shutting the door quickly before pushing a large table against it to prevent the workers going after him.

He then forced open a grilled window and escaped from the house while calling Hii’s son to inform him what had happened.

Police personnel rushed to the scene after being notified by the son, and arrived to find Hii lying on the living room floor with head injuries. He was already dead.

The suspects were nowhere to be seen as they had fled in a Toyota Prado belonging to Hii’s son along with several thousand ringgit the deceased had withdrawn earlier in the day.

However, their freedom proved to be short-lived when the vehicle was stopped at Main Bazaar by a team led by the Central Police Station officer-in-charge ASP Ricky Poh around 11pm.

Businessman robbed, murdered


SIBU: Two shopping centres in the division have become a target of harassment by a group of criminals, which had went around town firing gunshots, on Thursday night.

Both of the attacks were believed to have taken place when the shopping centres were closed, between 11pm and 12am.

The suspects, believed to be armed with pump guns, had initiated their first attack on one of the shops at Wisma Sanyan shopping centre in Jalan Causeway at 11am.

Based on a report lodged by the security guard of the shop at 1.15pm yesterday, three bullet holes were found on the wall of the outlet apart from broken glasses on the floor.

Sibu district police chief Assistant Commissioner Kamal Kordi said the second attack took place at one of the shops at a shopping centre in Jalan Kampung Nyabor.

Similar to the first attack, Kamal said four bullet casings found on the floor of second premise.


Husband runs amok injuring disabled wife

Husband runs amok injuring disabled wife

Posted on January 29, 2015, Thursday

Medical personnel from Miri Hospital check on the victim in the ambulance.

MIRI: A disabled woman in her 60s was scaled on the shoulder after her husband ran amok and splashed hot water on her on Tuesday.

In the incident around 7pm, the husband ran amok in their house at a Pujut Corner squatter area and verbally abused her.

The suspect also tried to punch a relative who was at the scene but hit a window instead, injuring his hands.

Neighbours who witnessed the incident were too scared to get involved, but did contact the police and a mobile patrol vehicle team went to the scene.

However, the suspect fled when he heard police were on their way.

Husband runs amok injuring disabled wife

Borneo Post Online

Brunei 4WD nearly swept away at Batu Danau

Posted on January 24, 2015, Saturday

MIRI: A Brunei-registered four-wheel drive (4WD) vehicle was nearly swept away by strong currents when the driver risked crossing a flooded stretch of Pan Borneo Road at Batu Danau in Limbang yesterday.

The over-eager driver and passengers managed to escape from the grave situation, and a lorry trailer and a shovel tractor had to be roped in to tow the vehicle out of the raging waters yesterday morning.

The vehicle was border-bound when the incident unfolded as the driver misjudged the road alignment and drove into the deeper roadside, smack into the danger of being swept away in the 9am incident. The vehicle was following the one sending Second Resource Planning and Environment Minister Datuk Amar Awang Tengah Ali Hasan, Bukit Kota assemblyman Dr Abdul Rahman Ismail and Limbang Resident Maria Hasman to a flood relief centre at Kampung Bidang.

Brunei 4WD nearly swept away at Batu Danau

Borneo Post Online

IT’S A 3-in-1 IN MIRI!

This Toyota Hilux hit a Perodua Myvi, and overturned. It next hit a motorcyclist.

The accident occurred when the Perodua Myvi was about to come out of Pujut 2B junction heading towards Pujut 3B, while the Toyota Hilux from Jalan Pujut 3 was heading towards Pujut-Miri Road. The motorcyclist from Pujut-Miri Road was heading towards Jalan Pujut 3.

The Hilux allegedly rammed the Perodua Myvi before turning turtle and knocking the oncoming motorcycle.

Two persons in the Hilux together with the motorcyclist were injured in the accident and they were taken to Miri Hospital, while the driver of the Myvi was not hurt.

Pedestrian injured after hit by two vehicles

Borneo Post Online

Man caught, accomplice escapes in snatch theft incident

Posted on January 7, 2015, Wednesday

A policeman taking possession of the suspects’ motorcycle.

KUCHING: A man was caught by members of the public while another escaped during a snatch theft incident at the Jalan Song Kheng Hai Hawker Centre yesterday.

He tried to grab the mobile phone left on a table by a man but failed, so he grabbed a female customer’s bag at the next table. As he was running down the stairs to the road, where a male accomplice was waiting on a scooter, several customers pursued him.  Both robbers sped off but  crashed into a car. One was caught but the other ran off.

Man caught, accomplice escapes in snatch theft incident

Borneo Post

Woman finds hissing King Cobra under her hood

Posted on January 3, 2015, Saturday

MIRI: A woman in her 20’s was about to start her car when she heard a strange noise from the engine compartment.

Upon inspecting, she was stunned to see a King Cobra coiled under the hood. She called the fire and rescue services here for help around 8.45am on Thursday.

Three firemen from Lopeng dashed to the scene and they caught the reptile.

Woman finds hissing King Cobra under her hood


Friday December 19, 2014 MYT 2:14:09 PM

Shoot us, suspects challenge police during inspection

KOTA KINABALU: Two suspected criminals challenged the police to shoot them after they were stopped for inspection in Luyang.

Policemen on patrol had noticed a car with the men inside behaving suspiciously at the Tun Fuad Stephens Park early Thursday.

City police chief Asst Comm M Chandran said the men tried to hide their faces when confronted and even shouted tembaklah kalau berani (shoot is you dare).

As the suspects tried to drive away, they knocked into several cars and the policemen’s motorcycle.

“Police had no choice but to fire four shots at the tyres of the car to try and stop the suspects from escaping. But they managed to flee,” ACP Chandran said.

Police are on the hunt for the duo, one of whom was identified as Samri Samsul, 28, an ex-convict and a wanted criminal for car break-in cases around Luyang.

“Samri is out on bail pending trials of a break-in and narcotics cases,” ACP Chandran said.



Borneo Post Online

Couple stumbles upon body at Kota Sentosa bazaar

by Gary Adit, reporters@theborneopost.com. Posted on December 19, 2014, Friday

No identification documents were found on the deceased, who is believed to be a local based on a vaccination scar on her arm.

Sources, meanwhile, disclosed that no physical injuries were found on the body, which had tattoos on both upper arms as well as on her buttocks.

Couple stumbles upon body at Kota Sentosa bazaar

Borneo Post Online

Woman’s body discovered behind Mile 7 shoplot

Posted on December 18, 2014, Thursday

KUCHING: A couple made a grisly find when they discovered a woman’s body wrapped in a pink blanket behind a shoplot at Penrissen Road, Mile 7 at 6am this morning on their way to breakfast.


The body was discovered this morning wrapped in a pink blanket.

Police who arrived on the scene said that there were no identification documents to verify the identity of the deceased. A vaccination mark indicates a high probability that the deceased was a Malaysian citizen.

Woman’s body discovered behind Mile 7 shoplot

Borneo Post Online

Stolen car found – minus wheels and accessories

Posted on December 13, 2014, Saturday

KUCHING: A suspected stolen car was found by residents, minus its wheels and accessories, at an open clearing at JalanDogan here yesterday morning.

A group of residents made the find around 8am when they went to the clearing to check after they heard several dogs barking loudly earlier in the morning.

Stolen car found – minus wheels and accessories

Borneo Post Online

Family terrified as house slides off foundation

by Margaret Ringgit, reporters@theborneopost.com. Posted on December 7, 2014, Sunday


Photo shows the two motorcycles crushed underneath the house

MIRI: A family of nine in Kampung Pusil, Bakam were left terrified on Friday when their wooden house on stilts slid off its foundation during windy weather.

Two motorcycles belonging to the family, which were parked under the house, ended up crushed along with other belongings.

Homeowner Noraini Madili, 46, was asleep in her room with her two younger daughters aged five and 10 months, when the incident occurred around 9pm.

“I heard my son’s voice from outside the room saying loudly that our house was collapsing,” she told thesundaypost at the scene.

“I asked my six other children to run out of the house, when I felt that the house seemed to be moving slowing.”

No one was injured as the family members managed to evacuate from the house.

Family terrified as house slides off foundation


Tuesday December 2, 2014 MYT 7:45:44 AM

Plantation worker follows tyre tracks to tragic find in river

Deadly plunge: The fire and rescue team at the scene of the accident.

Deadly plunge: The fire and rescue team at the scene of the accident.

KOTA KINABALU: A plantation worker who followed tyre marks to a river off the Beluran road had his curiosity answered — a sports car had veered off the road and plunged into the waters.

The driver, Clifford Nicholas, 34, was found dead at the scene, probably drowned after his Nissan Skyline plunged into the river.

Clifford was driving home after a family gathering in Beluran district when his car skidded off the road and plummeted into the river at around 4.30am on Sunday.

Beluran district police chief Supt Sivanathan Velautham said authorities believed that he had gotten trapped in his car and drowned.





Monday November 17, 2014 MYT 2:09:20 PM

China dolls, Thai nationals arrested in Miri in mobile sex ring bust

MIRI: Bukit Aman police have arrested several individuals over their involvement in a “mobile” prostitution ring.

Raids late Sunday night saw the arrest of six female Chinese nationals and two Thai women, as well as a number of employees of a massage centre here.

Sources told The Star Online that the ring used massage centres as fronts for sex services.

It is understood that the ring operates a “mobile” service, which travels from one urban centre to another throughout Sarawak.

Another raid carried out over the weekend saw eight Chinese women detained.

The China nationals have claimed they were forced into prostitution after being hired by massage centres to work as masseuses.


Borneo Post Online

10 get stern warning from police during downtown raid

Posted on November 17, 2014, Monday

SIBU: Ten people, including five women, were given stern warning by police following an anti-vice operation that ran into the wee hours of yesterday.

Around 10pm on Saturday, members of Sibu police and Islamic Religious Affairs Department (Jais) raided premises around Kutien Garden, Pulau Lihua, the stadium near Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce and a hotel here.

They questioned some people and issued stern warning to 10 individuals.

10 get stern warning from police during downtown raid

SIBU: ARSON! Believed to be the act of loan sharks.

Laman depan

Bakar sebab hutang?


ANGKARA KHIANAT?: Anggota bomba semasa memadamkan kebakaran yang nyaris meragut nyawa mangsa dan anaknya, awal pagi semalam.

SIBU: Ketangkasan seorang ibu muda mengendong anak lelakinya yang baharu berusia setahun tujuh bulan memanjat beranda tingkat atas rumah jiran sebelah menyelamatkan mereka daripada rentung dalam kebakaran sebuah rumah dua tingkat di Rejang Park di sini, awal pagi semalam.

Kebakaran itu dikatakan berpunca daripada perbuatan khianat individu yang melontar bunga api ke rumah mangsa dipercayai akibat masalah hutang.

Kebakaran itu memusnahkan sebuah kereta yang diparkir di tempat letak kereta dan tingkat bawah rumah terbabit, manakala sebahagian bumbung parkir kereta tersebut turut runtuh.




兇徒先把裝有燃油的玻璃瓶丟到車房堆放雜物的一角,不久又折返在同一位置拋入相信是梨花彈的爆竹,火勢迅速蔓延… http://bit.ly/1x4mSzz


Killer Airbags: Does your car have one?


According to local police, Law, who was wearing a seat belt, was hit in the neck by a single fragment of metal, nearly 2.5 centimetres in diameter, from the air bag that tore apart in the collision. The post mortem report showed she died from a “severe puncture wound on the neck”.

Honda air bag victim was in final week of pregnancy: The death of a heavily pregnant Malaysian woman in a car …

Malaysian Insider

Honda air bag victim was in final week of pregnancy

The death of a heavily pregnant Malaysian woman in a car crash in Sibu, Sarawak, opens a new front in a widening US investigation into defective air bags that has triggered one of the biggest safety recalls in automotive history.

Law Suk Leh, 43, was driving her 11-year-old Honda City car in twilight on Sunday, July 27 when it collided with another vehicle making a turn across her lane at an intersection in a quiet industrial zone on the outskirts of Sibu, a town in the Malaysian-ruled northwest of Borneo.

According to local police, Law, who was wearing a seat belt, was hit in the neck by a single fragment of metal, nearly 2.5 centimetres in diameter, from the air bag that tore apart in the collision. The post mortem report showed she died from a “severe puncture wound on the neck”.

Law and her 41-year-old Filipino husband were visiting family in Sibu ahead of the Hari Raya public holidays. They had driven down from the nearby sultanate of Brunei where they lived and worked.

The 21-year-old driver of the other vehicle involved in the collision told Reuters he was taking family and friends to a local night market. He said an ambulance was called after the crash, but a pick-up truck driver offered to drive Law to the hospital.

“Me and the woman’s husband carried her to the back of the pick-up. She had a hole in her throat and was bleeding badly. Her husband had a cloth covering her throat, trying to control the bleeding,” he said.

“She was still alive, but couldn’t speak.”

Law was later transferred to an ambulance, but was pronounced dead en route to hospital, where a baby daughter was delivered alive, but died two days later, police said. Law’s nephew, Law Ee Liang, said his aunt had just a week left of her pregnancy. Other members of Law’s family declined to discuss the incident. Law also had a seven-year-old son, who possibly lives with his grandparents in Sibu, police said.


Borneo Post Online

Armed intruder takes phone, handbag from woman in house

Posted on November 15, 2014, Saturday

KUCHING: A woman had her handbag and mobile phone taken by an armed intruder after confronting her at her brother-in-law’s house at Demak Laut.

The 35-year-old was in the kitchen around 10am on Wednesday when a man, who had his face covered with a T-shirt, ran inside and pointed a machete at her while ordering her not to make any noise.

Terrified, she stood quietly and watched as the intruder grabbed her mobile phone and handbag, placed on the kitchen table, and escaped by climbing over the back gate.

Despite her fears, she briefly chased after the robber, flung a small chair at him, which struck him on the back, but could not prevent him from escaping. A police report of the incident has been lodged.

Armed intruder takes phone, handbag from woman in house

According to sources, the women could only walk free if each would pay RM85,000 to their fellow countrywoman, who confined them.

Borneo Post Online

Eight female China nationals rescued by Bukit Aman police

by Philip Kiew, reporters@theborneopost.com. Posted on November 14, 2014, Friday

MIRI: A team from Bukit Aman police rescued eight female China nationals in a suspected human trafficking case following a sneak report by one of the victims early this month.

In the operation yesterday, the team raided a room at Jalan North Yu Seng at about 4pm, where they found the victims aged between 21 and 27.

The women claimed that they were held against their will for between eight months and a
year in a room by a fellow countrywoman married to a local, who was also arrested during the raid together with a middleman and a customer.

Eight female China nationals rescued by Bukit Aman police

Borneo Post Online

Public apprehend armed robber

by Gary Adit, reporters@theborneopost.com. Posted on November 13, 2014, Thursday

KUCHING: An armed robber was apprehended and handed over to the police by members of the public after he snatched a gold necklace at Pisang Road West yesterday.


A policeman arrives at the scene to take custody of the suspect.

The incident occurred around 11.30am, when two men on a motorcycle apparently trailed the victim, a 53-year-old trader, back to his house and waited outside as he parked his car in the porch.

Sources said the pillion rider rushed into the car porch and confronted the trader as he got out of his vehicle by pointing a machete at him before snatching his gold necklace.

A struggle ensued between the pair, during which the trader shouted for help, prompting his family members and several neighbours to rush to his assistance and surround the culprit.

The accomplice, who was waiting on his motorcycle, sped off at that point but was very nearly foiled in his escape by Kota Sentosa assemblyman Chong Chieng Jen’s special assistants, Mordi Bimol and Abdul Aziz Isa, who were passing the area on their way to the State Legislative Assembly.

Public apprehend armed robber




Borneo Post Online

Robber caught red-handed after preying on two bikers

Posted on November 10, 2014, Monday

The suspect being investigated at Simpang Tiga.

KUCHING: A man was caught red-handed by police when he and an accomplice attempted to rob two siblings of their motorcycle at Jalan Setia Raja on Sunday night.

The siblings, a sister and her brother, were riding back to their rented house at Tabuan Jaya when the incident struck.

According to witnesses, the suspect and another person had trailed their prey on another motorbike.

Upon reaching a road in front of the Stutong wet market, they signalled to the victims to pull over by the road side.

The pillion rider got down and aggressively told the siblings to get off their bike.

Luckily, they were spotted by a team of police patrollers, who swiftly took the suspect into custody.

His accomplice, however, managed to escape.

Robber caught red-handed after preying on two bikers

Borneo Post Online

Fireman exposes ‘police officers’

by Wilson Kong, reporters@theborneopost.com. Posted on November 7, 2014, Friday

SIBU: A fireman has exposed the illicit dealings of three men suspected to be impersonating police officers. Police arrested the trio at a coffee shop in Sibu Jaya around 6.30am on Wednesday, and they were placed under a seven-day remand order yesterday.

The fireman lodged a police report against them following an encounter on Monday. He told police the trio – one of whom had a police vest on – stopped him at Mile 7.5 Oya Road around 10am purportedly to check him.

Policemen escort the three suspects to the police station.

Meanwhile, police have launched a manhunt for a jobless man calling himself Inspector Raymond as he is believed to be leader of the three suspects. He has been identified as Linga Uobek, 24, from Rumah Ujih, Teku Pasai, a former People’s Volunteer Corps (Rela) member.

Photo shows Linga Uobek who is wanted by the police.


Borneo Post Online

Hawker foils would-be robbers trying to break into neighbour’s house

Posted on November 5, 2014, Wednesday

KUCHING: A laksa seller’s shout drove away two thieves trying to break into her neighbour’s home in Kenyalang Park early Sunday morning.

The neighbour, Chew said the hawker told him that she spotted two figures clad in black outfit trying to force open the main gate of his house around 3am.

“My neighbour wakes up around 3am everyday to prepare for her laksa business. Her kitchen faces my house’s main entrance so she noticed the two persons trying to force open the gate.

Borneo Post Online

Claim public have to fight crime themselves angers police chief

Posted on November 5, 2014, Wednesday

KUCHING: District police chief ACP Roslan Bek Ahmad strongly refuted an opposition assemblyman’s claim that the public have been left to fend for themselves against criminals.

Addressing the media in a press conference following a monthly parade at district police headquarters here yesterday, a visibly annoyed Roslan called the statement issued by Padungan state assemblyman Wong King Wei “inaccurate and grossly unfair”.

“The statement made by the ADUN was devoid of facts and proper research, and based merely on assumptions.

“In my opinion, it is a very misleading and dangerous statement to make as it can sow public hatred towards the police,” he said of Wong’s claim which appeared in a local Malay daily on Monday.

He added the Padungan rep had insinuated that the police had passed the buck in fighting crime to the public , when in fact his men were working day and night to ensure the safety of the people.

Roslan also called the statement ‘shallow’ for questioning police personnel of Kuching district on what they were doing to protect the people.

Claim public have to fight crime themselves angers police chief

was washing his in a river in Babagon, Penampang, Sabah. And flood suddenly swept it.

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All four are remanded for 3 days.

Borneo Post Online

Fight breaks out over measly RM20 bet

Posted on November 3, 2014, Monday

SIBU: Three in a family and a buddy got embroiled in a fight after two of them lost a football bet over RM20 on Saturday night.

A 16-year-old son is said to have placed a bet with his father and the friend.

The over-exuberant teenager then demanded RM20 from them after they lost the bet.

When they dismissed his demand, the boy put up a struggle with his father and the friend.

His father sustained an injury to his forehead while his friend’s eyes were injured.

The father and another 24-year-old son pursued the quarrel with the winning teen.

The angry father took a knife from the kitchen and allegedly assaulted his boy, whose abdomen was slightly injured.

Fight breaks out over measly RM20 bet

Borneo Post Online

Terrifying morning for tenants of building

Posted on November 2, 2014, Sunday

MIRI: More than 20 tenants of a building at Jalan Mill Rice here had a terrifying morning yesterday when fire engulfed stacks of used tyres at its ground floor stairway.

Most of the affected tenants are workers of a shopping mall.

The tenants are renting the first and second floors of the building, while a car repair workshop occupies most of the ground floor area.

“Most of the male tenants jumped off the building (from the first and second floors) from the balcony as they feared for their safety…luckily, I saw a ladder nearby and immediately climbed down to the ground floor with my son (using the ladder),” she said.

One fire engine from Miri Fire and Rescue Department dashed to the scene upon receiving a distress call on the incident around 6.15am and put out the fire several minutes later.

No injuries had been reported in the incident as all tenants managed to escape from the building safely.

Terrifying morning for tenants of building

KEBAKARAN TAYAR di Pusat Service kereta, Jln Rice Mill Miri 6.15 pagi tadi. Tiada kcdraan dlprkn

School security guard caught on CCTV after teachers smell a rat

School security guard caught on CCTV after teachers smell a rat

Posted on November 1, 2014, Saturday

KUCHING: A security guard of an all-girl secondary school in the city was arrested on Thursday after he was caught on camera stealing from the teachers’ staff room.

The 36-year-old from Jalan Dagok Barat was picked up by police at the school’s guard house around 6.30pm after a report was lodged by his supervisor following a complaint by several teachers earlier in the week that their desk drawers had been forcibly opened.

Sources said the suspect was positively identified with footage from the closed-circuit television (CCTV) system installed in the teachers’ room, showing him forcing open the main door and picking the locked drawers.

School security guard caught on CCTV after teachers smell a rat

Lorry driver arrested for discharging air rifle

Lorry driver arrested for discharging air rifle

by Gary Adit, reporters@theborneopost.com. Posted on November 1, 2014, Saturday

KUCHING: Police have arrested a lorry driver who discharged a home-made air rifle at a university student and his elder sister during a road rage incident at Foochow Road No.1 yesterday.

The suspect was detained around 3.40pm at a fruit stall at Tabuan Laru by a police team following information received on his whereabouts.

The home-made air rifle, believed to have been used during the incident, was found concealed in a storage area and seized along with the suspect’s lorry.

The 50-something suspect was believed to have gone into hiding after the 9.30am incident in which he allegedly fired into the air after initially aiming it at the student’s sister.

Following a police report lodged by the victim, police traced the lorry’s licence plate number to a 50-something man, who matched the description provided by the student.

Lorry driver arrested for discharging air rifle



Lorry driver assaults student, fires gun after accident in Kuching


SHOOTOUT BETWEEN COPS AND ARMED ROBBERS AT PENANAMPANG BARU! The robbers are believed to be Sulu militants.

Masked cops arrive at scene in Penampang

Borneo Post Online

Two suspected criminals believed killed in shoot-out with police Special Task Force

Posted on October 31, 2014, Friday


Thursday October 30, 2014 MYT 10:58:25 PM

Report: Two shot dead in Penampang believed to be Sulu militants

KUALA LUMPUR: Two men shot dead by police in the vicinity of a shophouse in Penampang Baru, Sabah Thursday evening are suspected to be members of the Sulu Rebel Army and the “driving force” behind the recruitment of new members.

Initial police investigations revealed that the duo, in their 30s and 50s, had arrived from Kota Kinabalu and attempted an armed robbery in the area.

In the 5pm incident, a police team intercepted a vehicle in which the two men were travelling. At that juncture, the duo tried to resist and the police were forced to open fire, killing them on the spot.

According to a police source, police surveillance on the two men about a few weeks ago had revealed that they tried to recruit new members, spread the so-called Sulu Sultanate ideology in Sabah, as well as preached elements of violence.

“The suspects, who came from Kota Kinabalu, were also attempting to commit an armed robbery in the area.

“The police are now tracking down the remnants of this group and they are also believed to be getting active off the east coast of Sabah,” he said when contacted.

Policemen guard a road cordoned off to allow investigations to be carried out

Policemen guard a road cordoned off to allow investigations to be carried out

KOTA KINABALU: The situation in Penampang Baru where police enforced a lockdown after a shootout with suspected robbers has returned to normal.

At about 9.15pm, police opened up roads after conducting follow-up operations following the shoot-out at 4pm.

Police enforced a lockdown at four blocks of shophouses in the new township to carry out investigations. People were asked to stay indoors to ensure their safety and shops were told to close.

The police operations led to two suspects being shot dead and a woman arrested.


Sabah cops involved in shooutout, shophouses forced into lockdown:


PENAMPANG: A shootout between armed robbers and police has led to a Mexican standoff at Survey Hypermaket in Penampang Baru.

It is understood that four masked gunmen are currently holed up in the hypermarket with an unknown number of hostages.

The drama unfolded about 4.10pm when police confronted the gunmen who were believed to have tries to pull off a robbery.

Several gunshots were heard, and the owners of shops nearby immediately closed their premises.

‎The area was immediately cordoned off by police where among others a four wheel drive vehicle was parked and is now the centre of their investigations.

Photos of a man lying motionless inside a four wheel drive in the area has been circulated on the social media.



Shoot out at Penampang baru. Believe 2 suspects criminals killed. It’s happening now.

Embedded image permalink


Pix of the alleged gunmen shot dead near Servey in Penampang Baru, Kota Kinabalu.

Embedded image permalink

Be careful penampang.

Picture turned right side up.


: Shootout between police and armed robbers near Servey in Penampang Baru, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. “

Embedded image permalink


Published: Thursday October 30, 2014 MYT 5:09:00 PM
Updated: Thursday October 30, 2014 MYT 5:12:53 PM

Sabah cops involved in shooutout, shophouses forced into lockdown

KOTA KINABALU: Police have locked down four blocks of shophouses in the Penampang new township following a shootout between police and suspected armed robbers.

Shopkeepers were ordered to shutter their premises and car owners told to remove their vehicles as police focussed their attention on one of the shops located in the middle of the blocks.

Photographers were not allowed to take pictures while Penampang OCPD Deputy Supt Ratan Kumar was seen directing his men and urging members of the public to move away.

Some people close to the scene said they heard gunshots fired in the 4pm incident, with others claiming that two suspected robbers had been killed.


Correction. Pix of UTK personnel and not gunmen. Two robbers shot dead in Penampang Baru in Kota Kinabalu.

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Stand-down near Servey in Penampang Baru, Sabah. Initial report says there was gun shot heard.

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..shootout between police and armed robbers near Servey in Penampang Baru, Sabah.

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Got this info from my cousin. This guy is in possession of a gun. Wandering around servay penampang

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Borneo Post Online

Man slashed and robbed by two men

Posted on October 29, 2014, Wednesday

SAMARAHAN: A man was slashed on the face by two armed motorcyclists who left him lying on the road after his car broke down along Jalan Muara Tuang yesterday morning.

The 23-year-old victim surnamed Chua was heading back to his office around 11am after paying his employer’s land title premium at the District Office here when his company car broke down.

Chua said when he got out to check the vehicle, two men arrived on a motorcycle and approached him.

One of the motorcyclists whipped out a boxcutter knife and slashed his right cheek while the pillion rider, armed with a meat cleaver, grabbed his wallet which held RM20.

Both men ran to their motorcycle and sped off, leaving the Chua lying on the road, bleeding.

Man slashed and robbed by two men

The Wong Kwok Commercial Center, Jalan Penampang, Penampang



Police have detained the two male staff to assist them in their investigations while an alert had been sent out to all police stations in the state for the robbers.


KOTA KINABALU: Masked men grabbed nearly RM500,000 from two male staff of a supermarket just as they were about to leave their office to transport the money to the bank.

Armed with a rambo knife and a stun baton, the two robbers struck at about 2.30pm on Monday at the Wong Kwok commercial centre in Penampang, near here.

The two male staff – a 34-year-old driver and a 22-year-old office worker – had just entered the company van when the robbers wearing ski masks suddenly opened the doors of the vehicle.

One of the robbers shoved the knife at the neck of the office worker and grabbed a bag containing the money. The other robber struck the driver repeatedly with stun baton.

RM32,000 lost in smash-and-grab heist

RM32,000 lost in smash-and-grab heist

Posted on October 25, 2014, Saturday

KUCHING: A female trader lost RM32,000 in a brazen smash-and-grab incident moments after withdrawing the cash from a bank in Stutong yesterday.

The 39-year-old victim told police that she had just gotten into her car after withdrawing the sum from a bank at Jalan Setia Raja around noon when two men on a motorcycle pulled up on the left side of her vehicle.

One of the men then smashed the front passenger window and reached inside to grab her handbag off the seat before the pair sped off on their machine.

The heist occurred in a flash that the stunned trader was unable to get a good look at either the make of the motorcycle or its licence plate number.

RM32,000 lost in smash-and-grab heist

Armed ‘customer’ robs reflexology centre 

KUCHING: A reflexology centre at Jalan Mendu suffered several hundred ringgit in losses when it was held up by an armed robber who masqueraded as a customer.

The incident took place around 10.30pm on Thursday when the suspect, who wore a baseball cap, entered the premises and approached the male cashier to enquire about the availability of masseuses.

After being told about an available slot for him, the man handed over RM100 to the cashier, who promptly made a phone call to a masseuse on the upper floor to notify her to prepare a room for the customer.

During the phone call, however, the ‘customer’ caught the cashier off-guard when he suddenly whipped out a knife and rushed behind the counter and placed the blade against the latter’s neck.

The armed man then rifled through several drawers and grabbed RM600 before rushing outside and escaping with an accomplice waiting for him in a Proton Wira car.

Armed ‘customer’ robs reflexology centre on CCTV

Habitual criminal nabbed to the relief of residents

KUCHING: Residents at Jalan Urat Mata can breathe a little easier after police arrested a habitual criminal suspected of committing snatch thefts and other criminal activities in the area.


The suspect (left) comes face-to-face with his ‘wanted poster’ after leading police to Jalan Urat Mata, where he allegedly committed the snatch theft on Oct 6.

The 35-year-old suspect was detained at a house in Malihah yesterday morning by a D9 team from district police headquarters led by its officer-in-charge Inspector Lee Chee Keat, following a tip-off.

The D9 team also seized a motorcycle belonging to the suspect, which he could have used for criminal activities.

His ‘wanted poster’ had been put up in several spots along Jalan Urat Mata by concerned citizens following an incident on Oct 6 where the suspect and an accomplice allegedly snatched an RM18,000 gold necklace from a male resident.

Car thief offers compensation, apologises when caught

by Gary Adit, reporters@theborneopost.com. Posted on October 22, 2014, Wednesday

KUCHING: An apologetic car thief was apprehended at a budget hotel at Mile 3 early yesterday after he was caught trying to steal a company’s four-wheel drive (4WD) vehicle.

The incident occurred around midnight when the driver of the 4WD vehicle, who was putting up for the night at the hotel, heard its alarm go off and rushed down from his room on the second floor to check.

Upon opening the driver’s door, he was shocked to see a stranger inside the vehicle with a spanner in his hand.

He grabbed hold of the perpetrator who apologised to his captor for trying to steal the car, and offered him RM500 as compensation for the damage caused by his attempts to jumpstart the vehicle.

The offer was rebuffed and the suspect handed over to the police.

Car thief offers compensation, apologises when caught

Youths attack shopper in Malaysia with keychain and butcher knife

Four locals held for attack on teenager at store

Posted on October 17, 2014, Friday

KENINGAU: Police arrested four local youths for alleged involvement in attacking a customer of a 24-hour convenience store here around midnight on Tuesday.

Acting district police chief, ASP Merbin Anak Lisa yesterday said the suspects, aged 18 to 22, used a key chain and a butcher’s knife to attack the 19-year-old victim in the 12.38 am incident.

He said acting a public tip led to the arrest of four suspects in an unnumbered house in the town area and had been detained for further investigation.

“Another suspect is still at large but has been identified and is being hunted,” .he said.

Merbin said initial police investigation showed that the victim who wanted to buy goods in the shop was attacked by five suspects who came into the store.

He said the cause of the incident was believed revenge since two years where the suspects had a fight with the victim during a Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

Four locals held for attack on teenager at store

Swk Fire & Rescue dept director said no distress calls from the public.

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Penampang and KK folk worry over floods and severe erosion:

KOTA KINABALU: Landslips remain a major concern in hilly areas across the state capital and the neighbouring Penampang district after almost a week of non-stop rain caused floods and roads to collapse.

Penampang district officer William Sampil said there have been dozens of reports of landslips and flood related damage from villages in the district.

“As of now, we have 12 incidents of landslips and severe erosion in several villages,” he said, adding that one house had collapsed while several others were on the verge of falling down.

Sampil said the district office had told occupants of the risky structures to leave to safer ground as measures and funds were being worked out to resolve the problems caused by Tuesday’s floods, which left most of the district under water.

The continuous rain, coupled with tail effects of two typhoons since Oct 4, also caused severe flooding in parts of Tuaran and Kota Belud while the main road between Kota Kinabalu and Tambunan has been closed for three months following cracks and a landslip.

Cut off: A section of the Penampang-Tambunan road that had fallen apart following a landslip.

Cut off: A section of the Penampang-Tambunan road that had fallen apart following a landslip

Several other roads, including the Bantayan-Inanam-Minitod-Inanam stretch, had been closed two weeks after a landslip.

A church in Bukit Padang had been declared unsafe after landslips hit part of the building while steps are also being taken to rectify another landslip that exposed several graves at a burial ground along Jalan Tuaran.

Biker crashes in bid to escape road block

Biker crashes in bid to escape road block

Posted on October 13, 2014, Monday

MIRI: A biker, attempting to avoid a speeding ticket, ended up in hospital after crashing his motorcycle. The incident occurred along the road to Marina Bay, Brighton, here at midnight.

Fortunately, the biker sustained only light injuries on his head and body after the motorcycle he was astride rammed into a car.

According to sources, the rider was stunned upon seeing a team of traffic police personnel conducting a road block a short distance ahead.

Fearing police might stop him and to avoid a ticket for traffic offences, the rider abruptly made a U-turn and sped off but rammed into a car.

Biker crashes in bid to escape road block


Borneo Post Online

Keningau businessman robbed of RM300,000, valuables

by Johan Aziz. Posted on October 11, 2014, Saturday

KENINGAU: A businessman lost RM300,000 and valuables to armed robbers in the town here on Thursday afternoon.

Acting District Police chief, ASP Merbin Anak Lisa yesterday said the incident occurred at about 7.30pm in the parking area of an eatery in the town here.

“The victim, a local Chinese in his 20s, came out of his Toyota Hilux vehicle and was approached by two men armed with a machete and robbed him of his valuables and RM300,000 inside his vehicle,” he said.

Keningau businessman robbed of RM300,000, valuables

Clerk says robbed, molested by four helmeted men trailing in Saga

KUCHING: A hospital clerk lodged a police report that she was allegedly robbed and molested by four helmeted men at the Tun Abdul Rahman Yakub bridge in Satok late Wednesday night.

The woman, in her 20s, was said to have left her workplace at the end of her shift around 11pm and stopped to refuel at a petrol station along Jalan Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce.

Leaving the station to head home in Batu Kawah, she claimed to have noticed a Proton Saga car trailing her, and decided to detour to Satok as a precaution to see if the vehicle was really following her.

The victim’s husband, who related her ordeal to reporters when met at the police station, said upon reaching the bridge, the Proton Saga overtook his wife and blocked her way before four men wearing full-face motorcycle helmets emerged and rushed to her car from both sides.

Based on what his wife told him, the men opened her car door and began manhandling her before removing about RM100 from her wallet.

Apparently not satisfied with the amount, one of the men began fondling her breast before pulling at her shirt and kissing her above her right breast, resulting in a “love bite” mark.

For the full report, click on:

Clerk says robbed, molested by four helmeted men trailing in Saga

Lorong 2 residents send SOS to police

Tabuan Jaya, Kuching, Sarawak

The petition, which was signed by 228 residents, was sent to the police to express their earnest concern on the worsening level of street crimes and house break-ins in their neighbourhood.


KUCHING: Residents of Lorong 2, Jalan Urat Mata in Tabuan Jaya, are worried of their safety and security over the past one year or so due to the rampant cases of housing break-ins, robbery and snatching in the area.

“There are over 300 houses at the lane and almost every house has a record of being broken into apart from robbery and snatching,” said a resident Jacky Phang, who has been living in the residential area for 20 years.

On Wednesday, a local Chinese daily reporter visited Lorong Urat Mata 2 to photograph the CCTV installed there following a couple of complaints on rising crime in the residential area but fell prey to snatchers. He was about to leave the site when two men on a motorcycle came from behind and snatched his camera. As a result of the struggle, the reporter fell and hurt his right arm.

It is also learnt that a woman sustained minor injuries after an unsuccessful snatch attempt not far from the lane about 2.20pm yesterday. According to a resident, the woman refused to let go of her handbag while crying out for help when the incident happened. A couple of residents came to her rescue, which sent the perpetrators fleeing the scene.

Phang was met by reporters when he, together with 14 other residents including their community leader, sent a petition letter for safety and security in the residential estate to the Tabuan Jaya Police Station which was received by Kuching District Police CID chief DSP Lim Bak Phai.



Tabuan Jaya, Kuching, Sarawak


Esscom denies tsunami rumours in Sabah’s east coast as floods hit KK – The Malay Mail Online… G

Rescue personnel evacuate villagers from Kampung Dabak in Penampang, Sabah October 7, 2014. — Picture by Julia Chan Rescue personnel evacuate villagers from Kampung Dabak in Penampang, Sabah October 7, 2014. — Picture by Julia Chan

KOTA KINABALU, Oct 7 — The Eastern Sabah Security Command today denied issuing a tsunami warning for Sabah’s east coast amidst flooding in the state capital after three days of rain.

Its corporate communications chief, Newmond Tibin said Esscom, added the agency did not make a media statement on behalf of the Sabah branch of the Malaysian Meteorological Department purporting of a possible tsunami in the Eastern Sabah Security Zone during the next 36 hours.

“Any official media statement by ESSCom will only be issued through the Corporate Communications Unit or the portal, ESSCom Times,” he said, commenting on rumours in social media.

He urged the public, especially those living in the ten districts under the ESSZone to be calm and not to act on rumours.

Sabah Meteorological Department director Abdul Malek Tussin also denied the claim, saying his department has been receiving phone calls from worried residents.

“The rumours of the tsunami are just that, rumours,” he said, adding that all official warnings and news are updated on the Malaysian Meteorological Department website.

Suburban areas around the city have been severely hit by floods following a downpour since Saturday, with many stalled vehicles causing traffic to come to a standstill and people leaving their homes in its wake.

Villages in low-lying areas in Penampang, Inanam, Tuaran, Lok Kawi, Papar and Menggatal district were evacuated and residents sent to higher ground as water levels rose to shoulder high in some areas.

Rescue operations were underway to relocate villagers from Kampung Dabak, Kibabaig and Moyog in Penampang, where houses and shop lots were submerged in waters up to a metre deep.

Affected residents were taken to the Tun Fuad community hall in Donggongon while the floods subside.

Donggongon town in Penampang Sabah after the rain



THE SOURCE OF THE EXPLOSIONS IS REVEALED! Lightning struck an oil tanker, and the fire spread to 15 other tankers and lorries!


5 Lori Tanker,6 Treller,4 kontena & 60 tgki smpnan sisa myak hitam terbakar di Tmn Cerah, Menggatal,Sabah 9.22 mlm td

Embedded image permalink


Wednesday October 1, 2014 MYT 12:12:24 AM

Multiple explosions rock tranquil Kota Kinabalu neighbourhood

KOTA KINABALU: Residents of Taman Cerah Menggatal, some 20kms from the state capital here were rocked by multiple explosions from a workshop and parking area for oil tankers and lorries late Tuesday.

The explosions were sparked off after lightning struck an oil tanker during a thunderstorm here, resulting in a massive fire which destroyed at least 15 tankers and lorries parked there.


Who can provide info there is a explotion along Jalan Tuaran Bypass?

Embedded image permalink


nahhhh nii dari dekat.. bahang panas nyaa tu dr dalam kereta blh rasa.. huhu

Embedded image permalink


is there any explosion in sepanggar area at the moment?

Sepanggar is a sub-district of Kota Kinabalu. It is located around Sepanggar Bay which houses the Sepanggar Bay Container Terminal, a major naval base for the Royal Malaysian Navy, as well as the Sepanggar Bay Oil Terminal.



Live right now near ua. Kene petir.

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Next to UA1. Bunyi letupan non stop. For a while ingat bunyi guruh.

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They used poisoned fish to target the dogs. The cats became collateral damage.

Borneo Post Online

Eight dogs, three cats found poisoned in break-in case

by Raymond Tan, reporters@theborneopost.com. Posted on September 25, 2014, Thursday

SIBU: Eight dogs and three cats were found poisoned in a break-in case at Sibu Lorry Drivers’ Association at Tapang Road, Sungai Antu.

Association chairman Ling Kee Chuong saw the stray dogs and cats the association had `adopted’ dead in the compound at daybreak yesterday.

Ling said, “This is the second time in three months that thieves resorted to poisoning our pets to steal from our premises.”

In the first incident, the number of dead pets was fewer, he said.

Instead of hiring a night watchman, he revealed that the association used more than 20 stray dogs to look after its premises.

“It seems the thieves are challenging us. This time, they used poisoned fish to feed our pets.”

Ling said the criminals had yanked off three door locks of their lorries and took the locks away.

“We believe they wanted to duplicate the keys to drive off the lorries.”

He explained that the association’ compound served as parking lot for members’ lorries.

Eight dogs, three cats found poisoned in break-in case

It’s a 3-in-1: 3 crimes in a night!

Borneo Post Online

Woman among 4 injured in attacks at two night spots

by Anasathia Jenis, reporters@theborneopost.com. Posted on September 22, 2014, Monday

KUCHING: Three persons, including a woman, were hospitalised following injuries sustained when they were attacked at a night spot in the city here yesterday.

The victims were attacked while having drinks with others when a man from another group allegedly made advances on the 26-year-old female victim.

The other two victims were said to be attacked with a bottle and sustained injuries on the head when trying to protect the woman in the incident around 1am.

It was a double blow for the woman who was not only injured following the attack but also lost her belongings.

Her family and relatives who visited her at hospital yesterday lodged a report at the nearest police station after they were told that her bag containing cash, jewellery and documents, were missing.

In another incident, a 29-year-old man from Kampung Pangkalan in Bau, who was assaulted at a night club at King Centre, was rushed to hospital.

A police team rushed to the scene on receiving a distress call around 1am.

Meanwhile, a 21-year-old man from Sadong Jaya in Kota Samarahan suffered injuries on the head after being struck with a parang by his neighbour around midnight Saturday.

It was said that he was looking for his sister at a house not far away when he, without a word, struck the neighbour on his face.

The neighbour was said to have then used the weapon to fend off the assault.

Woman among 4 injured in attacks at two night spots


2nd attempt on the life of prominent figure nicknamed Ah Kang.

Borneo Post Online

Yet another shooting incident in Sibu

Posted on September 19, 2014, Friday

Wilson Kong, reporters@theborneopost.com

SIBU: A drive-by shooting occurred here yesterday afternoon which resulted in a prominent figure nicknamed Ah Kang among the two that got shot.

Sibu deputy police chief Supt Martin Koo said the case was being investigated under Section 307 of the Penal Code for attempted murder.

The incident happened around 1.15pm when Ah Kang, accompanied by three of his security guards, was having lunch with a friend at a coffee shop in Pahlawan Lane 7A-4.

Ah Kang and his friend, both 44 years old, were seated at a table while the three guards were at another table beside them when a car pulled up.

A shot was fired from a shotgun from inside the car which had three persons inside.

Koo said one of the guards, in retaliation, fired two shots which hit the trunk of the car that was speeding off.

He confirmed that the guard and his gun were licensed.

At the time of the incident not many customers were in the shop, he said.

The stray pellets from the shot fired from the car pierced through a curtain before it grazed Ah Kang and his friend, leaving nine holes on the curtain.

Ah Kang sustained light injury on his left fingers while his friend was slightly injured on the ear and cheek.


On Nov 3 2012, Ah Kang’s wife Law Leh Kuong was shot dead at a coffee shop about 50 metres away from the coffee shop where the shooting occurred yesterday afternoon.

Law was apparently hit by stray pellets at the back of her head while having lunch with Ah Kang, his male cousin and spouse and a male friend.

Law was the elder sister of Law Leh Hing, a businessman who was gunned down in a shooting at Brooke Drive at 10.15am on Jan 11, 2012.

Yet another shooting incident in Sibu


Friday September 19, 2014 MYT 7:09:49 AM

Ah Kang survives another shooting in attack at coffeeshop

SIBU: Two years ago, gunmen shot at self-employed Lau Ngik Yin while he was having lunch with his wife and a cousin at a cafe in Jalan Pahlawan, killing his spouse.

Yesterday, three men pulled up in a dark brown Proton Wira outside a coffeeshop where he was having lunch with a friend at Lorong Pahlawan 7A-4 and fired a shot at him.

The 44-year-old, widely known as Ah Kang, survived with minor injuries to the fingers on his right hand while his friend sustained wounds in his right cheek and ear after being hit by pellets.

Lau’s three bodyguards were seated at another table during the incident, deputy OCPD Supt Martin Koo said.

“The assailant fired a shot, believed to be from a shotgun. One of the bodyguards, who was armed with a CZ Ram pistol, saw the three men and fired two shots, which hit the car boot. But the suspects sped off,” he said.

Lau and his friend were rushed to a private medical centre for treatment. Police later found the gunmen’s car at Jalan Gambir, some 2km from the scene.



Borneo Post Online

Shaken not stirred after customer orders wet noodles

by Raymond Tan, reporters@theborneopost.com. Posted on September 7, 2014, Sunday

SIBU: What’s the difference between stir-fried noodles and wet noodles? ‘A slap on the face’ in a coffee shop, that stirred an attack on Friday.

A customer had ordered a plate of ‘wet noodles’, more commonly known as Foochow noodles in other parts of Sarawak, for dinner at 6.30pm.

But when the hawker’s son served him ‘stir-fried noodles’ instead, the customer smacked him right in the face.

This led to an argument in the coffee shop.

The hawker, on seeing her son being beaten, approached the two to try defuse the situation, but she was instead pushed and beaten, ending up being slightly hurt too.

It was not so fortunate for her son, for serving the stirred-fried dish – he received four stitches in the hospital later for injuries in the attack.

Mother and son then proceeded to the police station to lodge a report on their shoddy treatment.

Shaken not stirred after customer orders wet noodles


Said to be drunk, he stopped by the roadside to ease himself. He fell, hit his head, and died.

Man’s body found in drain

by Gary Adit, reporters@theborneopost.com. Posted on September 5, 2014, Friday

KUCHING: A director of a hypermarket chain was found dead in a drain in Kenyalang Park here early yesterday.

Police have identified the deceased as 56-year-old Alan Chong Tchong Kong who is based in Miri.

District police chief ACP Roslan Bek Ahmad, who confirmed the case, said the patrol team soon came across Chong’s body face down at the bottom of the two-metre deep drain.

“Initial investigation indicated the victim stopped by the roadside and walked several metres to the edge of the drain to ease himself when he fell inside.

“A check revealed no physical injuries except for a small section of his scalp which was torn. We believe this was a result of his head hitting the edge of the concrete drain when he fell in,” disclosed Roslan. There were no signs of a struggle taking place at the scene and all the victim’s personal belongings were found on him.

Roslan also said Chong was thought to have lost his balance while easing himself due to intoxication.

Man’s body found in drain



The man had used his life savings of RM50,000 several years ago to help his son pay off a debt.


Saturday September 6, 2014 MYT 8:12:55 AM

Son beats up dad asking him to repay RM50,000 debt

A RETIREE was beaten up by his son when he asked that he settled a RM50,000 debt which the younger man owed him, China Press reported.

The victim, a widower in his 60s, suffered facial and bodily injuries in the incident which occurred in their house in Miri, Sarawak on Wednesday.

His son, who is in his 30s, had pummelled him with his fist. He was enraged by his father’s request to pay the debt.

He even tried to force his father to drink a glass of poison but the elderly man managed to run off.



Saturday August 23, 2014 MYT 6:48:18 AM

Jail for man who raped in-law

SIBU: The 42-year-old man who raped his mother-in-law was sentenced to 14 years’ jail and 10 strokes of the rotan after he pleaded guilty to the crime at the Sessions Court here.

According to the statement of facts, the assistant at an Internet gambling centre at Taman Permai, had raped his 68-year old mother-in-law at 4pm on Aug 15.

At the time of the crime, the victim was alone on a sofa in the sitting room of their house at Kampung Jeriah.

The accused showed up and pushed the victim to the floor while under the influence of drugs.

He then forcibly took off her clothes. She tried to shout for help but the accused covered her mouth with his hands and then raped her.

The woman told her daughter about the assault at about 7am the next day.

Following a police report lodged by his wife, the man was arrested at their house at 2pm on Aug 17.




Sabah teen jumps off first floor of building in suicide bid

KOTA KINABALU, Aug 20 ― A 15 year-old student has survived after jumping from the first floor of a building in an attempted suicide believed to be over pressure in school.


Borneo Post Online

Girl in fall may be bully victim – Befrienders

Posted on August 22, 2014, Friday

KOTA KINABALU: The 15-year-old girl who survived a fall from a building near Cyber City at Jalan Lintas, Kepayan on August 18, might have been a victim of school bullies, said Befrienders KK chairperson Datin Seri Siti Rubiah Bte Abdul Samad.

“School bullying is rampant in schools nowadays as seen from many YouTube videos going viral. It seems that the youth are now acting more aggressively which could stem from emotional inadequacies or domestic problems,” said Siti Rubiah yesterday.

Before the 11.57pm incident, the girl had asked her elder sister to accompany her to the commercial centre to meet her friend.

After reaching the commercial centre, she walked up to the first floor of the commercial centre while her sister waited on the ground floor.

Several minutes later, the elder sister saw her climbing onto the railing and jumping to the ground.

City police chief Assistant Commissioner M. Chandra said initial police investigation found the victim was suffering from depression.


This man was out on RM70,000 bail granted by a court in Selangor, but he had returned to Sabah, to rob and force his female victims to perform perverted acts!


Friday August 22, 2014 MYT 7:46:10 PM

Burglar who forced victims to perform oral sex nabbed

KOTA KINABALU: A notorious burglar, known as “Man Parang,” was caught hours after he forced two women victims to perform oral sex on him during a break-in at their house in Taman Seri Kepayan here.

The 31-year-old suspect, who is out on bail after being charged with 12 counts of rape, robbery and house break-ins in Selangor, was nabbed at a petrol kiosk in Menggatal at about 7.30pm on Tuesday.

Earlier at 4.30am, Man Parang had broken into the house of two students, both 25, and forced them to perform oral sex on him with a parang placed at their necks.

Police chief Asst Comm M. Chandra told a press conference Friday that the suspect threatened his victims with a parang before relieving them of their valuables. In some cases, the victims were forced to perform oral sex on him.

He said the suspect, who is on a RM70,000 bail granted by a court in Selangor, had returned to Sabah on Aug 14 purportedly to attend his “uncle’s funeral.”

Police believed he carried on burglarising homes in Taman Putrajaya, Taman Bukit Sepanggar and Taman Kingfisher for three days.



Gutsy waitress saves her boss from bizarre woman

Posted on August 22, 2014, Friday

MIRI: A gutsy waitress saved her female employer from harm in a robbery ruse on Thursday morning when they gave a lift to a stranger in their van in Taman Bumiko.

The knife used by the suspect during the incident, dropped inside the van.

According to the waitress known as Zha Zha, 33, she and her employer had just returned from a house in Taman Bumiko, when they chanced on the female suspect who was garbed in a ‘purdah’ (Muslim gown with a veil).


Zha Zha showing her left hand injured during the commotion

“She was climbing a house gate, which we thought was weird,” Zha Zha told The Borneo Post yesterday (Thursday).

Zha Zha and her employer then pulled over, curious to investigate.

“When we asked where she’s from, she was stunned, then composed herself to claim she was from an orphanage located in Kuala Baram and coming here (Taman Bumiko) to collect donations for orphans,” the waitress explained.

Zha Zha added that the suspect asked them for a ride to a bank in town.



Sabah teen jumps off first floor of building in suicide bid

KOTA KINABALU, Aug 20 ― A 15 year-old student has survived after jumping from the first floor of a building in an attempted suicide believed to be over pressure in school.

The teenager was knocked unconscious and sustained a fractured jaw, among other injuries, as a result of the fall.

In the incident on Monday night, she had asked her elder sister to accompany her while she met a friend at the Kepayan Perdana shoplots near her house in Kampung Ganang,

“They were on the first floor of the shoplots when the elder sister said she would wait on the ground floor.

“Shortly after, the older sister saw her sister climb over the building railing and jumped over,” said city police chief ACP M Chandra.



Tuesday August 19, 2014 MYT 11:48:50 AM

Fishmonger charged with British medical students murder

Zulkipli Abdullah being led into court by police.

Zulkipli Abdullah being led into court by police.

KUCHING: A fishmonger has been charged with killing British medical students Aidan Brunger and Neil Dalton.

Zulkipli Abdullah, 23, was accused of two counts of murder under Section 302 of the Penal Code.


Malaysian man charged with murder after two Britons were stabbed to death in Kuching

A Malaysian fishmonger was on Tuesday (Aug 19) charged with murder over the fatally stabbing of two British medical students. The bodies of Newcastle University students Neil Dalton and Aidan Brunger were found on August 6 lying in the road in Kuching, capital of Sarawak state.

Murder giving wrong image — Mayor http://ow.ly/A51F7

Murder giving wrong image — Mayor

by Peter Sibon, reporters@theborneopost.com. Posted on August 8, 2014, Friday

KUCHING: Kuching South mayor Datuk James Chan has described the murder of two British medical students in the wee hours of Wednesday as ‘unfortunate and wrong image’ for the city.

As such he called on everyone to continue to work as a community to ensure that the city remains safe for the people and travellers alike.


The two victims are said to be medical students attached to the Kuching General Hospital.


Wednesday August 6, 2014 MYT 4:52:04 PM

Two British students slain in Kuching

KUCHING: Two British medical students were stabbed to death after an early morning quarrel with four local men at Abell Road here.

The victims, both male aged 22 and 23, were found lying in the road at about 4.15am Wednesday with stab wounds in the chest and back.

According to initial investigations, a quarrel had taken place between the students and the locals while both parties were drinking at a pub.

Sarawak Deputy Commissioner of Police DCP Datuk Dr Chai Khin Chung said both groups had been drinking at different pubs earlier before coming across each other.

Police lifting one of the bodies onto stretcher.

Police lifting one of the bodies onto stretcher.


2 maut, 4 parah kereta perisai ATM terbalik di Sandakan | Berita Harian

Embedded image permalink

The other way around: would-be robbers use pepper spray on women-victims!


Tuesday August 19, 2014 MYT 11:08:25 AM

Two women attacked by masked assailants in robbery attempt

MIRI: Two masked men attacked two women with pepper spray Monday in a robbery attempt while they were taking a bag filled with more than RM100,000 into the bank.

The attack happened right in the heart of the old China town in Miri city centre at about 3.30pm in full view of a large crowd in the business hub.

Sources said that the two women were attacked immediately after they had gotten out of their car outside the main entrance of the bank.

The two women screamed when the attackers, who wearing full-faced helmets, tried to snatch the bag of cash from them.

The attackers then sprayed some chemicals believed to be pepper spray into the women’s eyes and tried to grab the bag but the women held on and continued screaming.

It is learnt that a family member who was inside the car managed to scare off the attackers by pressing the car horn repeatedly.


Borneo Post Online

Sales exec robbed of RM9,000 at knife-point in front of bank

Posted on August 19, 2014, Tuesday

KUCHING: A sales executive was robbed at knife-point in front of a bank along Jalan Chan Bee Kiew in Padungan here yesterday.

The man, who works for a health and beauty boutique in Sekama, had just alighted from his car when the armed robber struck in the afternoon incident.

The robber in a full-face helmet and armed with a knife had accosted the victim to surrender all his money and valuables.

Under threat, the victim when met at the One Stop Centre in Jalan Simpang Tiga yesterday, said he surrendered RM6,000 in cash which belonged to his company and also his own money of RM3,000.

He said the cash was to be deposited into an account at the bank. It was learnt that the victim also failed to note the registration number of the motorcycle used by the suspect who fled with an accomplice.

It was reported only last week that the premises where the victim worked at had incurred about RM1.6 million in losses due to burglary.

Sales exec robbed of RM9,000 at knife-point in front of bank


Borneo Post Online

Suspect sent for DNA test

by Wilson Kong, reporters@theborneopost.com. Posted on August 19, 2014, Tuesday

SIBU: Police yesterday sent the suspect who allegedly raped his 69-year-old mother-in-law on Friday to Sibu Hospital for a DNA test.

Police confirmed that the urine test conducted on the suspect for drug abuse was negative.

Suspect sent for DNA test

Woman claims raped by son-in-law

by Wilson Kong, reporters@theborneopost.com. Posted on August 18, 2014, Monday

SIBU: Police arrested a father of eight in the wee hours of yesterday after he was reported to have raped his elderly mother-in-law.

According to police, the 42-year-old jobless man had gone to the 69-year-old victim’s house next door at a village here about 4pm on Friday.

On his arrival, the victim, who was clad only in a ‘sarung’, was sitting in the guest room.

It was said that the suspect pushed her to the floor, and when the woman tried to scream for help he covered her mouth.

The man, who had previous records of drug abuse and break-ins, was believed to have raped the woman under the influence of drugs.  The woman narrated the ordeal to her daughter (suspect’s wife) at about 7pm.

Woman claims raped by son-in-law


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