Breaking News! Taiwan Plane Crash kills 51 in crashlanding!

TransAsia plane’s engines failed before crash: Aviation authority

Published on Feb 6, 2015 4:54 PM

UPDATE: Crashed plane had engine problem during delivery from to

TAIPEI (AFP, Reuters) – Both engines of the TransAsia Airways plane that crashed in Taipei this week failed before it plummeted into a river, killing at least 35 people, Taiwan’s aviation authorities said on Friday.

Flight GE235 was carrying 58 passengers and crew from Taipei’s Songshan airport to the offshore island of Kinmen when it lurched nose-up between buildings, clipped an overpass and a taxi with one of its wings and then crashed upside down into a shallow river on Wednesday. Fifteen people survived. Eight remained missing as of Friday.

The blackbox data and voice recorders of the two-engined aircraft showed that problems with the right engine were followed by problems with the left and the plane warned five times of stalling before the crash in the centre of Taipei, Aviation Safety Council officials told a news briefing.

Rescuers and divers search for missing passengers at the crash site of the Transasia ATR 72-600 turboprop plane in the Keelung river in New Taipei City on Feb 6, 2015. The blackbox data and voice recorders of a TransAsia plane that crashed into a river in Taipei showed that the pilot called “mayday” and announced an engine flameout 35 seconds after noticing engine failure, aviation authorities said on Friday. — PHOTO: AFP

The ATR 72-600 turboprop aircraft was powered by two Pratt & Whitney PW127M engines. Pratt & Whitney is part of United Technologies.

Taiwan’s flight regulator said separately on Friday that the crashed plane had also developed a problem with an engine during its delivery flight from manufacturer ATR, from the French city of Toulouse to Macau, en route to Taiwan.

“One of the engines lost power during the flight and later it was replaced by the engine supplier,” said Clark Lin, chief of the CAA’s Flight Standard Division, adding that the Pratt & Whitney engine had an assembly problem.

France’s civil aviation body has said two of its investigators and four from ATR will be dispatched to assist Taiwanese authorities with their enquiries.


RT : Pilot’s body found still clutching joystick of crashed plane

TAIPEI (REUTERS) – The pilot of a doomed TransAsia plane, hailed as a hero for his actions in the final moments before a crash that killed 31 people, was still holding the joystick in the plane’s cockpit when his body was found, media reported on Friday.

The pilot, identified by TransAsia as 42-year-old Liao Chien-tsung, has been praised by Taipei’s mayor for steering the plane between apartment blocks and commercial buildings before ditching the stalled aircraft in a river.


Pilot of the crashed TransAsia plane is being hailed as a hero for avoiding buildings

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Taipei’s mayor hailed the pilot of a crashed TransAsia Airways plane a hero on Thursday for narrowly avoiding buildings and ditching the stalled aircraft in a river, likely averting a worse disaster.

At least 31 people were killed when Flight GE235 lurched between buildings, clipped a taxi and an overpass with one of its wings and crashed upside down into shallow water shortly after take-off from a downtown Taipei airport on Wednesday. There were 15 known survivors and 12 more unaccounted for.

“He really tried everything he could,” Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je said of the pilot, his voice breaking with sobs.


Video: TransAsia plane crash on cam! | Taipei | 04 02 2015

The plane was carrying 58 passengers and crew, including 31 tourists from mainland China.

Driver of this taxi clipped by plane is in hospital with head injuries, but is stable: reports

A crane on standby to lift the front part of the wreckage of which crashed into Keelung River

Singapore Trade Office in Taipei “shocked and deeply saddened” by crash

UPDATE: 23 confirmed dead, 20 still missing

: Pilot rotated plane 90 degrees to avoid crashing into 2 buildings, CTITV reports

JUST IN: – Tail of plane is being lifted

: A 700-ton crane has just arrived to lift plane fuselage, says local media

No Singaporeans were on board : Singapore Trade Office in Taipei

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TAIPEI: The Singapore Trade Office in Taipei on Wednesday (Feb 4) said it was “shocked and deeply saddened” by the crash of TransAsia flight GE235 outside the Taiwanese capital.

The trade office added that it has confirmed no Singaporeans were on board the aircraft.


: Black box retrieved, recording says “Mayday mayday mayday”, reports CTITV

: One dead; another 10 showed “no sign of life” in Taiwan’s plane crash, says Fire department

At least nine dead in Taiwan as plane crash-lands in a Taipei river

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At least nine people were killed and dozens were unaccounted for after a Taiwanese TransAsia Airways plane with 58 passengers and crew on board crash-landed in a Taipei river on Wednesday, officials and domestic media said.

Dramatic pictures taken by a motorist and posted on Twitter showed the planed cartwheeling over a motorway close to the airport soon after the turboprop ATR 72-600 aircraft took off.

Television footage showed passengers wearing life jackets wading and swimming clear of the river.

Emergency rescue officials in inflatable boats crowded around the partially submerged fuselage, lying on its side in the river, trying to help those on board.

Rescue personnel work to free passengers from the TransAsia plane (AFP)

The civilian aeronautic authority said soon after the crash that two people had been killed. Taiwanese television later reported the death toll had risen to nine.

The aeronautic authority reported 16 people had been rescued, meaning as many as 33 people were still missing.


UPDATE: Dozens awaiting rescue after TransAsia Airways plane crash lands in river

plane rams into a bridge shortly after takeoff & crashes into a river in Taipei

BREAKING: Witnesses saw at least 6 passengers crawling out of fuselage of

BREAKING: 51 adults, 2 children, 5 crew were on downed in Taiwan: TVBS

BREAKING: TransAsia plane crash lands in Taipei river, 10 injured, say reports

TAIWAN: A TransAsia Airways plane has crash landed in a Taipei river, injuring more than 10 people, reported Reuters on Wednesday (Feb 4), citing television reports.

The plane, TransAsia B22816, had 58 people aboard when it crash landed  at 10.56am, local time, reported TVBS. Of the 58, there were 51 adults, two children and five crew members.

The plane was an ATR-72, which just arrived in Taiwan last year, reported TVBS.

Taiwan’s TransAsia Airways was involved in a deadly crash in July last year, when its plane, GE222, attempted to land in stormy weather and crashed on a small Taiwanese island, killing 48 people and wrecking houses and cars on the ground.

See: Breaking News! Taiwan Plane Crash kills 51 in crashlanding!

One-time Taiwan soap opera star A Ho the hippo has a law in his name, after his death


It is named after A Ho, a male hippo who regularly performed for spectators at a private zoo, died last month after breaking a leg and sustaining other injuries while being transported from the site.

The legislation, dubbed by the local media as the “A Ho clause”, doubles the maximum fine for intentionally causing serious injury or death to animals to NT$1 million (US$32,200) in addition to up to one year in prison, officials said.

The law also includes a fine of up to NT$150,000 (US$5,000) if owners make animals perform or put them on display for entertainment purposes without prior permits. They will also face a fine of up to NT$15,000 if they fail to provide animals with sufficient care, such as lack of water, food or living space.


Injured hippo dies in Taiwan, owner faces jail term

Two accidents within a short period: it fell from a moving truck and again when its container was dropped as it was being returned to its pond.

Injured hippo dies in Taiwan, owner faces jail term

TAIPEI – A hippo in Taiwan died on Monday after suffering two accidents last week, once when it fell from a moving truck and again when its container was dropped as it was being returned to its pond.

The animal, named “A Ho” after the Chinese word for hippo Ho Ma, was found dead in its pond at a farm in central Taichung city.

Agriculture Minister Chen Bao-ji has slammed A Ho’s owner, the head of a private ranch, for what he said was carelessness in transporting the animal and, while a post-mortem will be performed on the mammal to determine the exact cause of death, the government is considering prosecuting the hippo’s owner.

The first of the accidents happened Friday when the panicked hippo jumped from the truck he was being transported in, breaking a leg.

Then, when the hippo was being taken back to the farm for treatment of its injuries, the cable on a hoist broke and the animal’s container crashed to the ground from a height of two metres (6.5 feet).


“Dad! Dad! Come and look! There’s a hippo on the road!”
“Stop joking. It’s not April Fool’s Day.”


The hippo, named A Ho (from Ho Ma), was a star attraction at its farm and had even appeared in a popular television soap opera several years ago.

It lay on the road for a few hours before being put into a cargo container and taken back to its farm in central Taichung city, officials said.

Taiwanese authorities said Saturday that the animal’s owner could face a fine of up to Tw$75,000 (US$2,400) for violating animal protection laws after the hippo suffered a broken leg and damage to its teeth.


Hippo jumps from moving truck in , breaking its leg and startling locals

TAIPEI (AFP) – A hippo that panicked while being transported by truck in Taiwan jumped from the vehicle, breaking a leg and causing confused residents to report spotting a dinosaur on the loose.

Television footage showed the enormous animal lying on the road with a white fluid oozing from its eyes after it jumped through a truck window and landed on a parked car before falling onto the road on Friday.


Report: Number of Malaysian students in Taiwan doubled since 2010

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The report stated that the surge is attributed to the loosening of regulations by Malaysians authorities in recognising certificates and diplomas issued by the institutions in Taiwan. — AFP pic

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 24 — The number of Malaysians pursuing graduate studies in Taiwan has doubled in last four years as a result of relaxed education and labour policies in both countries, China Post reported today.

Citing Taiwan’s Education Ministry’s latest statistics, the news portal reported that Malaysians make up the country largest number of foreign student at 10,374, up from 5,248 in 2010.

The report stated that the surge is attributed to the loosening of regulations by Malaysians authorities in recognising certificates and diplomas issued by the institutions in Taiwan.

Similarly, Taiwan has also relaxed restrictions on foreign students working in the country after graduation, noted the report.

This includes a waiver on the requirement for work experience and the lowering of the minimum wage earned, which has been an encouraging incentive, it added.

The statistics were disclosed at the Taiwan-Malaysia Education Higher Education Forum held at Feng Chia University in Taichung on December 18.




Chinese mainland on alert after cooking oil scandal.

430 Taiwan food manufacturers implicated in gutter oil scandal


430 Taiwan food manufacturers implicated in gutter oil scandal


The number of Taiwan firms linked to the nationwide swill oil scandal has swelled to 430. Ooooh the Mainland mouthpieces are going to have a field day with this one……

“According to our latest findings, so far 40 of the 235 companies [identified earlier] bought the oil in question were found to have used it to produce or process into 110 kinds of products,” said Yeh Ming-kung, head of the Taiwan Food and Drug Administration.

At the eye of the swill storm is Chang Guann, the Kaohsiung-based purveyor of lard and cooking oil, that allegedly purchased approximately 240 tons of the recycled oil – dredged from kitchen waste, by-products from leather processing plants and off-cuts from slaughterhouses – from a clandestine factory in Pingtung at a bargain.

Three firms, Gassho, Dah Chong Hong, and Maxim’s, were identified as having bought swill oil from Chang Guann, with the latter two claiming the oil they purchased came with quarantine certificates issued by the Taiwanese officials, according to SCMP.

The Taiwan Premier recently imposed a ban on all products produced by the 235 companies initially implicated. It looks like he’s going to have to add 195 to that list.

Hong Kong feels impact of Taiwan “gutter oil” scandal as bakeries and shops issue recall.

Gutter oil investigated

September 06, 2014

The Centre of Food Safety is investigating claims Maxim’s cakes used substandard Taiwan cooking oil, known as ‘gutter oil’, to make pineapple buns, and that Dah Chong Hong has imported the oil. Both have stopped selling and is recalling the products.

The centre has approached food traders, including bakeries and dimsum manufacturers, and inspected warehouses and outlets to take suspicious food samples for testing.

The centre appealed to the trade to stop selling or using oil or food products that may be affected.

People who have doubts on products they purchased should stop consumption and contact the retailers concerned.

The FDA said the oil sold by Chang Guann under the brand name Chuan Tung had been used in the manufacturing of 110 different products, including sauces, bread, cakes, meat products, fish balls and dumplings. Of the total of 782 metric tons of tainted oil, 236 had been seized and sealed by the authorities, the FDA said.

DTN Taiwan: FDA to announce full waste oil list: TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The Food and Drug Administration said …

FDA fingers Gassho in oil scandal, main suspect detained
Taiwan News, Staff Writer
2014-09-06 03:11 PM

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The Food and Drug Administration said Saturday that Taiwan Gassho Biotech Co., Ltd. had supplied tainted lard oil to nearly 500 restaurants and other customers across the nation, while the Pingtung District Court ordered the main suspect in the scandal detained after an uproar over his release on bail.

The scandal broke on Thursday as Kuo Lieh-cheng was accused of having recycled kitchen waste into lard oil and sold it for distribution by the Chang Guann Company. On Friday, the FDA presented a list of 235 customers which had bought oil products from the Kaohsiung-based company. The list included some of the food sector’s top brand names such as Wei Chuan and 85 C.

t its latest news conference Saturday, the FDA focused on Gassho, which it said had bought as many as 4,611 barrels of tainted oil and sold it to 473 food producers and restaurants nationwide. The exact names and addresses of the companies were still being checked, the FDA said.

The list included 73 restaurants and stores in New Taipei City and 55 in Taipei City, though many small eateries in Central and Southern Taiwan also bought oil from Gassho, according to media reports.



Taiwanese playboy Justin Lee gets 80 years in prison for drug-raping and filming of 20 women.

The sex scandal that rocked Taiwan: Socialite Justin Lee convicted of raping over 28 women, including his father…

The sex scandal that rocked Taiwan: Socialite Justin Lee convicted of raping over 28 women, including his father’s girlfriend (NSFW)

By Beth Main, Sharon Kwok, and James Griffiths.

Even more shocking details have emerged from Taiwan’s trial of the decade, the island’s very own, considerably more twisted version of the Edison Chen scandal, in which socialite Justin Lee (Lee Tsung-jui, 李宗瑞) has been convicted of over 28 assorted rape and sexual assault charges, and 17 charges of invasion of privacy, after he recorded himself having sex with and raping over 60 women.

Lee, 27, is the son of former Yuanta CEO Lee Yueh-tsang, and was a regular on Taipei’s high roller club scene. Lee would meet girls in bars and luxury nightclubs such as the Barcelona Bar where he reportedly still has an outstanding tab of over 430,000 yuan (NT$2 million, US$67,000). After identifying a target and plying her with drinks, the wealthy socialite who in the past was romantically involved with Taiwanese models Maggie Wu and Terri Kwan, would take her back to a hotel room and spike her drink. Once his victim was unconscious, Lee would rape her, documenting the crime with videos and photographs.

Lee reportedly recorded over 25GB of footage; pornographic films which he would show off to friends, or, when his victim was famous or wealthy, for blackmail and extortion. Lee’s victims included more than 60 celebrities, actresses, models, artists, and a TV host, some of whom were filmed on more than one occasion.

He filed all the videos on his computer, a collection which, at the time of Lee’s arrest, included 178 photos and 93 videos, amounting to 883 minutes of footage, organised in 48 separate folders. At the height of his perverted crime spree, Lee raped and/or recorded as many as 16 women in a single month.

Things began to unravel for the socialite turned rapist in July 2011, when two sisters filed a complaint against Lee for drug rape and recording sexual activity without consent. Lee denied the claim but a police investigation would swiftly uncover his extensive collection of photographs and films.

The scandal took another turn in August last year, when Next Magazine published a detailed exposé of Lee’s sexual exploits, claiming that Taiwanese celebrities Maggie Wu, Terri Kwan, Bianca Bai, and Ruru Lin all featured in Lees videos. Taipei prosecutors issued a warrant for Lee’s arrest.

Taiwan socialite Justin Lee appeals 80-year jail term for raping, secretly filming women

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Justin Lee, heir of one Taiwan’s richest men, was sentenced to 80 yrs in jail for drug-raping, illegally filming sex

Taiwan playboy Justin Lee to serve only 30 out of 79-year prison term


Taiwanese playboy and socialite Justin Lee was sentenced by the Taiwanese High Court on Tuesday to 79 years and seven months in prison for raping and secretly filming 20 different women.

He will only serve 30 years, as it is the longest length possible for a fixed-term imprisonment under Taiwanese law. He has also been ordered to pay NT$27.45 million in compensation to victims.

Lee, the son of former Yuanta CEO Lee Yueh-tsang, is on the receiving end of one of the most severe punishments for such crimes issued by the Taiwanese court in recent years, South China Morning Post reports.

”The defendant was found guilty of multiple sexual assaults and filming sex tapes without consent from others,” the court announced during Lee’s second trial.

Lee has been detained since August 2012 and was originally sentenced to 18 years and six months in prison by the Taipei district court.

The court said that punishment was less severe in the first trial because Lee had denied charges against him, claiming that the women gave their consent to have sex with him and to be filmed. The judge believed he was lying and gave him a harsher sentence in the second trial, according to the China Post.





Gas explosion rocks New Taipei City, kills one, injures 14

 Click on the photo for the video..

 Click on the photo for the video..




For the second time in less than a month, a gas explosion has rocked Taiwan, this time killing one and injuring 14 others in Xindian District, New Taipei City, Apple Daily reports.

Firemen reported that 11 people sustained minor injuries (including a fireman that fell from the third floor of a building), 3 people are in critical condition, and a one-year-old baby was killed. The injured firemen is reportedly in stable condition at this time.



Gas explosion rocks New Taipei City, kills one, injures 14


Man with limited vulgar vocabulary berates bus driver

 Click on the photo to watch the video.



A video posted on Facebook showing an Asian-American hurling verbal abuses in English at a bus driver who failed to stop at his destination in Taoyuen, Taiwan, has triggered public fury.

The man, identified as Jason, and his pregnant Taiwanese wife pressed the alert bell late, resulting in the pair missing their stop, according to the report. Jason began scolding and physically intimidating the bus driver, who said he’d done nothing wrong.

A group of elderly passengers attempted to pacify Jason while one person threatened to report him to the police, prompting the irate man to shout at the passengers to “shut the fuck up”. The man’s wife stood by her husband all the while and translated.

After being persuaded by others onboard the bus, Jason and his wife got off in a huff, knocking the vehicle loudly before leaving.

Netizens are furious over the man’s behavior and requested for him to make a public apology. They also criticized his wife for not ‘standing up for the Taiwanese’.


Published on Aug 4, 2014

媽的!!!!!!!!!!! 看了超生氣!!!

堅持司機一定要跟他say sorry
跟外國人say sorry..



Taiwan gas explosion caught on camera

Explosión de gas convierte ciudad de Taiwan en campo de batalla

Embedded image permalink

Taiwan Gas Explosion Unbelievable Eyewitness footage, CCTV and Aftermath, via

Evacuees return after Taiwan gas explosion – WKRC TV Cincinnati

Evacuees return after Taiwan gas explosion Updated: Friday, August 1 2014, 08:11 PM EDT KAOHSIUNG, Taiwan (AP) — Hundreds of people who fled from gas pipeline explosions in Taiwan’s second-largest city returned to their homes Friday after authorities said there was no more risk of blasts like the series that ripped apart streets overnight, killing 26 people and injuring 267. With clean-up work underway in the 2-square kilometer (1-square mile) area, investigators were turning to the task of determining the cause of the blasts, the industrial city’s worst such disaster in 16 years.Read More at: http://www.local12.com/news/features/top-stories/stories/evacuees-return-after-taiwan-gas-explosion-15466.shtml

12,000 people in shelters after DEADLY EXPLOSIONS rock Taiwan

This is what it looks like in Kaosiung Taiwan after a gas explosion

Embedded image permalink

Video shows driver’s desperate attempts to avoid deadly Taiwan gas blasts

A driver desperately tries to avoid multiple explosions as a series of blasts rips up roads, leaving 22 dead and scores injured in Taiwan last night.

This footage shows the panic in the city of Kaohsiung after a gas leak sent huge balls of flame flying 15 storeys into the air.


Published on Jul 31, 2014
A series of gas explosions on the streets of a southern Taiwanese city killed more than a dozen people and injured scores more Thursday night. (July 31)

Raw: Deadly Taiwan Gas Leak Explosion

Raw: Deadly Taiwan Gas Leak Explosion


Suspected gas explosions on Thursday night killed at least 24 people in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Credit Reuters


Video: Taiwan girls: Hot girls in bikinis wash cars during cold snap

Taiwan girls: Hot girls in bikinis wash cars during cold snap

Published on Jan 21, 2014

A famous Taiwanese racing driver Fang Zhao-ze (方少澤) from Kaohsiung, Taiwan recently carried out an an ingenious plan for drawing customers to his new car wash — hiring hot girls in bikinis to wash vehicles during a cold snap!

Fang’s list of qualifications for girls who wanted the job was that they must be at least 165 cm tall, and their bra cup size must be at least an Asian size D. The car wash girls were required to work six hours a day, six days a week for payment of up to US$1,988 each month. Regular car washers only earn roughly US$860 dollars a month.

Fang says he thinks his girls not only attract more male customers, but are also more considerate than male car washers. Fang says he receives an average of 20 calls a day regarding job inquiries. However, some applicants still think the job is too difficult, and not worth what he’s paying.

According to the Kaohsiung government, Fang’s requirements for those seeking a job at his car wash may be in violation with employment laws in Taiwan regarding discrimination. However, netizens don’t seem to mind, with many posts online declaring their interest in visiting the car wash to get some face time with the scantily clad girls.


台湾女司机遇碰瓷 尖叫吓死人啦

台湾女司机遇碰瓷 尖叫吓死人啦

Video of a female driver in Taiwan who encounters someone allegedly trying to scam her, claiming she hit him...

From Youku:

Taiwan Female Driver Suffers False Injury Accusation/Extortion, Her Screeches Frightening

A woman driver passing through Hualian encountered a man on a bicycle who stubbornly claims she had hit him and repeatedly tried to open her car door to get her to come out and argue. The female driver initially remained calm, indicating that she had an on-board video camera, but upon seeing the man insist on falsely accusing her, she eventually broke down and called her husband in tears begging him to come rescue her.


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