In Singapore, like elsewhere, foreigners are often preferred in certain jobs!


Philippines Govt to Singapore Govt: Act against racist blog “Blood Stained Singapore”!


It happens all over the world.

Many Singaporean men, it seems, also prefer foreigners when it comes to paid sex!

Here is a Singaporean, a man, complaining about China girls coming to the squeaky clean Republic to practise the world’s oldest profession.

How do they get into Singapore? As ‘students’ who are here to study English!

He provides photos from a website advertising freelance prostitutes to prove his point.


Find out more from The Real Singapore:

“Dear The Real Singapore, I was shocked to hear from him that many PRC girls come here to ‘study English’ but in…



Dear The Real Singapore,

I got a rather troubling issue which I need your help or anyone who can give me a solution. I’m self-employed and I have a hired staff who is a foreigner that just got her PR status. Immediately once she got her PR status, she informed me that she is already pregnant. Due to the nature of our job, we are constantly exposed to chemicals therefore I advised her to reconsider her employment which is on contract basis as it would affect her pregnancy. She insisted to stay. Out of goodwill, I retained her in employment hoping that she can still help out in the stores through sales.

As months goes by, it seems that her work performance has declined significantly. Customers also feedback about her service attitude as she gets mood swings during work which affects business very much as we are in the retail line. Every month our company would have to top-up close to $2,000 for her headcount as she is could not hit her sales target. And because we cannot terminate a pregnant staff, we have to concede to this re-incurring cost at the expense of the other staffs’ hard work. This was much worse than her ‘pre-pregnancy’ months which we have to still top-up about $1,000 every month.

..BTW, she refused all forms of negotiation when I tried discussing with her for a solution to this problem.

What can I do? I am a self-employed owner of a small business and I no longer has the reserves to ‘feed’ her like a charity organization. If this goes on, I might have to close my business even before she goes for her confinement just to pay off her maternity benefits. There are laws protecting employees which I understand that are supposed to be fair. But isn’t the government also encouraging SMEs and Singaporeans to be entrepreneurs? Why isn’t there laws to protect us against unfairness from employees? What can we SME owners do when we get caught in this situation?


Ms. Wu

TRS reader



Dear The Real Singapore,

I’m writing this article to address the grievances of fellow Singaporeans who are against foreigners stealing our jobs. There seems to be a negative stigma against business owners who choose to hire foreigner’s instead of Singaporeans. This article is meant as an encouragement to fellow business owners to tell you that you’re not alone, your fellow citizen business owners are facing the same issues, and also, to educate those non-business owners who are very quick to judge an employer harshly for hiring foreigners. Lastly, it’s also to inform fellow Singaporeans that the hiring of foreigners actually creates more jobs for Singaporeans in the long-term. Without further ado, here are the list of problems we are facing:

1) SMEs, especially F&B, have a need for a large pool of low-skilled workers. It’s really difficult to find Singaporeans who are willing to take up those jobs. A common joke I make with my fellow business friends is the ‘3 cycle’ rule. If you’re hiring Singaporeans, be prepared to re-hire 3 times to finally get a stable employee that actually stays and gets the job done.

2) Locals tend to have poorer work attitude. This is not because locals are inferior to foreigners. Foreigners who are willing to leave their families to work abroad definitely have a thirst for survival and will ensure they not only get the job, but stay employed, at all costs. Admittedly, from my experience locals seem to be smarter and better able to think on their feet, but these people will never pick a low-skilled job. Therefore, we’re left with locals such as the following:

-Turning up for work irregularly. Eg. Taking last minute leave due to relatives death or hospitalization. 90% of these are not genuine cases.

-Coming to work in day One, and then going MIA.

-Another eg. Falling sick once every week.

-Last eg. Intimidation…locals who keep asking for pay increases otherwise they would leave the company. These employees know it’s very hard for us to find another local in such a short period of time. They effectively got us by the balls.

3) Foreigner’s are cheaper. Does that make us cheapskates? Rentals are sky-high, and because all supplies are imported, raw materials are very expensive too.

A note of encouragement to fellow Singaporeans. If you ask most business owners, many would readily admit that they would rather give managerial roles to Singaporeans.

This is just my input to share with you the problems we business-owners face. We’re locals just like you, trying to make a living. I hope that before criticizing, maybe take some time to understand what we have to go through, and you’ll realize, the fault doesn’t really lie with us. It’s every locals dream that local SME’s become huge corporations because that would be a great opportunity for all Singaporeans. Thank You.

Local Business Owner

TRS contributor




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