Naked Rugby or Rugby in the Raw


in the raw
phrase of raw
  1. 1.
    in its true state; not made to seem better or more palatable than it actually is.
    “he didn’t much care for nature in the raw”
  2. 2.
    (of a person) naked.
    “I slept in the raw”

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Nude Haka.MOV

Click on this for the video: Nude Rugby – Dunedin


The Nude rugby all began in 2002, with the Irish in town to play the All Blacks, when a local bus company (Bottom Bus!) was running packages for backpackers to visit Dunedin, experience the student atmosphere enjoy test match weekend Looking to add a little something for them to do before the game, the Nude Rugby International fixture was born. Held at St Clair beach  (the perfect spot for a nude mid winter rugby game ), this first game was fought between backpackers and local students for their version of world supremacy.

One of the icons of the first international that was held between Ireland and the Nude Blacks in 2002, was Fergus Mather of Tipperary. He became an international star as media honed in on the Irish captain and stories whizzed around the globe.

From its humble beginnings as a bit of fun to an annual event that generates international media attention and crowds in the thousands, Nude Rugby celebrates all that is unique about Dunedin – hardy souls taking on the world ( and the elements ) and not letting anything hinder the desire to have a good time.

The Press

Thousands watch nude rugby match

No clothes? No boots? No problem

Iain McGregor

NUDE BLACKS: Line up ahead of Saturday’s match against an Australian invitational team at the Alhambra Rugby Club in Dunedin.

Players wearing nothing but their advertising logos helped boost the female contingent amongst a 2000-strong crowd at a Dunedin rugby match yesterday.

The afternoon match saw the Nude Blacks take on an Australian invitation team at Alhambra Rugby Club.

The lack of clothing did not appear to hamper enthusiasm, though some disputes arose over the final score.

Published on Oct 19, 2013

The Nude Blacks emerged with their pride intact following a hair-raising encounter against a spirited invitational Australian outfit in Dunedin this afternoon.

Nude Rugby 2013 Test

Click on this for the video:  VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS: Nude rugby takes place in Dunedin ahead of…Nuderugby-takes…in…/Default.aspx


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