Commercials: The Good, the Funny and the Silly


Pantless men play Jingle Bells with their junk in controversial new Kmart Christmas ad

November 20, 2013 9:35AM

A new Kmart ad featuring six dashing men playing Jingle Bells “with their junk” is raising eyebrows with many people unable to decide to if it’s really clever or really offensive.

The ad, promoting the sale of Joe Boxers underwear shows six men dressed in tuxedo jackets and boxers swinging their hips to create the jingle bell tune, insinuating that’s what’s beneath their undergarments is creating musical magic.

While we’re not sure if this ad makes you want to put a pair of the boxers on your Christmas list, it’s definitely worth a watch.

But we have just one question, does the fellow on the far right with the extremely high-pitched bell feel like he has to compensate for anything?

Jingle balls? Picture: Supplied

Jingle balls? Picture: Supplied Source: Supplied


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This is so much better!

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