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The Police in Malaysia


9 September 2018


KUALA LUMPUR: A total of 72 policemen have been sacked for various offences including bribery and misconduct, as of September this year.

Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Mohamad Fuzi Harun said those sacked were of various ranks, including Superintendent, Deputy Superintendent as well as rank and file policemen.

“In addition, a total of 1,484 policemen and officers were subjected to disciplinary action including suspension.

“The offences included abuse of power, negligence, failure to report for duty as well as involvement in crime,” he told a press conference after officiating the Integrity Seminar and launch of the police’s Integrity Journal at the Police Training Centre (PULAPOL) here on Tuesday.

Mohamad Fuzi said the offences by policemen committed last year totaled 3,096 cases.

“We’ve reduced the number this year. Integrity issues continue to remain our focus and will be given stern action. It requires serious attention and preventive measures from all sides,” he said.

Before GE 14

Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said that The Malaysian Police have been rated the best in Asean by an international body but he did not name the international body which had given the rating, or furnish any other details.

“I myself do not believe that the police have cut down the national crime rate by 47% in the past eight years,” Lim said, before asking why more and more ministers and Barisan Nasional MPs are guarded and surrounded by more security personnel than eight years ago.

Who can afford to give up AU$320,000 (RM970,000)? You can’t? Well, the CID Chief can!

8 March 2018

2h2 hours ago

CID chief’s case not an isolated incident, claims DAP rep

Bukit Aman CID chief Wan Ahmad Najmuddin Mohd is not the only police officer whose finances have come into question after sending their children to study abroad, claimed Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng.

Lim said that several people, including a police officer, had relayed to him imformation of a police station chief in Kuala Lumpur who had managed to send several children abroad to study, without any form of financial assistance.

The DAP lawmaker did not disclose more details on the allegation, but urged the MACC and Bukit Aman to see him for more information, so they can commence investigations on said police station chief.

“I was told that this is not an isolated case of a police personnel sending his children abroad.

“There is at least one other who is a police station chief – not a chief in Bukit Aman but a mere police station chief in Kuala Lumpur – who was able to send his children abroad to study.

“Is his salary enough? Does it tally? I want the MACC and Bukit Aman to investigate,” he told a press conference outside the central police headquarters this morning.

2 February 2018

Cop arrested within hours of robbing Keningau tyre shop

KENINGAU: A policeman, said to be desperate for money and under the influence of drug, robbed a tyre shop at Jalan Masak here this morning.

However, the 36-year-old policeman, from Tenom police station, was detained near Jalan Kilang Irama Ramai several hours later.

A source said the man, armed with a metal pipe, had stormed into the shop and demanded some cash from the owner.

“He was swinging the metal pipe at the 32-year-old victim.

“Fearing for his safety, the victim gave him RM1,000 from the register and the suspect fled in a Proton Saga,”

A police report was lodged at 12.30pm and a team of policemen managed to trace the car to an area near Sekolah Kebangsaan (SK) Bulusilou.

“The suspect sped off but the team intercepted him soon after.

28 December 2017

Three cops suspected of robbing family in Perak

By Loghun Kumaran

IPOH, Dec 28 — A 43-year-old police inspector, two lance-corporals aged 35 and 27 and a 32-year-old jobless man have been arrested on suspicion of robbing a family in Kampung Rapat at about 2am yesterday.

The quartet is believed to be part of six-man gang that stole RM12,300 in cash from the family and have been remanded for six days starting today.

Ipoh deputy police chief Superintendent Abdul Rani Alias confirmed the arrests, saying the three suspected policemen were nabbed in separate locations around Ipoh between 12pm and 3pm yesterday.

He said police seized a black MPV vehicle and RM1,500 in cash, believed to be part of the stolen money, during the arrests.

According to Abdul Rani, the gang had carried out the 2am robbery by pretending to carry out a drug bust.

“We believe they told the victims that substances believed to be drugs were found in the house.

“They would then enter the house before demanding money from the victims.

“They would tell the victims that this money would ensure that the victims would not be brought to the police station. However, no weapons were used,” Abdul Rani said in a WhatsApp text message.


25 November 2017


A Special Branch Inspector  (Dang Wangi Special Branch office)
A Special Branch detective  (Dang Wangi Special Branch office)
A CCTV centre officer (Gombak district police headquarters)
An aide to a Selangor politician




Special Branch duo among four held for robbery

By Emmanuel Santa Maria Chin

PETALING JAYA, Nov 25 — A group of four, including three policemen, have been remanded for an alleged robbery of an insurance agent in Rawang.

The three, all 30, were an inspector and a detective at the Dang Wangi Special Branch office and a closed-circuit television control centre officer attached to the Gombak district police headquarters.

The fourth accomplice, a 34-year-old man, is believed to be an aide to a Selangor politician.

Selangor CID chief Senior Assistant Commissioner Fadzil Ahmat said the two Special Branch officers will remain in custody until the end of today.

“The officer from Gombak will be under remand until Sunday (tomorrow), and the fourth suspect until Monday,” he said.

The suspects were arrested in separate operations between Nov 17 and Nov 22.

In the incident, it is learnt three of the four suspects had gone to the insurance agent’s premises in Batu 17 and introduced themselves to the 51-year-old victim as policemen.

One of them kept watch at the door while two others demanded for the victim’s identification card and all the cash in the office, claiming it needed to be examined.

They then told the victim he was needed at the police station immediately.

As the victim entered his office at the rear to get his belongings, the suspects fled with RM4,000, a mobile phone, and the victim’s and his wife’s identification cards.

The insurance agent, who managed to jot down the registration number of the policemen’s car, lodged a police report. He also provided descriptions of the suspects.


27 July 17

8h8 hours ago

Kit Siang mocks Zahid over ‘best police force’ remark

PETALING JAYA: Lim Kit Siang has called for Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi not to stick to mere rhetoric in declaring that the Malaysian police force is the best in Asean, but to prove it as well.

The DAP supremo was referring to comments made by Zahid, who is also home minister, when giving a speech at the Addressing Perception on Safety and Security forum in Kuala Lumpur yesterday.

“The Royal Malaysian Police, according to the ratings is acknowledged as the best police in Asean.

“This is an international recognition but what is the perception? In my estimation only 20% are positive about the police,” Zahid reportedly told the audience, but did not name the international body which accorded such recognition.
The DAP parliamentary leader also offered three suggestions to Zahid that would help improve the perception, and even make Malaysians believe we have the best police force in Asean.

“First, declare it the police force’s mission to make Malaysia the safest place in the world.

“Secondly, submit annual police reports to Parliament, and thirdly, set up a Parliamentary Select committee on Police which will have the responsibility to oversee police matters,” Lim said in a statement today.


53m53 minutes ago

Many in disbelief that Malaysia’s cops rated best in Asean

PETALING JAYA: Many are in disbelief that the Malaysian police force has been rated the best in Asean, as recently revealed by an international body.

Lawyers for Liberty executive director Eric Paulsen said the ranking was nothing to shout about considering that the yardstick was the police forces of other Asean countries.

“I would certainly question that recognition, and I think that you are not comparing yourself with the standard you aspire to be,” Paulsen told FMT.

He also said it was hard to believe that Malaysia was rated higher than its neighbour, Singapore.

Yesterday, Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi announced that the Malaysian police had been rated the best in Asean by an international body. However, Zahid, who is also deputy prime minister, did not reveal the body or give further details about the criteria for the rating.

Commenting on Zahid’s statement, Suaram executive director Sevan Doraisamy said the ranking was not something to be proud of as there were several under-developed countries in Asean.

He said it was hard to believe that Malaysia had such a high ranking when there were so many deaths in custody, most of which are unsolved to this day.
Suaram’s report on May 26, 2016 stated that from 2013 to April 30, 2016, a total of 721 prisoners had died in custody, an average of 18 deaths in custody a month.

Meanwhile Amnesty International Malaysia executive director Shamini Darshini said she was curious as to how the crime rate in the country was calculated as it did not tally with actual occurrences.

She noted Zahid’s comment that the crime rate in Malaysia had gone down by 47%, but that only 20% of the public had a positive view on police crime prevention.


7h7 hours ago

No basis for Zahid’s best police in Asean comment, say lawyers

PETALING JAYA: Human rights lawyers have expressed their disbelief over Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi’s statement yesterday, that an international body had rated the Malaysian police force as the best in Asean.

“Can Zahid tell us which so-called international body said this? (It’s) quite hard to believe,” lawyer Latheefa Koya said in a text message to FMT today.

Zahid, who is also the home minister, did not name the international body which had given the rating, or furnish any other details to back the statement he made at the “Addressing Perception on Safety and Security” forum yesterday.

Her PKR colleague, Padang Serai MP N Surendran said Zahid’s claim has “no real basis”.

This is because human rights violations such as deaths in police custody are still prevalent in the country, he said.

“Deaths in custody continue to plague the police force, and there is no evidence of serious efforts being made to deal with it.

“Instead, top police officers and ministers are quick to defend the cops when death in custody occurs,” he told FMT, citing the revelations into the death of 44-year-old car theft suspect, S Balamurugan, as an example.
Lawyer P Uthayakumar supported Surendran’s statement, telling FMT that the reality didn’t tally with what Zahid had said.

“Over the years, there have been many cases of enforced disappearances, custodial deaths and police abuse.

“So how can the deputy prime minister say that the country is safe, and that the crime rates have gone down?”

30 May 2017









World of Buzz

Malaysian Policeman Caught Red-handed for Accepting Bribe From Traffic Offender


Malaysians are really good at solving problems. Take for example, when we get pulled over by the police for violating traffic rules, the first thing most drivers would say is, “Can settle ah?” And this was exactly what happened in this video that went viral on social media.

From the seven-second video, a traffic police was seen ‘settling a problem’ with a driver who got pulled over. They were shaking hands inside the car and a banknote was subtly passed to the policeman in the process. Smooth…

Read more at WOB:



s0 May 2017 | MYT 3:35 PM

Police to investigate viral video clip involving traffic cop

IPOH: Police will investigate a viral video clip in which a man is seen to be giving money to a traffic policeman.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, Perak police chief Comm Datuk Hasnan Hassan said they would be investigating the matter as it was related to the integrity of the police.

“We are serious in this matter and will investigate it thoroughly. We will not compromise on integrity issues and will ensure stern action is taken against the policeman involved if he is found to have committed wrongdoing,” he said.

In the seven-second clip, the driver can be seen putting something, believed to bank notes, into the policeman’s hand.

The man can also be heard saying, “Bolehlah, apa pula tak boleh? You cakap boleh, saya bolehlah” (Can, why cannot? You say can, I can).

The incident is believed to have occurred here.


9h9 hours ago

Cedera di muka,kepala serta badan dihantar ke Hospital Serdang untuk rawatan dan masih tidak sedarkan diri.



10h10 hours ago

Policeman in critical condition after high-speed chase

KUALA LUMPUR: A police lance corporal sustained severe injuries when he was involved in an accident following a high-speed chase in Puchong early today.

At 1.10am, Lance Corporal Mohd Ridzuan Harun was doing his rounds with his partner when they saw a motorcyclist behaving in a suspicious manner at Jalan Persiaran Tasik Prima, Puchong.

Subang Jaya police chief Assistant Commissioner Mohammad Azlin Sadari said Ridzuan tried to approach the man for inspection but the man fled on his motorcycle, prompting the police to give chase.

About five kilometres in, Ridzuan’s partner spotted the former sprawled near his motorcycle on the road.

The suspect is believed to have ditched his motorcycle and fled on foot.

“We are still unsure whether Ridzuan was injured from a scuffle or if he fell during the pursuit, as there were no witnesses,” he said.

Ridzuan fractured his skull and sustained internal bleeding. Other injuries are still being assessed.

9 March 2017







Eight KL cops hauled up to court for various graft charges

KUALA LUMPUR: Eight policemen were hauled to three separate Sessions Court here today over various graft charges.

Assistant Superintendent (ASP) Mohamad Zafrul Zulkifli, Lance Corporals Mohamad Hasirun Abu Hassan, Mohd Saffuan Mat Salleh and Muhammad Huzzaini Esman, Corporal Abd Rahim Yusak, Constable Mohd Hafis Hafizi Azhari, Corporals Azuan Khalid and Zulazri Idris pleaded not guilty to the offences.

Before judge Allaudeen Ismail, Zafrul, 37, and Hasirun, 29, who were attached to the Dang Wangi district police headquarters (IPD) were charged with soliciting RM2,000 and RM1,500 bribe respectively from Myanmar national Nang Cherry as an inducement to release her countryman Kyaw Phone Naing who was alleged with possessing a fake UNCHR card.

In the same court, Saffuan,31, and Huzzaini, 29, who were attached to the same IPD were jointly charged with accepting RM1,500 for the same reason.

The four of them were alleged to have committed the offences at D’Majestic Place Hotel, in Jalan Pudu here between 6pm and 7.30pm on Jan 28, last year.

In another court, 60-year-old Abd Rahim Yusak, and Mohd Hafis, 26, who were attached to the Sentul IPD were jointly charged with soliciting RM1,500 bribe from one Alif Faisal Amran as an inducement to settle his traffic summonses for driving with expired roadtax.

Meanwhile before judge Azura Alwi, Azuan, 49, and Zulazri, 37, who were attached to the Wangsa Maju IPD were jointly charged with agreeing to accept RM1,500 bribe from one Shahrunizad Sahar, 31, as an inducement to release three Indonesian workers; Algufron, Rudiana and Murtadji who did not have temporary work visiting passes.

The duo was also charged with another count each with soliciting RM3,000 and accepting RM500 respectively from the same person for the same reason.

28 Feb 2017

3h3 hours ago

Police again viewed as most corrupt in transparency survey

KUALA LUMPUR: The police force is yet again perceived as the most corrupt institution in the country.

About 57% of the 1,009 Malaysian participants of Transparency-International Malaysia’s (TI-M) Global Corruption Barometer (GCB) survey felt the police department was the most corrupt.

The survey results also showed that 13% of respondents who had encountered the police in the past had paid a bribe to the men and women in blue.

Akhbar was speaking at the release of the survey results here.

The 1,009 respondents polled were asked “How many of the following people/institutions do you think are involved in corruption”.

They were also asked to state if they had ever paid a bribe to, among others, the police, court officers, and public health care institutions.

However, this year’s GCB showed an improvement in the percentage of people who felt the police department was the most corrupt, compared with the previous survey conducted in 2013. Then, three quarters or 76% of the 1,000 Malaysian respondents had viewed the police as the most corrupt.

The other institutions that were also perceived as corrupt were the “tax officials” such as the Finance Ministry and local government tax collectors (48%), local government councillors (48%), business executives (46%), and government officials (45%).

16 Nov 2016

Cops detained by MACC for graft: 0.15 per cent out of 125,000 police personnel currently serving in the force.
Absenteeism:  0.2 per cent out of the 12,000 lower ranking policemen.

187 cops detained by as of October this year: Bukit Aman

MARANG: Bukit Aman today revealed that as of October, a total of 187 policemen have been detained by Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) for graft related offences.
Federal Standard Compliance and Integrity Department director Datuk Jalaluddin Abdul Rahman said the number is still small, attributing to 0.15 per cent out of 125,000 police personnel currently serving in the force.
However, he said various efforts to contain instances of misconduct among members of the men in blue were ongoing to ensure that the police’s image remain untarnished.
All those detained are still being investigated by the MACC. None have been charged yet,” he told reporters at the Marang Council Hall after a meeting with senior police officers in the state here today.
Jalaluddin said apart from graft, 1,200 policemen were being investigated for various issues, including absenteeism.
“This is about 0.2 per cent out of the 12,000 lower ranking policemen and we have questioned them following internal complaints filed in their respective offices,” he said.Read More :


10 Nov 2016

Constable tries to jump ATM queue by flashing police badge – unfortunately, to off-duty senior police officer

KUALA LUMPUR: An off-duty police constable tried to jump queue at an automated teller machine (ATM) on Saturday by identifying himself as a policeman and flashing his badge to the first person in line.
According to an English news daily, the constable then demanded to use the ATM machine, located at Publika Solaris, first.
Unfortunately for 31 year-old, the person he was addressing happened to be an off-duty senior officer from another state.
In response, the senior officer identified himself and demanded that the suspect display his authorisation card, the daily reported.
The constable refused to do so and raised his voice to start an argument, before fleeing the area.
But the two bumped into each other again elsewhere in the mall, and when asked again by the senior officer to display his authorisation card, the constable issued a threat that he had “big connections”.
The senior officer alerted the mall’s auxiliary police, and the suspect was promptly located and arrested.

The story would end there, if not for the fact that an investigation revealed that the constable has four criminal records, two acquired before joining the force, and two after. The offences include criminal intimidation and cheating, reported the daily.

Read More :

29 Oct 2016

Never bring a parang to a gunfight!

Seorang lelaki India ditembak mati di Kajang oleh kerana mengamuk petang tadi?











Man shot dead while attacking policemen zp


KUALA LUMPUR: A man armed with a parang was shot dead while trying to attack three police personnel at Taman Muhibbah, Kajang Friday afternoon.

In the incident at about 2.51pm, the suspect, a 34-year-old local man, was pronounced dead after receiving treatment at the Kajang Hospital about four hours later.

Kajang District Police Chief ACP Othman Nanyan said before the incident, the suspect had attacked two men in the area.

“Police was alerted about the incident by a member of the public and three policemen were deployed to the location and to his house.

“As soon as they arrived at the suspect’s house and introduced themselves, the man suddenly punched one of them,” he said.

ACP Othman said the suspect then ran back into the house and came out again with a parang before running towards the policemen. When he was asked to surrender, he kept running towards the police and was subsequently shot by the police in self-defence. – Bernama

28 Oct 2016

Five armed men rob policemen at homes


JOHOR BARU, Oct 28 — Five masked men armed with sickles and knives robbed two policemen and their families of cash and valuables at their houses in Tanjung Labuh Police Housing Complex near Batu Pahat early today.

Batu Pahat police chief ACP Abdul Wahib Musa said the incident occurred about 3.30am.

He said the robbers, believed to be Indonesians, broke into the houses of two police corporals, aged 34 and 51, via the rear.

“The houses are located side-by-side,” he said in a statement here today.

Abdul Wahib said about RM800 in cash, two mobile phones, a laptop and a wristwatch were robbed from the first house while RM300 in cash and two mobile phones were robbed from the second house.

A gold chain was snatched from around the second victim’s wife.

The suspects also tied the hands and feet of the second victim before he screamed for help after the suspects escaped.

15 Oct 2016

14h14 hours ago

Pemandu Grab Car diugut oleh 4 polis bermotorsikal berpakaian uniform di Taman Medan.

Translated from Malay by

Driver Grab Car threatened by 4 police motorcycle uniforms in Taman Medan.











It is understood that before the incident, he was informed that his name had been out for transfer and he also allegedly smashed the windscreen of a car belonged to his superior.–BERNAMA

Stressed cop fires 10 shots in the air

KUANTAN: A police corporal who was believed to be under a lot of stress has fired 10 shots into the air behind Kuala Krau police station in Temerloh, near here, yesterday.
Pahang police deputy chief Datuk Azri Ahmad confirmed the incident happened at 3.30pm yesterday, before the corporal who joined the force since 2005, was about to start his duty for the day at 4pm.
“He fired shots into the air but no injuries were reported. After the incident, he left his weapon behind before fleeing to Jerantut to calm down.
“However, he surrendered himself at noon and was then taken to Temerloh for investigation,” he told Bernama when contacted here, tonight.Read More :

13 Oct 2016

Cop dives into muddy river to pursue drug suspect



TAWAU: A police corporal risked life and limb to dive into a muddy river from a bridge to arrest a fleeing suspected drug dealer in Tanjung Batu Laut near here today.

In the noon incident at Log Pond, the policeman, from the Tawau Narcotics Division overpowered the 22-year-old suspect following a struggle with the man in the river.

Seized from the suspect was a package containing four small packets of syabu.

Tawau police chief ACP Fadil Marsus declined to identify the brave policeman who threw caution to the wind in pursuit of the suspect.

In a statement here, he said the suspect had injured his right leg when he leapt from the bridge into the river to escape arrest.

The policemen gambling and drinking ketum at the food stall with their patrol cars parked nearby. — Picture by Malay Mail

PETALING JAYA, Oct 13 — Eight policemen, including five on their crime beat, were rounded up for drinking ‘ketum’ and gambling at a food stall in an open-air car park in broad daylight yesterday.

A source told Malay Mail the eight policemen, regulars at the food stall at Jalan PJS8/15 in Bandar Sunway, were arrested at about 2pm.

A lance corporal believed to be attached to the Sungai Way police station managed to escape.

“A senior colleague, who had seen the suspects gambling at the stall in the past, had advised them to get their act together and warned he would report them if they did it again,” the source said.

The eight — two corporals, five lance corporals and a constable — were nabbed along with two other men believed to be friends of  one of the policemen.

“Some of the men looked high when police moved in on them. What is shocking is they were brazenly drinking ketum and gambling in a heavily populated area,” the source said.

“There were other customers at the stall during the raid.”

Police are looking for the lance corporal who escaped.

17 March 2016

Almost 4,000 M’sian cops hauled up for criminal activities between 2010 and 2015

This policeman tarnishes the reputation of the police force.

Policeman nabbed for armed robbery, attempted murder











KUALA LUMPUR: A 55 year-old policeman was arrested for armed robbery and attempted murder at a cyber café in Jalan Radin Anum, Sri Petaling today.
The Lance Corporal is alleged to have held up the cyber café’s owner with a pistol and robbing him of RM2,000 at 7am this morning.Read More :

13 August 2016

13 August 2016

Crackdown on druggie cops

JOHOR BARU: Police have started a nationwide blitz to rid the force of personnel involved in substance abuse.

So far, at least 11 policemen, including three senior officers, have been detained in two major operations in Johor for suspected drug abuse. The officers, in their 20s and 40s, were detained after they tested postive for party drugs.

Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar, when contacted, confirmed the arrests and warned his men against taking drugs.

“We will not tolerate any form of substance

16 April 2016

PDRM tidak teragak-agak ambil tindakan mahkamah terhadap 2 anggota yang dikatakan membebaskan suspek perogol – Timbalan Ketua Polis Selangor

Police to open investigation papers on 2 policemen who allegedly set rape suspect free


PETALING JAYA: Police will open investigation paper on two policemen who allegedly released the main suspect of a rape case in Sungai Pelong, last Thursday.
Selangor deputy police chief Datuk Abdul Rahim Jaafar said the policemen had violated the standard operating procedures (SOP) by releasing the suspect.
“Both of them apparently had made their own decision and did not adhere to our SOP. This is absolutely wrong.

It was reported that the suspect was nabbed by member of public at 1am after allegedly raping a four-year-old foreigner. The suspect was then handed over to the two policemen. But instead of taking the suspect to the Sungai Pelong Police Station, the two had released him.

It was believed that the victim’s mother had refused to lodge a police report because she and her daughter do not have valid travel documents.

Read More :

12 April 2016


Pada 10/04/2016 jam lebih kurang 1.00 pagi, seorang pelajar berusia 15 tahun yang merupakan tahanan di Lokap Bersepadu Jinjang (mangsa) telah diarahkan oleh seorang anggota polis (suspek) untuk menyapu sampah di luar sel. Kemudian mangsa telah diberi rokok dan suspek arahkan mangsa menghisap rokok di lorong pili air.

Sewaktu mangsa menghisap rokok, suspek telah datang dan terus memegang kemaluan mangsa. Suspek kemudian melutut dan menghisap kemaluan mangsa dan turut menelan air mani mangsa. Kerana takut, mangsa membiarkan sahaja perlakuan suspek.

Setelah selesai, mangsa disuruh kembali semula ke dalam lokap. Mangsa kemudian menceritakan kejadian ini kepada Pegawai Penyiasat kesnya dan disuruh membuat laporan polis.

Hasil siasatan awal polis, terdapat lagi dua mangsa lain yang hampir sama kejadian seperti ini melibatkan suspek yang sama. Namun dua mangsa lain itu hanya disuruh melakukan onani di hadapan suspek.

MyWatch menggesa PDRM segera menahan suspek yang terlibat kerana tindakannya langsung tidak ada dalam SOP. Malah tindakannya mencemarkan integriti PDRM. Juga sekalung syabas kepada Pegawai Penyiasat yang memberikan kerjasama kepada mangsa dan menasihatkan mangsa membuat laporan polis. Ketelusan Pegawai Penyiasat sebegini wajar mendapat pujian.

Sri Sanjeevan Ramakrishnan's photo.

Cop investigated for ‘performing oral sex’ on teen

A police personnel at the Jinjang detention centre has been detained to assist in a probe following an allegation that he performed oral sex on a 15-year-old male detainee.

Confirming this, Kuala Lumpur police chief Amar Singh told Malaysiakini that the suspect is now under detention.

“Once investigations are completed, we will send it to the Attorney-General’s Chambers (for further action),” he told Malaysiakini.

The Sunday incident is being investigated under Section 377C.of the Penal Code for committing carnal intercourse against the order of nature without consent.

Crime watchdog MyWatch chief R Sanjeevan had detailed the incident in a Facebook posting yesterday.

He said the police personnel had brought the victim out of his cell, and gave him a cigarette.

“While the victim smoked the cigarette, the suspect approached him and groped his private part,” he added.

The suspect then performed oral sex on the victim, who was reportedly to frightened to do anything.

17 March 2016

Almost 4,000 M’sian cops hauled up for criminal activities between 2010 and 2015

KUALA LUMPUR —  A total of 3,677 police personnel were arrested for alleged involvement in criminal activities between 2010 and 2015.

From this, 2,312 had investigations against them dropped, and 521 were charged in court.

A total of 844 cases have yet to be concluded.

In a written reply to a question from Gobind Singh Deo (DAP — Puchong) in Parliament on Wednesday (March 16), the Home Ministry also said the police Integrity and Standard Compliance Department was taking proactive measures and ensuring that officers adhered to rules and regulations.

“They do spotchecks on front-liners in the field or go undercover physically or through phone calls to make sure officers in the field are complying with rules and instructions,” it said.

“Urine tests are also done to ensure officers are not involved in drug abuse that could be associated with corruption and involvement in crime.”

Mr Gobind had asked the ministry to provide the number of police officers arrested for criminal offences since 2010 and efforts made to reduce their involvement in crime.

29 Feb 2016


Policeman injured after being beaten up by robbers

A policeman on patrol was injured after being beaten by a group of men at the Taming Sari traffic light junction heading to Taman Desa Baiduri in Kajang yesterday.

In the 6.30am attack, the policeman and his partner were patrolling the area on motorcycles when they spotted 10 men in two parked cars, which were blocking the road.

Kajang district police chief ACP Willey Richard said the policeman was believed to have asked the drivers of the two cars to move their vehicles, which were causing traffic congestion.

“Dissatisfied with the policeman’s instruction, the suspects came out and beat him. They also robbed the policeman of his bag, which contained a wallet and a mobile phone, before fleeing the scene,” he told Bernama when contacted.

Willey said efforts to track down the suspects were being done and the case was being investigated under Section 395/397 of the Penal Code for gang robbery.

– Bernama

7 January 2016

M’sia cops launch ‘battle of the bulge’

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malaysiakini: ‘Chubbycops set to fight away the fats, too

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7 January 2016

Fat’s off to the police force

KUALA LUMPUR: A pilot project to trim the fat in the police force has been launched.

If the fat stays, the personnel and officers risk not getting promoted or confirmed, said Bukit Aman’s Director of Management Comm Datuk Zulkifli Abdullah.

In the latest effort to combat obesity, a new programme called Trim N Fit was launched yesterday and 35 “chubby” personnel and officers from the federal police’s management department have been selected to participate.

“It’s a pilot project to ensure that policemen stay fit during their service. Our main task is to enforce the law and maintain public order. Therefore, we need our men to always be fit.”

“So far, we have about 11,000 obese personnel and officers but that’s only a conservative number,” he said, adding that they expected change within two to three years.

Taken on 27 December 2015 at Ipoh International Airport



23 December 2015

Deputy Superintendent Rohaizat Abdul Ani, a one-time Setiu OCPD and former vice cop at the Sabah police headquarters.


23 December 2015 | MYT 7:02 PM

Former cop gets 100 years’ jail for rape, sodomy


KOTA KINABALU: A former state anti-vice chief was jailed a total of 100 years and given 15 strokes of the rotan for raping and sodomising a 13-year-old girl.

Deputy Supt Rohaizat Abd Ani, 56, a father of two children, was found guilty of four charges of rape and one of sodomy between February and May 2012.

Sessions judge Ainul Shahrin Mohamad slapped the maximum 20 years jail for each of the charge.

Rohaizat was found guilty of raping and sodomising the victim between 4.30pm and 5.30pm  in a room at Tang Dynasty Hotel here on Feb 1, 2012. The next day, he again raped the girl between 12.30pm and 1.30pm in another room of the same hotel.

Between May 1 and 6, the accused raped the girl in a room of the same hotel.

Rohaizat will have to serve 80 years in all – 20 years for the first two charges (both to run concurrently) and 20 years each for the other three (to run consecutively).

17 December 2015






Malaysian policeman beaten to death for trying to steal bird’s nest

Embedded image permalink

The policeman was suspended for having been arrested before for a break-in case, drug-related case and one for causing grievous hurt.


16 December 2015 | MYT 9:01 PM

Cop beaten to death for allegedly stealing bird nests

MANJUNG: A policeman was beaten to death for allegedly trying to steal bird nests in Sitiawan, near here.

The 35-year-old had entered into a bird nest farm but was caught and beaten up by several people, believed to be employees, on Tuesday at about 4pm.

Perak deputy police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Hasnan Hassan said on Wednesday that police received a report minutes later and went to the farm to investigate the matter.

DCP Hasnan said the police corporal was sent to the district hospital but was pronounced dead upon arrival following the incident.

He also said that the officer had been suspended for being involved in three crime cases.

8 December 2015

They wanted to rob her but this policewoman bravely resisted. She was badly cut in the throat and had to undergo surgery at Hospital KL.


Meskipun cedera, dia masih berusaha menahan suspek

Embedded image permalink


Two robbers slit policeman’s (sic) neck in attempt robbery
By ZAHRATULHAYAT MAT ARIF – 8 December 2015 @ 9:25 AM
KUALA LUMPUR: A 27-year-old policeman (sic) was seriously injured when two men slit her neck during a struggle in an attempt to rob her near the Danau Kota Muslim Cemetery, Setapak here early yesterday.
In the 7am incident, the policeman with Lans Corperal rank, based in Gombak police station, was walking to buy breakfast when the two men, riding a motorcycle, approached her and pointed a knife at her neck.
City Criminal Investigation chief Datuk Zainuddin Ahmad said the men in their 20s had told the victim to hand over all her important belongings.
“The policeman (sic)was trying to defend herself before one of the men slit her neck.
“Even though the policeman(sic) was badly injured, she tried to nab the men but they managed to escape without taking her belongings,” he said when contacted yesterday.

Above the law?

Perhaps it’s ‘no smoking’ on the other side of the sign?


Picture of coppers smoking below “no smoking” sign goes viral


PETALING JAYA: A photo of the boys in blue smoking right below a “no smoking” sign have been going viral on social media lately.

A group of five auxiliary policemen, in full uniform, appear to be taking a break and having a a bite to eat while a couple of them are smoking.

The photo, which was uploaded on the Malaysia Velai Seivor Sangam – malaysiatamilan Facebook page on June 1, has since garnered 2,683 likes and 1,056 shares.

Malaysia Semua Boleh

Malaysia Velai Seivor Sangam - malaysiatamilan's photo.


A policeman helps push a stranded car at Jalan Sultan Yusuff in Ipoh. Pix courtesy of Kalaivanan Nadarajah

Will any arrest be made since they had no permit to rally?

Video: Group gathers to show support for PDRM



IGP denies saying state police chiefs investigated by MACC

Several state police chief under investigation Get your news in New Straits Times today!

Malay Mail Online

IGP denies saying state police chiefs investigated by MACC

Published: February 18, 2015 09:38 PM

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 18 — Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu denied saying there were state police chiefs being investigated by the Malaysia Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), as was reported by an English daily today.

“What I said to reporters yesterday was that all senior police officers, including myself, can be investigated by MACC, and I never confirmed of some police chiefs being investigated by MACC for corruption,” he added.

He believed the reporter concerned had misunderstood what he said.

“I hope they correct the news,” he told a media conference on the “Balik Kampung Ops Selamat 6/2015” campaign held in conjunction with the Chinese New Year celebration at the Jalan Duta toll plaza here.

Khalid said if any of the state police chiefs were involved in corruption, he, himself, would take action against them.

“As it is, until today, there is no case of corruption involving state police chief,” he added.

STOLEN AT THE LAUNDRY PLACE: 30 OF THESE! Someone broke into a laundrette on  Jalan Musytari Am in Section U5 and stole just the police shirts!

Sungai Buloh OCPD Supt Junaidi Bujang said the suspects might use the shirts to impersonate police officers to commit crime.


Could be misused: A police officer’s shirt — like the ones that were stolen from a laundry shop in Section U5 in Shah Alam.


Tuesday February 17, 2015 MYT 7:02:11 AM

30 police shirts stolen from laundrette

SUBANG JAYA: Some 30 police shirts, many stitched with the names of high-ranking officers, have been stolen from a laundry shop here.

Police who are investigating the theft, fear that the apparel could end up being used for ill intent. They have warned the public to be wary of men posing as police officers.

The shirts, while not official police uniforms, still feature the forces’ insignia and is grey and black in colour.

Rohana Muhd Bakri, the owner of the laundry shop along Jalan Musytari Am in Section U5, said police were her regular customers and sent about 30 “corporate shirts” for washing this month.

“On Feb 8, my worker came to open the shop in the morning and found that our door had been pried open. Nothing was taken, just the bag with the police shirts.

“I know how the shirts could be misused so I lodged a report right away,” she told The Star.

Rohana said the bag contained shirts and jackets with the first names of high-ranking police officers from Bukit Aman, and the Subang Jaya, Kajang and Shah Alam police headquarters, stitched on them.


The victim thought everything was over the officer kept on calling her over the following few days, demanding she have sex with him again. 

That second demand was one time too many. She reported him.

The police officers involved are attached to the Kota Damansara mobile patrol vehicle (MPV) unit and have since been arrested.

Malay Mail Online

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 2 — A private college student will never forget having sex with her boyfriend in his car recently, but for all the wrong reasons.

While in the middle of their tryst, they were caught red-handed by two police officers, one of whom took full advantage of the situation.

One of the police officers forced the student, 19, to perform oral sex on him, subsequently raped her in a public toilet and forced her to give him RM500.

The police officers involved are attached to the Kota Damansara mobile patrol vehicle (MPV) unit and have since been arrested.

The incident took place last Monday, when the victim went out for a date with her boyfriend who is in his 20s.

A police source told Malay Mail that after their outing, the student’s boyfriend parked his car at a secluded area in Section 10, Kota Damansara.

“The couple started having sex in the car but their act caught the attention of two police officers on crime prevention rounds,” the source said.

He said the victim and her boyfriend were both naked when the two officers approached them.

The policemen told the couple they would be arrested and taken to Kota Damansara police station for behaving inappropriately in a public place.

The couple panicked and begged the policemen to let them off with a warning.

“One of the officers handcuffed the girl and took her into the MPV, while his accomplice took the boyfriend in his car,” he said.

The source said as they drove towards the police station the college student continued begging to be let off the hook.

“Seeing this as an opportunity, the policeman demanded RM2,000 from the victim,” the source said.

“When she agreed, he asked her to have sex with him.”

The victim stood her ground and told the officer that she would not.

Read the rest of the report here:


Monday February 2, 2015 MYT 12:13:32 PM

Two cops to be remanded for allegedly raping college student

PETALING JAYA: Two cops are expected to be hauled to the PJ magistrate’s court Monday for allegedly raping and blackmailing a 19-year-old college student, police have confirmed.

The teen lodged a report on Saturday, claiming that the two officers had caught her and her boyfriend having sex in a car in Kota Damansara on Jan 26, and proceeded to take advantage of her.

The student claimed that on the same day, she received a call from the officer who allegedly demanded payment of the bribe.

ACP Azmi said the girl alleged that the officer drove her to a nearby mall, after picking her up from her hostel, and forced her to perform oral sex on him in his car.

“She said he later took her to a toilet in the mall and raped her. He said if she didn’t do as he asked, he would arrest her,” ACP Azmi said.

According to the victim’s report, the officer didn’t stop there. The girl claimed the man has been calling her up the past week to demand sex again.



獨家報導:梁國俊 獨家攝影:盧淑敏  (八打靈再也1日訊)2名巡警在學校旁空地,撞破19歲女學生和男友搞“車震”,除勒索金錢,作為放人條件,還性侵女受害者!  女受害者原本為了遮醜,選擇息事寧人,無…


GEORGE TOWN: A traffic policeman on duty was all riled up after a participant of the annual Penang Rainbow Run threw coloured powder at him here today.

The policeman, who was monitoring the traffic during the charity run at Padang Polo here, did not realise his shirt and pants were tainted initially until a passer-by alerted him.

He was visibly angry and shouted repeatedly when he discovered patches of fuschia and purple all over his uniform.

Its organiser Ben Tan said the incident was unintentional, as the participants threw coloured powder at one another in the event observed worldwide.

“We do not know who threw the coloured powder at the policemen.

“The participants threw the powder on one another during the run, I am sure the participant did not aim the powder at the policeman,” Tan said contacted by the New Straits Times.

Tan said the incident had caused a brief stir among the participants when the policeman ticked off the organiser.


Hopefully with Beauty smiling at you, you will respond better and accept the summons.

RT : deploys first female traffic police team at roadblocks

PETALING JAYA (THE STAR/ASIA NEWS NETWORK) – Traffic police in Malaysia are trying a “softer” approach by having an all-women enforcement team to man roadblocks.

The new Traffic Women Estimable Enforcement Team (Tweet) comprises six officers and is the first all-women traffic patrol team in the country.

PJ Traffic Police chief Deputy Supt Mohamad Roy Suhaimi Sarif said having an all-female team may improve situations at roadblocks psychologically.

“We have had complaints that perhaps male officers were too aggressive or intimidated motorists while some motorists refused to cooperate, even when officers just wanted to give them a warning, rather than a summons. They reacted defensively or tried to instigate officers.

“This doesn’t lead to very professional enforcement,” he said.


KUALA LUMPUR: A police inspector who engaged a prostitute’s service at a spa, here, landed himself in trouble after lodging a report that he lost RM1,550 during the act.

The officer, attached to the city police headquarters’ Internal Security and Public Order Department, had called the Dang Wangi headquarters’ operations room about 3am to request for assistance to find the money, which he alleged had been stolen by the prostitute.

The source said the officer then requested for the case to be reported officially.

The report furnished by the officer was detailed, right down to how much he paid for the services of the prostitute as he did not want to use a condom.

“After they finished (having sex), the complainant (the inspector) went to a toilet to wash up. After putting on his clothes, he walked away from the room before realising that his cash kept in a pocket had gone missing.”


City police chief Datuk Tajuddin Md Isa confirmed that police received the report.

He said the inspector was believed to have been mentally unstable after being in a coma for three months in 2012 following a road accident.

“I know that this incident has gone viral in social media, and I am not denying that it had taken place. However, I would like to make it clear about something, that this officer is not a bad person, as we believe that he did what he did due to the mental disorder from which he was suffering.”

Tajuddin said they did not have the heart to sack the officer, despite the troubles he has created, as the man would lose his source of income.

“I actually took pity on him… his mental problem is serious, so much so that it even tore his marriage apart. We are discussing with the federal headquarters, and I will bring this matter up to the Inspector-General of Police to decide.”


The division’s principal assistant director, Senior Assistant Commissioner Roslee Chik, told the New Straits Times that he was alerted about the arrest of the officer, whom he had considered his “right-hand man”.


KUALA LUMPUR:A SENIOR Bukit Aman officer with the rank of assistant commissioner of police has been detained by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission for alleged involvement in money laundering. The officer, in his mid 50s, was formerly a state Criminal Investigation Department chief.

It is understood that the officer had received a transfer order from the inspector-general of police about a month ago to the Anti-Trafficking in Persons Department. However, he had sought a deferment of his transfer and asked for two weeks’ leave to attend to his ailing wife.

Sources said graft busters found RM170,000 in a bag he was carrying when he was picked up in an undisclosed location. Following his arrest, they raided his house and recovered RM300,000 in one of the rooms.

Sources added that MACC had evidence to show that he was involved in money laundering.



District police chiefs and police station heads will face disciplinary action or be transferred out within 24 hours if unlicensed gambling outlets still exist in their areas of jurisdiction.

Illegal gambling: Police chiefs face 24-hour transfer If such outlets are found in areas under their…

10:42PM Nov 3, 2014

By Bernama

Illegal gambling: Police chiefs face 24-hour transfer

District police chiefs and police station heads will face disciplinary action or be transferred out within 24 hours if unlicensed gambling outlets still exist in their areas of jurisdiction.

Kuala Lumpur deputy police chief Law Hoong Soon said he issued an order on Oct 14, giving all district police chiefs and police station chiefs one month to ensure the end of all illegal gambling activities in the federal capital.

POLICE DIVERS AT WORK! This is an aspect of police work we seldom see or read about.

CURI MOTOSIKAL: POLIS MARIN SELAM CARI BUKTI Baling, 2 Nov – Unit Selam Pasukan Polis Marin (PPM) Wilayah 1...

When thieves have stripped a motorcycle of saleable parts, they dump the rest. The police interrogate the thieves and then go in search of the parts that have been dumped, which are part of the evidence.


CURI MOTOSIKAL: POLIS MARIN SELAM CARI BUKTI Baling, 2 Nov – Unit Selam Pasukan Polis Marin (PPM) Wilayah 1 berjaya mengesan tiga buah rangka motosikal curi di tiga sungai dekat sini semalam. Menurut Komandernya ACP Mohd Yusof Abdullah, pasukannya telah memberi bantuan selaman bagi mengesan barang kes tersebut yang disiasat oleh pihak Ibu Pejabat Polis Daerah (IPD) Baling.“Hasil petunjuk daripada suspek, kami telah menemui tiga buah rangka motosikal di Sungai Caruk Bertam, Sungai Parit Panjang dan Sungai Ketil,” katanya lagi.

Kesemua rangka tersebut diserahkan kepada Pegawai Penyiasat IPD Baling dan kes disiasat di bawah Seksyen 379A (1) Kanun Keseksaan.

Among the actions JIP will take is to administer random urine checks on cops and deploy undercover personnel to test them.

Bukit Aman sets up department to act on crooked cops: The police have formed a new branch called the Integrity…

The police have formed a new branch called the Integrity and Standard Compliance Department (JIPS) to act against corrupt or negligent police officers, The Star reported today.

Modelled after the New York Police Department’s Internal Affairs Bureau, JIPS officers have the power to raid police stations and conduct random tests to weed out errant cops.

“Some in the force will not like it, but it is time that we take a look at ourselves and change what needs to be changed,”‎ first director Senior Deputy Comm Datuk Zubaidah Md Ismail told the English daily.

She said that with JIPS, police could now fight corruption through proactive measures rather than wait for a public complaint to be lodged.

“Prevention is better than cure. Before JIPS, we used the reactive approach by only taking action when a complaint is made,” she told The Star.

Four police officers among six charged with corruption

BUTTERWORTH: Six civil servants comprising four police officers and one each from Seberang Prai Municipal Council and Home Ministry claimed trial to eight corruption charges totalling RM5,750 at the Butterworth Sessions Court.


IPOH: Perak police has confirmed an investigating officer with the Ipoh district police’s narcotics unit has been arrested for drug possession in Penang on Wednesday.

Bukit Aman’s Department of Crime Prevention and Community Safety (JPJKK) director Datuk Acryl Sani Abdullah Sani said the 30-year-old cadet Inspector was arrested with a friend in a flat unit at Bayan Lepas in the afternoon.

“When he was arrested, police found on him syabu,” he said.

Narcotics cop nabbed for alleged drug possession

GEORGE TOWN: An investigator from the Ipoh police headquarters’ narcotics investigation department was nabbed in Bayan Lepas here for allegedly possessing drugs.

It is believed that the officer, who was picked up on Wednesday evening, was found with syabu on him.

Perak police confirmed the arrest.

Police officers & KL City Hall (DBKL) enforcement officers charged at 2 Sessions Court with 5 counts of soliciting & accepting bribes

KUALA LUMPUR: Two policemen and three Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) enforcement officers were charged in two Sessions Court here with six counts of soliciting and accepting RM4,600 bribes.

Lance Corperal Muhammad Nazruldin Chee Chau Vui, 34, claimed trial to accepting RM800 from trader Lanny Ong Boon Hsien, 32, as an inducement to not take action against him for smuggling subsidised diesel.

In another court, Sergeant Shaharuddin Abdul Shukor, of the Sentul police domestic violence criminal investigation division claimed trial to accepting RM300 from one Harcharanjit Singh Ranjit Singh, 50.

He was alleged to have accepted the amount as an inducement to ensure investigations will be carried out based on a report made by the latter on Nov 1 , 2013.

Meanwhile, in the same court, Mohd Nasir Danuri, 45, Mohamad Rezuan Chan, 41, and Ja’affar Ibrahim, 57, from the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) enforcement unit, were jointly charged with two counts of soliciting RM1,000 and accepting RM500 from restaurant owner Chew Hian Tat.

The money was for not taking action against chew’s restaurant for not having valid business premise license.

The trio were alleged to have committed the offences at Restoran Suria Teh Tarik in Ampang here on Oct 22, 2012.



567 corruption cases against Selangor police

SHAH ALAM: Selangor police recorded 567 investigations of misconduct against its officers from January to September this year.

Chief police office Datuk Abdul Samah Mat said that most of the investigations, about 289 of them, were conducted based on complaints and tip offs from the public.

“The police force is serious about ensuring our integrity and discipline at the top of our priority. Hence the establishment of a new department called the Integrity and Standards Compliance unit.

“This year, we have opened 567 cases against police officers regarding misconduct. 48 cases were about involvement in crime, 15 cases on bribery, 26 cases drug-related, 188 cases on attendance and the rest 289 other disciplinary cases based on public’s complaints.

“Based on our investigations, 44 officers are under suspension while awaiting for their cases to be brought to court, another 68 have been tried and suspended from the force while 23 officers were dismissed,” he said.


Sunday October 12, 2014 MYT 9:49:51 PM

Tree flattens police booth, two officers killed

Workers attempt to clear a fallen tree in Jalan Kg Attap

Workers attempt to clear a fallen tree in Jalan Kg Attap

KUALA LUMPUR: Two police officers were killed when strong wind caused a tree to fall onto their police booth in Jalan Bellfield, Kampung Attap, Sunday evening.

KL Fire and Rescue Department director Khirudin Drahman said the incident occurred at around 7.09pm, Sunday.

“We dispatched 28 officers to the scene and found that a tree had indeed flattened a booth there. One officer was pulled out at 7.45pm and another was pulled out by 8pm,” he said.

INSIDEN POKOK TUMBANG HEMPAP PONDOK POLIS di Kg Attap 7.09 mlm td. 2 anggota Polis maut disahkan oleh Peg Perubatan

Judge opens fire on ‘executioner’ cops

The Court of Appeal today awarded the family of a shooting victim RM351,000 and lambasted the police for acting as “executioners” in self-defence.

In overturning the Shah Alam High Court judgment, Justice Hamid Sultan Abu Backer ruled that the police cannot shoot to kill suspected criminals.

“It is trite law of Malaysia that the federal constitution does not permit police officers to kill suspected and/or dreaded criminals by fake encounters.

“The police are paid through public funds with a primary duty to arrest criminals and put them for trial.

“They cannot be allowed to roam trigger-happy as this will be in violation of rule of law and the relevant authorities must seriously check such violation,” Justice Hamid said.

..Abd Jaffar, a car repossessor, who was seated on the front passenger seat of a Proton Waja, was killed by a team of police Special Action Unit who shot the deceased six times in Shah Alam on Sept 2, 2008 at 10am after the car was blocked by the authorities.

In overturning the Shah Alam High Court decision, Jusfice Hamid Sultan outlined its weaknesses and laid out the facts of the case, where police in their defence claimed that a shot was fired from Abd Jaffar’s car, resulting in the police to shoot.

Different serial numbers

Despite a gun being found in the Proton Waja, no gun residue was found on Abd Jaffar.

There was also conflicting testimony by the police witnesses as to the gun recovered – a Steyr M9 A1 – where one police officer testified that it has a serial number of MOO 2893 but the chemist who examined the gun gave a different serial number of M00 2895.

“Hence, this glaring error, which was never explained, casts suspicion on whether the gun was recovered from the car or whether the gun was placed in the car after the police had shot the deceased,” Justice Hamid Sultan noted.


“The police are paid through public funds with a primary duty to arrest criminals and put them for trial. They cannot be allowed to roam trigger happy as this will be in violation of the rule of law and the relevant authorities must seriously check such violations,” Justice Hamid said in his 31-page judgment.

“It is trite that the police force has not been endowed with ‘executioner’ powers in the pretext of self-defence,” he said.

The Star

Wednesday October 8, 2014 MYT 8:22:36 PM

Court awards RM351,000 to children of car repossessor allegedly shot by police

PUTRAJAYA: Three daughters of a man who was allegedly shot dead by police, were awarded a sum of RM351,000 in damages by the Court of Appeal which allowed their claim for loss of dependency due to the wrongful death of their father.

A three-member panel led by Justice Datuk Linton Albert unanimously allowed the appeal brought by the three girls, Nurasmira Maulat Abdul Jaffar, Siti Asma Abdul Jaffar and Siti Fatimah Abdul Jaffar, to reverse a High Court’s dismissal of their civil suit against the Inspector-General of Police, the Government and a police officer, ASP Ong Seng Keong.

The two other judges were Datuk Hamid Sultan Abu Backer and Vernon Ong Lam Kiat.

The panel awarded RM51,000 in damages for loss of dependency and RM300,000 in exemplary damages, as well as RM50,000 in costs for the proceedings at the Court of Appeal and High Court to the girls aged 15, 8 and 7 years who through their mother, Abra Bibi Shahul Hamid, brought the suit against the police for allegedly causing the wrongful death of their father, Abdul Jaafar Abdul Mutalib, 38.

“What is reprehensible and needs to be condemned are fake encounters as the facts of the instant case shows prima facie and the failure of the relevant authorities to discipline such officers and worse still, claim self-defence under the Police Act which has no relevancy to the killing,” Justice Hamid added.

He said the senior federal counsel who represented the respondents had also failed to bring to the court’s attention any law that giving powers to the police and the right to shoot on sight or any law relating to self-defence or fulfilment of any Special Operating Procedure.

“Section 24 of the Police Act 1967 has nothing to do with self-defence to exonerate liability from unlawful killing,” he said, adding that this section also did not give the police any power to kill.

Justice Hamid said the courts had a constitutional duty to deal with “police excesses” and to provide the necessary input or directions for appropriate action by the relevant authorities to ensure the rule of law was maintained at all times.


We are not told which model the Mercedes Benx is. Some are capable for 300kph.

Evolution X – Our own Police Car now on the Road !


PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police) says that the 25 Evo Xs will be used primarily for high speed car chases in relation to car jacking, robbery and also kidnapping.

Suspect nabbed in high-speed chase claims to be ‘Datuk’ to avoid arrest

KUALA LUMPUR: “You can’t arrest me, I’m a Datuk!” exclaimed a suspect as he was being cuffed by police after a high-speed chase from Nilai to Serdang, early Monday morning.

The 33-year-old, self-proclaimed “Datuk” even said he was a lawyer and was friends with an Opposition leader in an apparent bid to avoid being arrested.

The “Datuk” then proceeded to kick at a police vehicle, curse the police and headbutt an officer.

Sepang OCPD Supt Mohd Yusoff Awang said police had first tried to pull over the suspect and two others in a gold Mercedes Benz near the Nilai R&R on the Seremban Highway at 3.20am, Monday due to the car having dark tinted glass.

He said the four-man patrol team sounded their vehicle’s siren and flashed its beacon lights to try to get the suspect’s car to stop.

He said a patrol team from Serdang intercepted the suspect’s car when it took a turn into Universiti Putra Malaysia.

“The officers came out with guns drawn and directed the driver in the car to step out and lie on the ground. As the officers were placing handcuffs on the suspect, he claimed to be a ‘Datuk’ and that he worked at a law firm and was friends with Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim,” said Supt Mohd Yusoff, who added that police believe the suspect was trying to lie his way out of being arrested.

He said the two other passengers in the Mercedes then came out of the vehicle to film the incident on their smartphones, claiming that police were “provoking them”.

Police Evo vs Mercedes in Plus highway high speed chase

KUALA LUMPUR: After leading police on a dangerous high-speed chase along the Seremban-Kuala Lumpur highway yesterday, a man tried tried to wriggle himself out by claiming he was a ‘Datuk’.

In the 3.20am incident, a police patrol car had spotted a Mercedes Benz heading towards the city. The car had heavily-tinted windows which appeared to exceed regulations, prompting police to order the driver to stop.

The gold-coloured Mercedes however sped off, ignoring the order to stop by the patrol car.

The police Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution patrol car then gave pursuit, engaging the Mercedes in a 10-minute high-speed chase which went up to a speed of 240km/h.

Sepang deputy police chief Superintendent Zaldino Zaludin said a back-up team was deployed to assist the first team to intercept the suspects.

“The back-up team managed to intercept the vehicle at the UPM toll exit in Serdang and with guns drawn, police forced them to stop,” he said.

Police found three men in the car, all in their 30s.


Tuesday September 30, 2014 MYT 5:20:12 PM

Cop nabbed for molesting 23-year-old Indonesian construction worker

KAJANG: A policeman has been arrested for allegedly molesting and soliciting sex from a 23-year-old Indonesian construction worker in Bandar Damai Perdana here.

In the Sunday incident, the 26-year-old man who holds the rank of Lance Corporal and his colleague apprehended the woman at a shared house in Cheras Damai Perdana for failing to produce her passport at about 3pm.

District deputy OCPD Supt Abdul Ghani Mohamad Ji said the policemen handcuffed the woman and brought her to the Bandar Damai Perdana police headquarters for further interrogation.

“He brought her into a room and started to perform an unauthorised body check on her.

“She broke down in tears after the officer fondled her body parts and made sexually suggestive comments at her,” he added.

Supt Abdul Ghani said policeman made lewd gestures at the woman, in what police believed to be an attempt to solicit sex from her.


Anti-narcotics cop pays the price for being careless


9:34PM Sep 26, 2014

By Bernama

Policewoman lodges report over ‘semi-nude pictures’

A policewoman has lodged a police report after several pictures purportedly showing her in various semi-nude poses surfaced in the Internet and smart phone application, whatsApp.

Penang police deputy chief A Thaiveegan said the victim, in her 20s, lodged the report yesterday after discovering the pictures were circulated via whatsApp and on social media in the past few days.

“She was alerted of the matter after being informed by a woman colleague,” he told Bernama in George Town today.

An anti-narcotics police officer at Bukit Aman’s intelligence and operations unit loses gun, lap top, and Pulapol and Bukit Aman security pass cards!

Malaysia Chronicle

Friday, 26 September 2014 10:18

BIGGEST JOKE: Top cop loses GUN while having lunch

PETALING JAYA – “Do what I say, don’t do what I do.”

That best described the incident that befell a senior anti-narcotics police officer, attached to Bukit Aman’s intelligence and operations unit, after his bag with a laptop was stolen from his car as he was having lunch at a restaurant in Jalan Gombak.

His not so intelligent act of leaving his bag unattended left him red-faced as the 43-year-old officer lost not only his laptop, but a Walther P99 semi-automatic pistol and 10 bullets.

Sources said the incident happened yesterday after the officer met another investigating officer at the Kuala Lumpur police headquarters over a drug-related case.

“The officer and his partner were in an unmarked Proton Preve. The car is usually used during stake outs by narcotics officers. The incident happened when they stopped at Jalan Gombak before returning to Bukit Aman,” the source said.

He said the officer had parked along the roadside at 1.45pm and when he returned at 2.20pm, the rear windscreen was smashed.

“The officer looked for his laptop bag but it was no where to be seen.”

He also lost his Pulapol and Bukit Aman security pass cards that were also in the bag.





Monday September 22, 2014 MYT 7:12:41 AM

Inspector held over rape of theft suspect

Kuala Lumpur police chief Senior Asst Comm Datuk Tajuddin Md Isa said the officer, who is attached to the Brickfields district police headquarters, was arrested at his office yesterday morning.

“He is an investigating officer attached to the district. He joined the force last year,” he said.

The officer allegedly raped the 19-year-old girl in his office at about 6am on Wednesday.

Prior to the incident, the girl and her boyfriend, who were suspected of stealing at a supermarket, were arrested by the officer at a house at about 3am.

It is believed that she was brought to the inspector’s office while the boyfriend spent the night in the lock-up.

The girl was apparently also told to lie down on a sofa inside the inspector’s office. She claimed that she was raped while she was asleep.

It is learnt that she was released an hour after the incident.



Kuala Lumpur – Seorang pegawai polis ditahan kerana disyaki merogol seorang wanita yang juga suspek kes curi barangan di sebuah pasar raya di ibu negara, kelmarin. Dalam kejadian jam 3 pagi wanita berusia 19 tahun itu dipercayai ditahan bersama teman lelakinya di sebuah rumah oleh suspek. Menurut su…

Kuala Lumpur – Seorang pegawai polis ditahan kerana disyaki merogol seorang wanita yang juga suspek kes curi barangan di sebuah pasar raya di ibu negara, kelmarin.

Dalam kejadian jam 3 pagi wanita berusia 19 tahun itu dipercayai ditahan bersama teman lelakinya di sebuah rumah oleh suspek.

Menurut sumber, suspek dipercayai membawa mangsa ke biliknya di Balai Polis Petaling, di sini manakala teman lelaki mangsa dikatakan ditahan di lokap.

Sumber memberitahu, sebaik tiba di bilik suspek, mangsa diarahkan baring di sofa di pejabat suspek sebelum mangsa dikatakan dirogol ketika tidur.


SINGAPOREAN IS DISGUSTED BY HIS EXPERIENCE WITH MALAYSIAN POLICE! Read his story and the comments at the end in this report by The Real Singapore.


“U can’t condemn the whole Malaysia for these 2 scumbags..”


Dear The Real Singapore,

I beg u share this with your readers.. U see… I got pulled over by these 2 idiots… They told me it’s an offence to drive in Malaysia without an International License.. ASEAN countries driving license is permitted to drive in Malaysia with the license of origin… They revealed their colors.. Ask me pay kopi money to solve the problem…

Firstly, I did not even commit a mistake and that I was allowed by law to drive on Malaysia Roads.. I told them to issue me a summon… Then!! They issue me a parking summon for parking.. They pulled me over… And that is why I stopped… I am assuming that since they didn’t get my kopi money, they gave me 2 summons… So, for all the good food, beautiful memories u have produced for me and my offroad adventures, this sucks… I would pay a kopi money, if I have committed an offence, more than happy to in fact… But this one..

What did I honestly do in the name of the law I was faulted for?? They took 20 mins to write 2 simple piece of summon.. Probably hoping that I would change my mind to give in for bribe. Not all Malaysian Law Enforcers are like these 2 Arseholes… There are good guys.. But all u need is 2 clowns to bring the good name down. Here’s the last part…. One of them told me this… “Crossing the border to JB don’t need International License, but driving in KL needs one”… Word for word… So, I politely asked if there’s some treaty signed for this?

That I can drive in JB without an international license but all else in Malaysia, I would require 1… No reply… If I appealed, and I am still at fault, i’ll pay. Integrity is what I am talking about.. Would I come back to Malaysia again? Of course I would.. It’s a beautiful place…

This is the summon they gave me, I think it says I am driving without a license. My malay pals please help me translate:

How did I not have a license? I drove since 2003.. Apparently they didn’t even state International License….

Ken Lau · Top Commenter

just stop driving into malaysia…end of story….. i already not doing it anymore….tell their economy go f spider,,,,

Abdul Rahim Ismail · · Sek Men Abdul Rahman Talib (SMART)

Not all police in Malaysia are corrupted. So your title is simply not fair. I have been stopped by police a few times and they just gave me a warning not to repeat my mistake. I think in Singapore, police there are inhumane because they are to strict. Don’t have reasoning at all for a small mistake. So there is always pros and cons. I am not saying that Singapore police are bad. What I am saying is that your remarks are really uncalled for. You cannot blame the entire Malaysian police force.

Rashib Kadir · Private secondary singapore

Wait wait, what is your nationality?..malaysian or singaporean?..cause your address melaka..your driving licence singapore… so are you driving singapore plate Number or malaysian? show us only back of your singapore driving licence…your name covered…i/c No covered..plate no covered..traffic police selangor….so where actually this happen?? JB or Where?? Please enlighten us in order to help you…

Ken Lau · Top Commenter

IC number spotted….S7419397H….


its “non-functional” force, claiming that it had failed to act in two separate cases where car accident victims had been attacked by mobs.

In one case, tow car company operator Ngiam Kee Buh told the press that his employee at the scene had told him that there were three police officers stationed at a Ramadan market near the scene of the accident.

It purportedly involved a Proton Wira colliding into three cars parked illegally on a flyover, after its driver Lee Keng Long tried to avoid a vehicle in front of him that suddenly switched into his lane.

The police allegedly failed to act when a mob descended on the driver, but only stood by idly after being shoved aside by the attackers.

He added that his employee has declined to speak publicly about the accident that took place in the wee hours of July 26 in Klang, at the Kota Klang roundabout.


Embedded image permalink

巴生:调水、打人、翻车、烧车……昨 夜巴生发生一起交通意外,据了解事发后马来事主调动了整整100人来到现场,除了把对方打了一顿,还翻到了对方的车,并且将车烧掉,就连来劝架的吊车佬 (CALLMAN)也被打到进医院。希望大家再发挥社会责任,唤醒政府、警方认真调查此事,不能让种族、暴力、仇恨、目无王法的方式继续存在。请大家广 传!!!!! (4 photos)







On Sunday night, when Muhammad Faiz Abdul Ghan and his friend were on a motorcycle, the driver of a car got them to stop by the roadside.

Getting out of his car, the man, a policeman, accused them of trying to rob him, and attacked M Faiz with a baseball bat, causing a broken left elbow and hand, and injuries to the waist.

Faiz subsequently lodged a police report and sought treatment at Balik Pulau Hospital.

Southwest district police chief Superintendent Lai Fah Hin said investigations found that there was a misunderstanding as the policeman thought someone was trying to rob him.

NO FURTHER ACTION as the matter was settled amicably.

NST, Teen: I offered to help cop but he hit me instead  (


The Mystery of the Policeman who was set on fire in his Car.

Petaling Jaya, Sunday 27 July 2014

A police detective corporal suffered multiple burns to his face and body after a fire ravaged his car near a hardware store in Jalan Puchong here.

There are two accounts of the incident.

The policeman claimed that a man had set his Proton Waja on fire,  causing injuries to his hands, shoulder, back and the left side of his face. He managed to get home, and from there, he was taken the Assunta Hospital for treatment. Admitted into the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of Universiti Malaya Medical Centre, he is now stable.

However, KL CID Chief Senior Asst Comm Gan Kong Meng saidthat a closed circuit television recording showed that there was no foul play involved in fire, or external combustible materials at the scene. The had found the burnt out car about 1km from the policeman’s house.

They would investigate the cause and motive behind the fire, and were waiting to interview the policeman.

Star, Serious Crimes detective suffers multiple burns in dawn attack but forensics rule out foul play



Thugs in uniform

July 16, 2014

FMT LETTER: From: W. Fernandez via e-mail

Last week, I witnessed two traffic policemen punching and beating up a foreign worker in the ‘old town’ area of Ampang.

The incident took place in the vicinity of the Ampang police station at a traffic check point. Members of the public who witnessed the event were dumbstruck, watching our law enforcement personnel taking the law into their own hands.

Outriders of VVIPs are no better. They bully other road users to give way to their entourage. On several occasions I have witnessed these outriders blatantly breaking traffic rules to the extent of causing danger to other road users. It’s a shame that these VVIPs do not caution or advise their outriders to take extra care to ensure the safety of others. Yet again these traffic and police outriders see themselves as being above the law.


14 July 2014



This cop will get a commendation!

No escaping th e law: An image showing the man being issued a summons by the policeman.

No escaping th e law: An image showing the man being issued a summons by the policeman

This was the 14 June 2014 report.

KUALA LUMPUR: Pictures of a policeman having torn up a RM20 note after a bribery attempt by a motorist have been circulated on the blogs.

One of the images showed the man being issued a summons by the policeman while another showed a torn RM20 note, together with the driver’s IC and his driver’s licence on the police car.

According to the comments posted under the photographs, the driver had allegedly tried to bribe the policeman with the money while recording the act on his handphone.

The policeman then issued a summons to the driver after allegedly tearing the RM20 note as he was angry with him for wanting to record the act.

One of the images showed the man being issued a summon by the policeman while the other showed a torn RM20 note together with the driver's red IC and his driver's license on the police car.

A torn RM20 note together with the driver’s red IC and his driver’s licence.

The Star, RM20 offered, but cop tears up note

KUALA LUMPUR: The policeman who tore up a RM20 note after a bribery attempt by a motorist, will be rewarded.

Federal traffic police chief Senior Asst Comm Mohd Fuad Abdul Latiff said the corporal from Johor would be given a letter of commendation for his honesty before Hari Raya.

The Star, Crime does not pay – honesty does


At the Jawi court, Nibong tebal, a woman police sergeant, the investigating officer, asked for a bribe of RM750 from a man if he wanted his friend released from remand.She was arrested when she took the money from him.

The Star, Investigating officer nabbed over RM750 bribe (


Wait several seconds for the video to come on.



Police car knocked down Knights, not sympathy but also sinister and was surrounded by people shooting … … (Translated by Bing)




Bukit Aman’s management department director Mohamad Fuzi Harun said, “Perhaps we will run a programme like ‘The Biggest Loser’ for overweight police personnel.”




4:36PM Jun 15, 2014

‘Biggest Loser’ contest for overweight cops?

Bukit Aman is considering introducing a competition in the model of popular American reality TV show ‘The Biggest Loser’ to encourage police personnel to lose weight.

Bukit Aman’s management department director Mohamad Fuzi Harun said that this is due to concerning rates of obesity in the force, resulting in 32 deaths due to obesity-related diseases since January.

“The Management Department are considering various ways to handle this obesity issue. Perhaps we will run a programme like ‘The Biggest Loser’ for overweight police personnel.

“We will call them in and arrange for a health programme and find the right formula for them to maintain the weight loss,” he was quoted as saying by Mingguan Malaysia.


The two officers have been transferred to desk duties pending an investigation.

However, in an immediate response, former inspector-general of police Tan Sri Musa Hassan said the duo should have been suspended instead.


Boozing cops caught

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 14 — Two police constables caught fast asleep in a parked patrol car broke all the rules when they were found under the influence of alcohol while on duty.


Their pictures went viral on the social media sites. The four shocking pictures revealed:

— the officers consumed beer inside a police patrol car while on duty;

— a beer can tucked between the legs of one of the constables;

— a blatant disregard for safety: their sub-machine gun was unattended on the rear passenger seat; and

— the front passenger door was left open.

It was revealed that this was not the first time the two had been drinking while on duty.

The pictures were believed to have been taken by a colleague who was fed-up with their behaviour.

Selangor police chief Senior Deputy Comm Datuk Mohd Shukri Dahlan: We know who they are.

No compromise on policemen who tarnish image of police force – Selangor CPO

Embedded image permalink

A series of four pictures, circulated on Facebook and blogs, showed two men in police uniforms asleep in a parked patrol car.

Two of the pictures showed a beer can tucked between the legs of one of them, as they slept in the front seats of the car.

The other two showed a sub-machinegun resting on the floor of the rear passenger seat. There was also a picture of the patrol car.


Like This Page · Yesterday at 6:50pm · Edited ·


DISAHKAN BENAR!!!!.. BEBERAPA RAKAMAN GAMBAR ANGGOTA POLIS PERONDA DALAM KEADAAN MABUK DENGAN SENJATA API JENIS MP5 DALAM KERETA YANG TIDAK BERKUNCI…..SHAH ALAM – Ekoran penyebaran gambar dua anggota polis yang dipercayai berada di bawah pengaruh alkohol semasa menjalankan tugas rondaan, kedua-dua identiti anggota tersebut telah dikenal pasti.Menurut kenyataan Ketua Polis Selangor, Datuk Mohd Shukri Dahlan, melalui akaun Facebook Polis Diraja Malaysia malam ini, kedua-dua anggota terbabit telah ditukarkan serta-merta tempat penugasan dan siasatan lanjut berkaitan insiden itu sedang dijalankan.Beliau berkata, PDRM memandang serius kesalahan yang dilakukan oleh mana-mana anggota yang didapati mengabaikan tanggungjawab menjaga keselamatan masyarakat.

“PDRM juga tidak akan melindungi dan berkompromi dengan pegawai dan anggota yang telah melakukan kesalahan yang boleh menjejaskan imej pasukan.

“Orang ramai diminta menyalurkan maklumat kepada PDRM sekiranya mendapati mana-mana pegawai dan anggota polis yang melakukan kesalahan dan tidak berintegriti,” katanya.

Sumber: SINAR HARIAN, 12/1/2014


Monday January 13, 2014 MYT 8:09:57 AM

Cops caught in ‘drunken stupor’ photos identified

PETALING JAYA: The identities of two policemen whose pictures showed them in what was believed to be a drunken stupor inside their patrol car parked by the roadside have been ascertained.

Immediate disciplinary action has been taken by Selangor police and they have since been reassigned pending investigations.

The series of pictures, which also showed their sub-machinegun left unguarded on the floor of the back passenger seat, first surfaced on Facebook yesterday morning.

It quickly went viral and was repeatedly shared on social media sites and the Internet.

Late yesterday evening, Selangor police chief Senior Deputy Comm Datuk Mohd Shukri Dahlan issued a statement through the state police Facebook page saying that the identities of the pair had been ascertained.

He said the two have been transferred out of their present assignment pending investigations after pictures of them were spread through the Internet.



Monday December 16, 2013 MYT 2:20:57 PM

Video clip of cop slapping foreigner on Facebook

A screen grab from the video showing the policeman slapping the man.

A screen grab from the video showing the policeman slapping the man.

GEORGE TOWN: A video clip showing a policeman who roughed up two men by the roadside has made its way to Facebook.

The incident was said to have taken place in the Bayan Baru area.

In the clip, the policeman could be seen shouting and slapping one of them.

He then asked for personal documents from the two men said to be foreigners.

When  contacted, Penang police chief Senior Deputy Comm Datuk Abdul Rahim Hanafi said the policeman had since been transferred to another department pending investigation.

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