Being callous means showing or having an insensitive and cruel disregard for others.

At times, however, the guy is just STUPID, and there is no cure for that!

At other times, the lady is careless…


21 May 2019






KUALA LUMPUR, May 21 ― An angry person in Kuala Lumpur vandalised a car with red spray paint recently, leaving behind messages slamming the car owner’s alleged bad parking.

According to photos posted on Mcclubz Facebook page, a white minivan whose driver appears to have parked improperly had caused dissatisfaction or obstruction of traffic to other motorists.

As a result, the car owner was shocked to see his car painted in red with words such as “Mati” (die), “Gila” (mad) and “Park Properly”.

Although there were no mention of the time and location the incident, Autonion body workshop in Taman Wahyu, Kuala Lumpur confirmed that the car was sent there for the body works.

The Facebook post, which has been shared over 1,400 times, has garnered many comments from netizens, praising the vandal’s action.


Some social media users agreed that the car owner’s negligence deserves such consequences while others labeled the vandal’s actions inappropriate and unprofessional.

Facebook user Sarjent Gundam Nizam said bravo, good job and great art.

Another user Domnic Danaraj Peter advised the driver to be more responsible next time and not cause inconveniences to others.

“While it many have very sensitive graffiti and not too Malaysian, the message is clear: zero tolerance to indiscriminate parking,” he added.

“Be a responsible drive, your selfish convenience can cause extreme inconvenience to others.”

However, this is not the first time that road users express their rage over poor parking by other motorists.

Last month, an infuriated driver in Bangsar lost her patience and repeatedly knocked into a double-parked white hatchback, which prevented her from reversing to exit the parking lot.


10 January 2019


6 March 2018

3h3 hours ago

Call to curb illegal parking in KL


City folk want stricter enforcement on vehicle owners who park along yellow lines meant for motorcyclists.

Such irresponsible attitude has forced motorcyclists to park on sidewalks which could endanger or inconvenience pedestrians and other road users.

The usual reason given by motorists in justifying their action is the lack of parking bays or spaces.


Some are even resigned to the fact that they will be issued parking tickets.

The public also want enforcement officers to conduct more regular patrols to nab those who park indiscriminately.


The Yayasan Wilayah Persekutuan (YWP), which manages the city’s parking on behalf of the Kuala Lumpur City Hall, said it had a policy of strict enforcement to better protect the parking privileges of those who observed the regulations.

A YWP spokesman said motorcycle bays were free at all times and restricted to other vehicle users.

Likewise, motorcyclists cannot park in bays reserved for four-wheeled vehicles.

He said YWP sent uniformed officers out on the parking beat on any given week.


3 July 2017

KK liked

Tapi dalam banyak kete yang kena clamp aku rasa ini yang paling sensasi dan boleh biking KBAB51 kegelian! 😂😂😂


20 March 2017

This car is driven by Tanjong MP Ng Wei Aik, DAP man. 

Causing ire: A photo on FB showing the car, said to belong to the MP, parked on the pavement beside a fire hydrant in Macalister Road.

A Facebook user even produced two screenshots which showed Ng having three outstanding traffic summonses each from the police and the Penang Island City Council which he found out online.

When pressed by a Kwong Wah Yit Poh reporter for comment on the haphazard parking, Ng brushed it off by saying it was senseless to pursue such a story.

According to the daily, Ng, who is also state DAP publicity secretary, went on to say that news organisations should close down if reporters merely rely on social media for stories.

Read more at http://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2017/03/20/driven-up-the-wall-over-illegal-parking/#K6zO3cEO6HdBAs57.99

13 Feb 2017

1h1 hour ago

This stupid inconsiderate is a true selfish fella everyone should hate


31 Jan 2017







Train nudges aside car parked on Klang railway track

January 31, 2017

Owner returns from Chinese New Year celebration to find Honda Civic slightly damaged.


PORT KLANG: A car parked on a railway track was damaged when it was slowly pushed out of the way by a train yesterday.

A video clip of the incident recorded by a witness has gone viral on Facebook. It shows the train slowly edging past the car as the train driver tries to inflict as minimal damage as possible on the Honda Civic.

According to NST Online, the car owner is now facing a fine of up to RM5,000 as police are investigating the case under Section 48 of the Road Transport Act.

Police said the man, 56, had parked his car on the railway track in Jalan Pelabuhan Selatan at about 10am to catch a ferry to Pulau Ketam.

“When all attempts to contact the owner failed, KTMB auxiliary police personnel, with the assistance of members of the public, attempted to move the vehicle at about noon, as a locomotive was scheduled to pass the stretch at 1pm,” he said.

However, they could not move the vehicle as it was parked too close to other cars.

The Honda Civic was still in the way at 1pm when the train arrived. As the train approached the car, it slowed and came to a standstill before finally grazing past the rear of the vehicle.

The train driver has lodged a police report, said Alzafny.



10 Dec 2016

Abuse of OKU parking lots goes on unabated

PETALING JAYA: Public abuse of designated parking spots for the disabled (OKU) has to stop, says Damai Disabled People Association president V Murugeswaran.

He said the uncaring attitude of the public was a cause for concern.

“The OKU parking bays are meant for the wheelchair-bound but they are frequently abused by the public.

“It looks like they are not bothered that they are inconveniencing the OKU,” he told FMT.

Murugeswaran, who is wheelchair-bound, said there were incidents of the disabled having to drive around in circles looking for a parking bay.

“Most of the OKU parking lots are situated close to the banks, clinics and other amenities.

“When the OKU don’t get to park at the OKU lots, they have to look for other places to park.

“There were incidents where they get caught in the rain because they had to park a distance from where they are headed.”

DAP belum perintah Malaysia sudah jadi samseng salah guna kuasa…parking di tempat OKU.tanpa malu….

….kalau DAP dah perintah Malaysia esok-esok, semua peraturan DAP boleh langgar dan amal dictatorship macam kominis….belum menang sudah tunjuk contoh perangai samseng…kalau dah menang kuasai Parlimen tak tahulah apa jadi dengan Malaysia ni



‘Otak kurang upaya’ – activist slams able-bodied who park in OKU spots


Malaysian Council for Rehabilitation vice-president Anthony Arokia today slammed able-bodied drivers who park at disabled spots, calling them “Otak kurang upaya” (“disabled minds”), in a pun on Orang Kurang Upaya (disabled person) (OKU).

“Even a VVIP parked his car at an OKU spot recently,” the 65-year-old wheelchair-bound social activist said today, referring to the photo of a black sedan with a minister’s number plate that was parked at a disabled-friendly space.


This is very common in PJ including the University Hospital Car parks where OKU spots are taken up by others and the management does not take any action.

Their minds are disabled, jibes Malaysian Council for Rehabilitation VP, Anthony Arokia.

22 April 2016

7h7 hours ago

Senator wants stern action against those who abuse parking, stickers for OKU Read More :


KUALA LUMPUR: The authorities are urged to take stern action against those who misuse stickers for the disabled.
Senator Bathmavathi Krishnan in her speech on motion of thanks for the Royal address in Dewan Negara said there were instances where the able-bodied had misused the stickers to park in parking lots designated for the disabled.
“There are a lot of people who bought stickers and misuse and park in these parking lots and the lack of enforcement has caused problem to the disabled.
“In this regard, the Penang Island Municipal Council is coming down hard on motorists who abuse the sticker.

The authorities should be able to detect whether the sticker is genuine and produced by the Road Transport Department or municipal councils,” she said.

Read More : http://www.nst.com.my/news/2016/04/140699/paraplegic-senator-wants-stern-action-against-those-who-abuse-parking-stickers

Penang to take action against OKU parking offenders

The Penang Island City Council (MBPP) is set to get tough on those who park indiscriminately in OKU parking lots. From May, only those with disabled car stickers issued by the local councils and government departments will be allowed to park at any of the 53 OKU parking lots on the island, The Star reports.

Vehicles parked in a OKU parking lot and not displaying a sticker will be slapped with a RM100 fine, said MBPP councillor Chris Lee Chun Kit. He said that those without a valid sticker – which is issued by the JPJ or local councils – should display their OKU identity card on their car’s dashboard.

Lee said that a total of 689 OKU stickers have been issued thus far, 152 to disabled drivers and 537 to their guardians. “There are fake stickers being sold in the market, but our enforcement team has been trained to spot them,” he added.

He explained that the move to enforce was necessary to send a clear message to the public that they should not be depriving those who need OKU parking spots by taking up the space. Lee said that the ratio of OKU parking spaces in Penang is only 7.69%, but in terms of accessibility the percentage is much less, due to abuse. He said that 51 compound fines have been issued from January until April this year.



Penang (Mainland)

24 Feb 2016


警察开罚单给违规停放的警车,民众大赞好!The police to issue a ticket to the irregularities of the police car parked, people great good!


执法警员一视同仁 违规警车照吃罚单





20 February 2015




Bad at parking? The 1st HDB Mechanised Parking System has been launched at Changi Village

SINGAPORE: How would you like to have your car parked for you in under 15 minutes and at no extra cost?

Visitors and residents of Changi Village have been enjoying the first HDB Mechanised Parking System (MPS) since December last year. The system is fully automated to allow the transfer of vehicles to available parking spaces across a five-level building. The carpark is open to residents for season parking, as well as short-term parking for visitors at the same fee HDB charges for its regular carparks.

When motorists arrive at the car park, the gantry assigns them a car lift number. Motorists then drive their vehicles to the assigned lift, apply their parking brake, lock their vehicle behind them before entering a one-time PIN number outside the lift. This number will be used to retrieve their vehicle later.


15 January 2016

In Ipoh, I met a rude, arrogant serial double-parker.

An arrogant s***** parker who justified his double parking by claiming, “Other people also park like this.” No ‘sorry’, just an excuse spoken rudely.

Then he double-parked farther down the road.



27 December 2015

Is that AJT 3055?

Alex MC Tan's photo.

Alex MC Tan to Penang Idiot Parking & Reckless Driver

58 mins ·

Selfish drivers blocked the straight lane at the traffic lights in front of the mosque along Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling just because of the Nasi Kandar.
The authorities should do something about it.



‘Champion’ driver can’t find lot so parks on curb at Punggol Park

Embedded image permalink

26 December 2016

Shame on driver of white Honda City WYH 2046 parked in front of the ramp. 6 wheelchair users were blocked from getting off Gurney Drive walkway. There are only 2 ramps along Gurney Drive, 1 on each end.

Yap Soo Huey - 叶舒惠's photo.


26 December 2015 | MYT 8:55 AM

Netizens slam party goers’ reckless parking

zzThe car blocking access to some disabled people on Gurney Drive

GEORGE TOWN: A car parked illegally in Gurney Drive during a Christmas countdown party has been criticised on social media after a photograph showed a group of disabled people unable to get access to the road.

The white sedan was seen blocking the ramp meant for the disabled, causing difficulty to several wheelchair users.

Pulau Tikus assemblyman Yap Soo Huey shared the photo on her Facebook on Christmas day which received a heated debate in the comment section.

She captioned “Shame on driver of White Honda City WHY 2046 parked in front of the ramp,” alongside the photo.


23 December 2015

Guy double parked and left his car there, making it difficult for me to get out of my lot.


Inconsiderate BMW driver takes up 2 lots at carpark beside NEX

Embedded image permalink


19 December 2015

Jaguar driver in Malaysia learns why you shouldn’t be a selfish parking goondu

Embedded image permalink

Unhappy passers-by had placed a circle of supermarket trolleys around the Jaguar to inconvenience the driver.

According to the caption, it happened in Malaysia.

The description reads, “Sender said this happened across the causeway, but did not state if this Jaguar XK convertible is SG-registered.”

Some luxury car drivers have been the subject of debate recently, as many of them like to park in the middle of two parking lots so as to give their cars enough space and prevent scratches.


Beh Chia Lor – Singapore Road added a new photo to the album: Retributions.
8 hrs ·

Sender said this happened across the causeway, but did not state if this Jaguar XK convertible is SG-registered

Beh Chia Lor - Singapore Road's photo.

15 December 2015

So many empty lots, but look how BMW driver parks at Jurong Point

Embedded image permalink

To make things worse, the driver also parked the BMW across the entrances of about three parking lots, preventing other drivers from utilising them.

According to the caption of the photo, the carpark was full at that time, which makes the driver’s actions even more infuriating.

Read the caption:

“Please share and celebrate (the driver of) BMW SJJ2988R, who parked in this manner at Jurong Point when the carpark was full on Sunday, 13 December 2015.”


9 December 2015

In Ipoh.


Those in my lane had to squeeze past.

parking 002.JPG

The same car. Photo taken of the car in my right side-view mirror.

parking 003.JPG


parking 005.JPG

See the sticker? If you have one, you can park here. Still, the driver of this car explained that you could always place this sticker on your windscreen even though you are not OKU. “It depends on your conscience.”

parking 004.JPG

4 December 2015

In Ipoh.

Why does he have to park over the pedestrian crossing? It is a busy place that Quest International University Perak students walk on to cross safely…



27 November 2015



Good job! Time for sweet revenge. One car takes up 6 parking lots for motorbikes.


IPOH OLD TOWN outside CIMB along Jalan Sultan Yusuf (former name: Belfield Street)

They didn’t have to leave their cars there and go into the bank. They could have parked their cars and walked to CIMB.

However, that would have been so inconvenient! Imagine walking 2 minutes from the parking lot, how bothersome!

Well, they can now pay for the convenience of parking there beside the yellow line.  😀



Woman fined £570 for taking photo of illegally-parked police car in Spain

The spokesman said the officers parked in the disabled bay because they were responding to reports of vandalism in a nearby park.


Woman fined £570 for taking photo of illegally-parked police car

Embedded image permalink

A woman has been fined more than £500 for taking a photo of a police car which was illegally parked in a disabled bay in Spain.

The woman posted the image on Facebook with the comment: “Park where you bloody well please and you won’t even be fined.”

A spokesman for the police force in Alicante, south-east Spain, said the woman was fined because her post had questioned the “honour” of the officers.

Officers reportedly tracked her down from the Facebook post within 48 hours and fined her 800 euros (£570) under a controversial new gagging law banning photographs of police which might “jeopardise their or their family’s safety or that of protected facilities or police operations”.

The woman was open to a fine of up to 30,000 euros under the law, which came into force in July.

Police in Spain fine woman for posting photo of police car in ‘handicap spot’, causing all copies of pic to disappear

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Driver never thought this would happen when he parked his vehicle near Clementi stadium

Embedded image permalink

Stomper Christopher was amused when he saw a rubbish bin placed on a vehicle parked at car park near Clementi stadium.

He came across the unusual sight at around 7.30pm yesterday (Aug 15).


 Police patrol car WRX 8544

特别留给残障人士的泊车位,警察车也强泊残障人的车位,请问这个警察 是脑残疾人吧 ! 滥用职权力 王八旦 !

Special reserved for disabled parking spaces, spaces of the police car is parking for disabled people, how will the police be brain persons with disabilities! Abuse of force Wang Badan!


Kejadian dikatakan berdekatan hospital di Putrajaya


Aug 9

Duit banyak, akal takde. Parking block kereta org lain. Lokasi Hospital Putrajaya.

Embedded image permalink


Luxury car owner ‘pays a heavy price’ for parking in undesignated zone


PUTRAJAYA: The owner of this luxury sports car got more than she bargained for when she parked in an undesignated zone at the Putrajaya Hospital here.

When she returned to get her car, she found that the garbage bin had not only been emptied on her car, but also left there as a sign of protest.

According to the Siakapkeli.com website, the driver, a woman, had parked at the entrance leading to the maternity ward.

Clearly upset with her action, other irate motorists resorted to not only emptying the bin on her car, but also covering it with dried leaves.


Goondu drivers cause jam at Mount Faber — by parking on double yellow lines

Posted on 11 August 2015

Goondu drivers cause jam at Mount Faber — by parking on double yellow lines

Embedded image permalink


At Bukit Jambul.


VIDEO: Park Like A Fool In Penang And Watch Your Car Get …

18 hours ago – There’s lots of reasons why you should not park inconsiderately, and they don’t involve the threat of using industrial machinery to lift your car …


This non-disabled man decided to park in a disabled space. Big mistake

Embedded image permalink

Disabled parking spaces are there for a reason, and one guy in Brazil who forgot that has been served a pretty generous slice of karma.

When residents of Maringa spotted someone selfishly taking up a parking bay reserved for people with mobility problems, internet pranksters Boom decided to help them cover his car in thousands of blue sticky notes to make up the universal symbol for disabled facilities, complete with white outlines of a stick figure sat in a wheelchair.

The man tried to drive away before he realised he had to remove quite a few of the post-its to be able to leave safely. He’s surrounded the whole time by locals who laugh and holler.



Judge also says numerous adjournments given to man guilty of 14 parking offences.

Man appeals for lighter fine after being slapped with $7,000 fine for 14 parking offences

Embedded image permalink

Jun 24, 2015 6:00am


A man who was found guilty of 14 parking offences is trying to appeal against his sentence of a $7,000 fine.

Gabriel Ravi Janageran pleaded guilty to 14 offences under the Parking Places Act between 2011 and 2014.

– See more at: http://www.tnp.sg/news/singapore-news/7000-fine-14-parking-offences-too-high-says-guilty-motorist#sthash.TnWhqZDS.dpuf

Could she not wait for her drink at Old Town White Coffee?


PETALING JAYA: She was aiming for her brake pedal, but a woman accidentally stepped on the accelerator instead, sending her vehicle barrelling through a glass wall of a restaurant near Metro Point in Kajang.

In the 9.15am incident on Saturday, the 54-year-old woman was making an attempt to park her car.


30 May 2015

BMW driver gets a taste of his own medicine — after illegally parking in Marine Parade

Embedded image permalink

Stomper Desmond saw rubbish bins and a traffic cone placed on top of a BMW in the Marine Parade area today (May 30), presumably by a resident who was frustrated by the driver’s illegal parking.

The car was parked in such a way that it blocked one lane of the road.


Singapore: Third time Ferrari driver caught parking at handicap lot Mum was right. There is NO cure for inconsiderateness. Others would say, “Money can’t but a cure for stupidity.”

Parking failure, but where is our enforcement officer?

PLP 6034 WINS THE AWARD FOR MAY 2015! It’s only 4th May but we can safely award S****D PARKER OF THE MONTH OF MAY 2015 TO THE OWNER?DRIVER OF HONDA CITY PLP 6034. z1

Happened at Gurney Plaza parking lot just now. When I’m about to collect my car, saw this car’s front bumper touching my car’s front passenger’s door. Waited for half an hour, until we beh tahan and decided to try to drive our way out. Thankfully a good hearted Chinese couple stopped by, and offer us help. We “move” the car by pulling it a little backward with our barehands, while my wife slowly adjust the steering bit by bit front and back. Thank god that we managed to drive out carefully without any scratches. Really appreciate the help offered by the couple. Without them, its gonna be an uphill task to pull this through.

To the owner / driver of this car Honda City reg number PLP 6034, your action is highly irresponsible and insane. I would suggest you (whether you are an auntie/uncle/grandfather/grandmother/teenagers/youngsters) to go thru the genuine JPJ license course again. Don’t rely on your kopi license to drive you around and causing problem to the public. By seeing the condition of your car, we can see that you had already done numerous damages to others! So please be responsible!


Not even close: How ‘off’ can this Toyota park at Great World City?

03 May 2015
According to the Stomper, this is not even the first time he has seen this. “Saw this vehicle a few times, always park in this way…very outstanding.”

http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/singaporeseen/what-bugs-me/not-even-close-how-off-can-this-toyota-park-at-great-world-city#xtor=CS2-4IT IS TRUE. Stupidity is a handicap for which there is no cure…


Grab your copy of the New Sunday Times.

HOW TO KEEP MALE DOGS FROM WETTING YOUR TYRES? Every morning, without fail, some dog will piss on one of my car tyres. I suppose this car owner doesn’t want his car to experience the same indignity? car

Double-parking creates traffic congestion at wet markets in Penang

The surroundings of two major wet markets in Penang have proven to be torturous to residents who endure traffic congestion and errant parkers. Checks by the New Straits Times at the Pulau Tikus and Jelutong markets show that haphazard parking and illegal traders have caused a nuisance to those plying the area. At the Pulau Tikus market, hazardous parking and traffic congestion are the order of the day with two mixed developments being erected nearby. … The two projects in contention are a commercial complex at Jalan Cantonment and a 27-storey mixed development project adjacent to the market has caused nearby residents and marketers jittery over the inconvenience caused. The projects’ owners have promised to provide ample of public parking bays once complete. Meanwhile, in Jelutong, illegal traders continue to trade opposite homes here despite an enforcement blitz against them more than a year ago. The traders are spill overs from the overcrowded Jelutong Market nearby, effecting mostly residents nearby. http://www.nst.com.my/node/78048

HELL HAS NO FURY LIKE SOMEONE GIVEN THE WRONG NUMBER TO CALL! He parked in a place that blocked traffic. He knew that. That was bad enough but he left the WRONG number! Someone took exception to such trickery and left him a note. AFTER leaving him with a broken window. z2 z1 z4 z3

Perhaps he wants to avoid his car being scratched? What’s he thinking? Driver parks Ferrari across two lots for over 4 hours in Elizabeth Hotel

What’s he thinking? Driver parks Ferrari across two lots for over 4 hours in Elizabeth Hotel

Stomper was annoyed when he was looking for a parking space at Elizabeth Hotel, only to see a Ferrari parked on two lots. He spotted this car at 2.30pm today (Dec 26), and it was allegedly still there at 6.30pm. “I wonder what was going on in the owner’s mind when he or she did this. “Such a selfish act! “This shows that money cant buy graciousness…”


He parked his car at a traffic junction in Tampines and began washing it!

The junction at Tampines Mall had three lanes, and the Merc driver was parked at the rightmost lane.

Driver washes Mercedes for half an hour at traffic junction in Tampines

SINGAPORE – A Mercedes driver has drawn flak for stopping right in front of the traffic light – just to wash his car for half an hour. According to Shin Min Daily News, this incident was seen on Dec 17 at about 10pm, at a traffic light junction in front of Tampines Mall. … Some taxi drivers were unhappy at the Merc driver and told him off, but ended up getting yelled at. The driver had responded in Mandarin, roughly translated to:, “It’s none of your business!”

http://transport.asiaone.com/news/general/story/driver-washes-car-half-hour-traffic-junction-tampines#sthash.I0KY48qP.uxfsWhat a HUGE stupid parker!

Irresponsible driver stops at Orchard bus stop and causes 15-minute traffic jam

Stomper Yun came across an inconsiderate tour at Orchard Turn behind Ngee Ann City this afternoon (22 Dec) at around 2.50pm. According to the Stomper, the driver caused a traffic jam after he stopped his vehicle at a bus stop. — Google WWQ7043 and see what you find. zq These are what you’ll find:

Name and shame this rich b****. – Lowyat.NET

1 day ago – 20 posts – ‎16 authors

Saw the lady driver of WWQ7043 getting down, so I politely told her that it was a disabled parking, and that the one behind her wasn’t.

Idiot | Facebook

Saw the lady driver of WWQ7043 getting down, so I politely told her that it was a disabled parking, and that the one behind her wasn’t. Lady: Yeah, I know.

Mental retardation | Facebook

Saw the lady driver of WWQ7043 getting down, so I politely told her that it was a disabled parking, and that the one behind her wasn’t. Lady: Yeah, I know

Wanita Kereta Mewah Parking Kereta Kat Tempat Khas

wangolds.com › … › Santai, OthersTranslate this page

May 7, 2014 – Seorang pemandu wanita keluar dari kereta plat no: WWQ7043. Saya tegur dia bahawa tempat parking tu untuk OKU. Parking kosong kat

FACEBOOK POST zq Saw the lady driver of WWQ7043 getting down, so I politely told her that it was a disabled parking, and that the one behind her wasn’t. Lady: Yeah, I know. I always park here. Me: But it’s a disabled parking, and you’re not disabled. Lady: I always park here. I’m in a hurry (walks away). Me: …

Conclusion? She must be mentally disabled. So I’ve decided to name and shame.


Bus commuters stuck at Bendemeer roundabout — all because of this ‘champion’ Audi driver

Commuters on a bus were stuck at a roundabout near Bendeemeer Secondary School yesterday evening (Dec 19) at around 6.45pm, for at least 10 minutes. … “So the bus was sitting there, blocked and honking for at least 10 minutes so that someone would come out to move their parked car, as one wouldn’t expect to have a car parked on a roundtable. “There were at least 20 to 25 commuters on the bus who were delayed because of this parked car. And many others at the bus stop with me, waiting for the bus to arrive while seeing it in sight.” Roger added that eventually, someone did appear and drove the Audi away. http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/singaporeseen/this-urban-jungle/bus-commuters-stuck-at-bendemeer-roundabout-all-because-of-this-champion-audi#xtor=CS2-4SINGAPORE TAKES THE PRIZES THIS WEEK FOR STUPID PARKING.

Striking yellow Maserati grabs attention in Bugis — for all the wrong reasons:

This Maserati was parked in a way that blocked other road users from passing through in the Bugis area on Dec 5, making the road almost impassable. http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/singaporeseen/this-urban-jungle/striking-yellow-maserati-grabs-attention-in-bugis-for-all-the-wrong-reasons#xtor=CS2-4WOW! BEST EXAMPLE YET OF STUPID PARKING.

This driver’s parking is simply ‘out of this world’

Stomper Alvin saw this car parked right in the middle of the driving lane of the car park yesterday (4 Dec). The markings on the ground can be seen clearly in the photos. All the other cars parked there were in the proper assigned place. … “More than 2 hours and the vehicle was still there! http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/singaporeseen/this-urban-jungle/this-drivers-parking-is-simply-out-of-this-world#xtor=CS2-4AJM 8298 IT’S A PERAK REGISTRATION NUMBER PLATE! Likely to be an Ipoh person…

U make people waiting u almost half n hour..without left your phone number..where is your brain?..should we bang ur car Location Aeon Ipoh

zfPhoto of Penang Chief Minister’s illegally parked Mercedes-Benz goes viral. WAS YOUR DRIVER SITTING INSIDE THE CAR, MR CHIEF MINISTER? Star

Sunday November 23, 2014 MYT 4:36:05 PM

Guan Eng: Go ahead, issue summons to my driver

BUKIT MERTAJAM: Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng wants the Penang Municipal Council (MPPP) to issue traffic summons, including backdated ones, if his driver had illegally parked the official car. “I’ve told my driver that if he was wrong (parking illegally) he has to face the consequences and be penalised,” he said at the Penang DAP annual convention. He was replying to Chai Leng Park branch delegate Shamsher Singh Thind who remarked that the MPPP had been diligent in towing away cars but when it was the chief minister’s car, they “buat bodoh” (turned a blind eye). http://www.thestar.com.my/News/Nation/2014/11/23/lim-guan-eng-go-ahead-issue-summons-to-driver-for-illegal-parking/

Photo of Penang Chief Minister’s illegally parked Mercedes-Benz goes viral

GEORGE TOWN – Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng’s official car has made its way into the social media limelight again. A report was lodged with the Penang Municipal Council (MPPP) Watch Facebook page after PG1 was seen parked on the bicycle lane in front of Hin Bus Depot in Jalan Gurdwara. A photograph showing the Mercedes-Benz S300 parked outside the depot became an instant hit and had since been widely circulated in social media, drawing mixed reactions. It is learnt that the picture was taken when Lim had gone into the depot to launch the Urban Xchange, Malaysia’s first international street art festival on Friday. The complainant also claimed that MPPP enforcement officers did not take action when they passed by the road. http://news.asiaone.com/news/malaysia/photo-penang-chief-ministers-car-parked-illegally-goes-viral#sthash.Ulp4neNQ.uxfs

Illegal parking @CIQjb ….. What kind authorities eh!

Embedded image permalink


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Norm for flat dwellers to ‘book’ parking bays

Monday, 10 November 2014. KUALA LUMPUR: RESIDENTS of low-cost flats in Lembah Pantai, Cheras and Pandan Indah, here, are complaining about selfish neighbours who use traffic cones, flower pots, plastic chairs and mobile clotheslines to “reserve” car parking bays. They said sometimes they had to park outside their area because of the shortage of parking spaces. A check by Streets found some of the parking bays at Flat Taman Bukit Angkasa had been “reserved” with cones and flower pots. Business operator Mohd Fairuz Gadaman said this had been going on for years. “Some of the residents, who have been staying here for a long time, book parking lots which are near to their units. I have seen arguments but the long-staying tenants always win,” he said.

The practice of ‘reserving’ parking bays has been going on for many years at Flat Taman Bukit Angkasa.

Some tenants are forced to park outside their area because of the shortage of parking spaces.

Many Flat Taman Bukit Angkasa residents are using traffic cones to reserve parking spots.

http://www.nst.com.my/node/51374 In Malaysia, it’s common to see parking lots being booked or reserved by restaurant operators, food stall hawkers and others. Often, chairs and plastic stools are used. In Singapore, rubbish bins and wooden pallets are used to reserve parking spots. zx In China?

Rubbish bins, bodies, household objects… some unusual items used to ‘chope’ parking spots

Drivers in China use household objects to reserve parking spots

Over in Taiyuan, in China’s Shanxi province, drivers are taking “choping” to a whole new level, news website Shanghaiist reported, as residents use household objects to reserve parking spots. Photos circulating online show pieces of furniture and even a door being placed on roadsides. zc zd The Shanghaiist report pointed out that although these objects are easily movable, it is not known what’s stopping other drivers from doing so and parking in the “reserved” spots. http://transport.asiaone.com/news/general/story/drivers-china-use-household-objects-reserve-parking-spots#sthash.YgB6h4zW.uxfsISN’T THIS A SMART STUPID PARKER?

No parking spot, so man parks half of SUV on wall, exits the slanted vehicle from boot

While most drivers would wait for a parking spot or try another carpark if the one they were in is full, a man decided to squeeze his vehicle into a narrow space by parking half of it against the wall. He also had a solution to exiting the slanted car – by coming out from the boot. A video showing the driver’s incredible parking feat went viral on Facebook, garnering close to 10 million views by Friday since it was posted on Tuesday.
Er bekommt einen Parkplatz koste es was es WOLLE !!!

This driver did not really want to park there. We hope no one was at the bus shelter when the car ‘parked there’!!!


Pegawai2 berehat/makan itu kami faham tapi jgn lah sampai parking mcm ini…


Ambulance staff uses handicap lot for 2 hours and only leaves when parking attendant arrives

Stomper Christopher reported about an incident he saw yesterday morning (12 Oct) involving a private ambulance operator abusing a handicapped lot in a car park near Yishun Ring Road. The Stomper mentioned that the ambulance was parked at the handicapped lot at 11.15am and only left to park in a normal lot two hours later when a parking attendant arrived. Private Ambulance Abuses Handicapped Parking Lot http://youtu.be/4SByjylrdkQ Private Ambulance Abuses Handicapped Lots Parking http://youtu.be/eTsER_5BiRY

Surrounding the bad parker

http://news.distractify.com/matt-buco/bad-parking-karma/ —– BEWARE THE WRATH OF THE MOTORCYCLIST WHOSE SPACE YOU PARKED IN!

UCO is The University of Central Oklahoma, USA.

WAS THE DRIVER LOOKING AROUND DESPERATELY FOR SOMEWHERE TO PARK as he needed to take a leak? Or was he starving? NO ANSWER AS YET. Borneo Post Online zz

‘Drive-in’ at coffee shop sends orders and customers flying

Posted on September 20, 2014, Saturday

KUCHING: Pandemonium broke out when a car rammed into a coffee shop near Kuching Sentral on Thursday night, sending food stall operators and customers flying with the dishes.

The bizarre ‘drive-in’ happened around 7pm when a food seller in his 50s and his female assistant were in the midst of preparing an order for a table of customers. At that very moment, a Perodua Alza driven by a woman suddenly burst into the coffee shop and rammed into his stall and several tables, sending shocked customers scrambling to safety. The operator and his assistant, however, were unable to avoid the car and ended up being pinned beneath the vehicle. Fortunately for the pair, they were not seriously hurt but were sent to the Sarawak General Hospital. http://www.theborneopost.com/2014/09/20/drive-in-at-coffee-shop-sends-orders-and-customers-flying/ —– A BIG stupid parker!

Trailer driver goes against traffic and parks on wrong side of road at Tuas Ave

Singapore is a FINE nation! zaa

10 new CCTV cameras to be installed around Singapore to catch illegal parking: The LTA announced today that it…

THIS EMBASSY CAR WAS PARKED IN A ‘NO WAITING‘ ZONE Stomp Embassy car driver holds up traffic at Holland Village by parking at no-waiting zigzag line

Posted on 15 September 2014

zaa “An embassy car with a CD car plate was parked at a no-waiting zigzag line at Holland Village along Lorong Liput this morning (Sep 15). “As there was also a garbage truck on the other lane collecting rubbish, traffic was held up for about 10 to 15 minutes and cars behind started honking. “I heard the loud honks and therefore went out to see what the fuss is all about. “I really hope the authorities can take action against these embassy drivers who are not considerate of other road users.” http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/singaporeseen/this-urban-jungle/embassy-car-driver-holds-up-traffic-at-holland-village-by-parking-at-no-waiting —– STUPID PARKING IS WHAT STUPID PARKER DOES! 10 September 2014 Dongxing City, Guangxi Gold Beach He parked his expensive SUV on the beach. His girlfriend went swimming. We’re not told what he was doing but he wasn’t paying attention. When the tide came in, it took the fire department and the crow to pull his wheels out. http://news.163.com/photoview/00AP0001/73810.html?from=ph_ss#p=A60TTQSR00AP0001 —– IN WUHAN, CHINA, THIS STUPID PARKER’S CAR BLOCKED A LONG LINE OF TRAFFIC, SO BUS PASSENGERS CAME OUT AND PUSHED IT ASIDE. zzz http://shanghaiist.com/2014/09/07/look_parked_car_blocks_bus_in_wuhan.php —– THIS IS WHERE THEY CLAMP ILLEGALLY PARKED CARS!

IMM Building
IMM Mall is a mall located within walking distance and visible from Jurong East. There is a free shuttle bus service that ferries visitors between the MRT station and the mall and another service between International Business Park and the mall. Wikipedia

Illegally parked cars at IMM have wheels clamped with $100 release fine

At least 10 cars had their wheels clamped for parking illegally at IMM Shopping Mall on Aug 31. Stomp contributor Lim saw that at least 10 cars – including his own – had their wheels clamped for parking illegally at Level 2 of IMM’s multi-storey carpark. … He told Stomp in a phone conversation: “At least 10 cars were clamped at Level 2 of IMM’s carpark by security personnel. No warning was given. “There is a release fee of $100.

– See more at: http://transport.asiaone.com/news/general/story/illegally-parked-cars-imm-have-wheels-clamped-100-release-fine#sthash.tznFJrF0.dpuf

—– IF A MOTORCYLE CAN TAKE UP A WHOLE PARKING LOT, WHY CAN’T A CAR TAKE UP A PARKING LOT FOR MOTORCYCLES? BECAUSE TWO WRONGS DON’T MAKE A RIGHT! Stomp Posted on 25 August 2014 Inconsiderate driver hogs motorcycle lots at Hougang — with his car Stomper Jahat witnessed an inconsiderate driver park his car into a motorcycle parking lot yesterday at the carpark of block 682 Hougang Avenue 4 at around 9pm yesterday (August 24). http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/singaporeseen/this-urban-jungle/inconsiderate-driver-hogs-motorcycle-lots-at-hougang-with-his-carJust parked the car and went off when there are vacant lots around. zc —– Life does taking unexpected turns and directions! Look at this car! It’s a Lotus Elise. The owner, Sam Lee, wrote to The Real Singapore about his worry and suspicion that the 2 guys in uniform may be thinking of stealing his car parts. aa The two guys are from the LTA (Land Transport Authority), and they told him that they were checking for illegal modifications. He asks, “What do your readers think?” WELL, SOME READERS berated him for his poor parking skills. Here are examples. Ahmad Fauzy · Chai Chee Estate, Singapore I was wondering how can you pass your parking test.

Rafiet Mohammed · Top Commenter · Yishun Town Secondary School

Ur one of the cockheads who deserved to get ur car wheel clamped for ur parking skills

Zack Shaman · Top Commenter · Singapore Polytechnic

Confirm other ppl not happy with u by parking like idiot. They had complaint to LTA just to teach u a lesson. Hope u learned the lesson

Jeff Long · Country Manager at Universal Publishing Production Music Asia Dude, were you drunk? From the way you parked your car, maybe they were waiting for a drunk to own up to the vehicle. Erique Tan · · OKCU lol crap parking Denize Ash Pereira · · Top Commenter · Evolve MMA · 101 followers Oh come-on guys, this has nothing to do with this fella’s parking. There’s sufficient space for the next car to park. Rather, I also find it peculiar that they have to check cars till this extend? Kinda overboard. Chai Sian Liang · Someone who’s behind a camera at Government You park like crap. You’re one kind of driver I hate.

Elvin Choy Wern-Ping · Newcastle upon Tyne

looking at the parking lines, I would say that they might be there because you are taking up 2 spaces. I have an elise as well and it is not easy to judge the alignment of the vehicle due to the curvy front clam but I always make it a point to park properly within my bay. I find that the elise is a small car compared to normal cars and a normal parking space has more than enough room for me to open my doors and get into the car. Perhaps you want to look at practising how to get in and out of the cabin instead as it is quite difficult to access the vehicle?

—– Didn’t look back when reversing?

Weired spots..

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In a clampdown against motorists parking along yellow lines and obstructing traffic flow, City Hall’s enforcement department launched two operations in here recently. The first operation saw 10 tow trucks removing 31 cars in the Jalan Sultan Ismail and Bukit Bintang area while the second involved five tow trucks in Jalan Dang Wangi, Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman and Jalan Ipoh. Fourteen cars were towed in the second operation, including one used by tourist Larry Masing Morgan of Gambia. “I borrowed the car from my friend. I just parked on the side of the road like everyone else,” he said, adding that he did not know it was a tow zone. Some motorists, however, were luckier as they were able to remove their vehicles and only received summonses for the parking offences. … City Hall enforcement officer Mohd Hisham Izhar, who led the morning clampdown, said the council carried out special operations from time to time as a deterrent. “Every day, we have 22 tow trucks that go around the city in shifts to remove cars that are illegally parked. “We carry out special clampdown twice a week where we focus on the hotspots for illegal parking offences.”

Blitz on illegal parking —–

OKU? – Kinta City, Ipoh.


Think twice before you park over 2 spaces!
Play Video


马来西亚罪案资讯‘s photo


Ipoh become so dirty because we have a lot of this kind of irresponsible people, regardless of local Ipoh citizen or outstation visitors. I witness this lady pouring her white coffee into the container, then left the plastic bag on the road. May be she consider herself not “throwing rubbish” because she put the plastic bag gentlely on the floor……. Sad to see this. I hope if you are practising the same, STOP IT!! Do not dirty our beloved city anymore

zbc —–

These outstation ppl dont know how to park the car, u think u in Kl ah!

zbc —– A PARKING VIGILANTE IN NEW YORK  GOES TOO FAR, TAKING THE LAW INTO HIS OWN HANDS! MailOnline ‘Learn to park s***bag!’ Neighborhood vigilante spray paints rude messages on cars on crowded New York street

By Michael Zennie

A vigilante has taken it on himself to enforce parking rules on the streets of his crowded Queens, New York, neighborhood – by tagging the offending cars with spray paint.

The anonymous vandal marked up at least two cars in Glendale with rude messages this weekend.

One message, scrawled across the door panels of a perceived offender, read ‘Park right s-bag.’

The other tag blared: ‘Learn to park s***bag!’

Rude: A vigilante marked up two cards with angry messages because he believed they were taking up too much room on the street

Rude: A vigilante marked up two cards with angry messages because he believed they were taking up too much room on the street …

Neighbors say parking in the area is a nightmare - but it doesn't excuse what the vandal did

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2705701/Learn-park-s-bag-Neighborhood-vigilante-spray-paints-rude-messages-cars-crowded-New-York-street.html#ixzz38Z2Foqav —– SOMETIMES, AN ILLEGALLY PARKED CAR GETS CLAMPED OR TOWED AWAY BUT THE INCONSIDERATE OWNER MAY KICK UP A FUSS.

一名华裔女子违规停车,不满轿车遭槟岛市政局执法人员拖走,竟然恼羞成怒,当众对巫裔女执法员“泼面”。 这起事件于周五晚约10时许,在车水路周天央对面的路旁发生。据知,华裔女子当时正在一家福建面摊摆在外面的桌子享用着宵夜,市政局执法人员在上述路段,向违规泊车的轿车开出传票及锁车轮执法行动。 zz —– Look at this selfish WYL9863 driver who park his car over 2 parking lots in Bandar Mahkota Cheras, Selangor. Who know the driver? 看看这位自私的 WYL9863 车主把车停在雪州蕉赖皇冠城两个停车位!有谁认识这个人 zc —– 16 July 2014 In the lane behind CIMB Bank, Ipoh Garden. The cars on our right were illegally parked, making it difficult for the rubbish collection truck to pass. 15-16 July 14 014Ipoh City Council rubbish collection truck just squeezes through http://youtu.be/Hr-05fqj8sY —– IN SINGAPORE, SOMEONE PARKS HIS LAMBORGHINI  AT A LOT MEANT FOR THE HANDICAPPED! Home Surely you can afford to pay for proper parking with this expensive car

Posted on 06 July 2014
Stomper Molly was annoyed to see this orange Lamborghini parked at the handicapped lot today, Jul 6. She felt that the driver could have been more considerate by parking at a proper lot. She wrote: “If you can afford this pumpkin, please pay for proper parking! “The summon ticket on the windshield is peanuts to this selfish inconsiderate driver!!

http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/singaporeseen/this-urban-jungle/surely-you-can-afford-to-pay-for-proper-parking-with-this-expensive-car —– Google WWQ7043 zq These are what you’ll find:

Name and shame this rich b****. – Lowyat.NET

1 day ago – 20 posts – ‎16 authors

Saw the lady driver of WWQ7043 getting down, so I politely told her that it was a disabled parking, and that the one behind her wasn’t.

Idiot | Facebook

Saw the lady driver of WWQ7043 getting down, so I politely told her that it was a disabled parking, and that the one behind her wasn’t. Lady: Yeah, I know.

Mental retardation | Facebook

Saw the lady driver of WWQ7043 getting down, so I politely told her that it was a disabled parking, and that the one behind her wasn’t. Lady: Yeah, I know

Wanita Kereta Mewah Parking Kereta Kat Tempat Khas

wangolds.com › … › Santai, OthersTranslate this page

May 7, 2014 – Seorang pemandu wanita keluar dari kereta plat no: WWQ7043. Saya tegur dia bahawa tempat parking tu untuk OKU. Parking kosong kat

FACEBOOK POST zq Saw the lady driver of WWQ7043 getting down, so I politely told her that it was a disabled parking, and that the one behind her wasn’t. Lady: Yeah, I know. I always park here. Me: But it’s a disabled parking, and you’re not disabled. Lady: I always park here. I’m in a hurry (walks away). Me: …

Conclusion? She must be mentally disabled. So I’ve decided to name and shame.

—– IN SINGAPORE: OWNER/DRIVER OF GN86X blocked the access to the motorcycle lots at Golden Mile Food Centre. Home Van driver blocks bike lots at Golden Mile — and only shows up 30min later when called by warden

Posted on 29 June 2014

This van driver parked his vehicle blocking the access to these motorcycle lots at Golden Mile Food Centre. According to Stomper Jevan, the man took an additional half an hour to return to his vehicle after a parking attendant called the number which was left on his dashboard. http://singaporeseen.stomp.com.sg/singaporeseen/this-urban-jungle/van-driver-blocks-bike-lots-at-golden-mile-and-only-shows-up-30min-later-when —– THIS IS A COMMON SCENE AT THE GENERAL HOSPITAL, IPOH

Block the road — at Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun.

zq zq1 —– OF STUPID PARKERS, THERE IS NO END! Another stupid parker, a motorcycle rider.

Chan Yoong Tat

zp —– Heard of Nosey parkers? Well, what about STUPID PARKERS? I met two today!TWO STUPID PARKERS! This is the inside parking area, Tesco Ipoh Garden. Here is a car in two lots. Why did he do that? I don’t know but you wouldn’t want to ask him that! He might lose his temper. Let’s assume that it is a combination of ignorance (that it is meant for two cars) and selfishness (this way, he can take the whole lot for his car!) collection 010 Along comes another driver who knows, surely, that there isn’t enough space. Does he think or care? He drives his car over, and parks it behind the other car, leaving his back part jutting out! collection 011 See how far it juts out? It obstructs almost one whole lane. collection 013 To meet one STUPID driver in one day is common but to meet TWO within minutes of each other with their cars stuffed into the same parking lot? Ha Ha, my lucky day! And I even had my camera with me! — Star Friday December 6, 2013 MYT 7:01:30 AM

Group: Punish those who abuse parking lots for disabled

PUTRAJAYA: A disabled group wants action to be taken against drivers who indiscriminately park their vehicles at bays designated for them. The National Council for Persons with Disabilities wants local councils around the country to not only fine those irresponsible drivers but recommend them to be penalised under the Kejara demerit point system. … “They have called for enforcement in this matter. The group has also requested for parking operators to put up signs clearly indicating that the parking bays have been reserved for an OKU (orang kurang upaya or disabled person) instead of painting the sign on the floor,” she said, adding that this could be easily overlooked. The issue of abuse of OKU-designated parking space were among the 27 areas of concern raised in a two-day nationwide roadshow held in July this year. Group: Punish those who abuse parking lots for disabledIT IS NOT APATHY AS MUCH AS SELFISHNESS THAT IS RESPONSIBLE FOR DOUBLE PARKING. Education, seen as the cure-all for almost every wrong in society, is not THE answer. It may be one of the answers but not the whole answer. What’s the answer? Who really knows?THIS IS AMERICA! Cop ‘shoots man dead in West Philidelphia after double parking dispute’ Click on the link to read the report and watch the video:

Cop ‘kills man after parking dispute’

http://www.news.com.au/world/cop-shoots-man-dead-in-west-philidelphia-after-double-parking-dispute/story-fndir2ev-1226753132789 Cop kills man after parking dispute

— Star Monday November 4, 2013 MYT 11:23:36 AM

Double parking a nuisance in Rawang

Congested: Traffic is practically at a standstill along Jalan Welman in Rawang town, especially during festivities.

Congested: Traffic is practically at a standstill along Jalan Welman in Rawang town, especially during festivities.

THE main road of Jalan Welman, which is the heart of Rawang town, is congested with vehicles parked along the road shoulders and causing a menace to other road users. The condition gets much worse during festive periods when tents are set up for traders on one lane, forcing traffic into the remaining lane and resulting in chaos. For about a week before Deepavali, residents and motorists had to endure the traffic jam stretching over one kilometre from the main road of Kampung Lee Kim Sai to the end of Jalan Welman. Sometimes it takes about half-an-hour to cover that distance, so many motorists will choose to make an illegal and dangerous U-turn under the Rawang bypass flyover. … “Traffic is worse with vehicles double parking and even triple-parked, occupying almost half of the one-way street. “Some park their cars on the road and go shopping while lorries will load and unload on this main road. At times, motorists just stop their cars by the side to talk on their cellphones. Double parking a nuisance in RawangIN THE CASE OF LIM GUAN ENG’S CAR BEING DOUBLE-PARKED, READ WHAT HE HAS TO SAY. Lim said that his driver was liable to being fined by the local government enforcers like everyone else, “if he was unlucky”. “Anyway, I have advised him that it is not right to park illegally although he was in the car at the time,” said Lim. The photo of Lim Guan Eng's official car parked illegally that went viral. http://news.abnxcess.com/2013/08/photo-of-cm-lim-guan-engs-official-car-parked-illegally-goes-viral/Halimaton Saadiah, who represents Kota Damansara in the Selangor state assembly, “People tend to put their own convenience first at the expense of others.” Halimaton supports the idea of awareness campaigns and other forms of education. http://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/category/nation/2013/08/30/subang-jaya-councillor-says-double-parking-is-due-to-apathy/Subang Jaya councillor says double-parking is due to apathy http://youtu.be/swtQBRG63Wk … Free Malaysia Today b

Double parking: Symptom of Malaysian apathy?

G Lavendran | August 30, 2013

Only education can instil civic consciousness, say town councilor and assemblywoman.

PETALING JAYA: It appears that more and more motorists these days would rather double park to run a quick errand than spend time looking for empty parking spaces. FMT recently visited two business districts in the Klang Valley—Taipan USJ and the Sunway Giza area in Kota Damansara—which are notorious for congestion caused by double-parked cars. Subang Jaya municipal councilor Ken Chia claims that the double parking habit is a symptom of the lack of civic consciousness that afflict a large number of Malaysians. “It’s not a new issue,” he said. “We have been facing this sort of problem in busy areas for a long time http://www.freemalaysiatoday.com/category/nation/2013/08/30/subang-jaya-councillor-says-double-parking-is-due-to-apathy/Lim said that his driver was liable to being fined by the local government enforcers like everyone else, “if he was unlucky”. “Anyway, I have advised him that it is not right to park illegally although he was in the car at the time,” said Lim.

ABN News | Eng

Photo of CM Lim Guan Eng’s official car parked illegally goes viral
The photo of Lim Guan Eng's official car parked illegally that went viral.
The photo of Lim Guan Eng’s official car parked illegally that went viral.

GEORGE TOWN: A photograph of Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng’s official car parked next to a sign warning that vehicles could be clamped if parked illegally has gone viral. The photograph snapped today was posted on Facebook with the caption: “Is double line parking the privilege of PG1?” BN supporters left comments that Lim was a blatant law breaker and abusing his position. http://news.abnxcess.com/2013/08/photo-of-cm-lim-guan-engs-official-car-parked-illegally-goes-viral/ — In the comments section on some Facebook pages, BN supporters are accusing Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng of being a blatant law breaker while others said critics were making a mountain out of a molehill, since parking is a headache in downtown Penang. Malaysiakini

Photo of CM Lim’s illegally parked car goes viral

A photograph depicting the Penang chief minister’s official car being parked illegally is making rounds on the internet and triggering a debate about whether the chief minister has special parking privileges. Making matters worse was the fact that the vehicle was depicted parking very near a sign warning motorists that their vehicles risk being clamped if they parked illegally. The photograph, taken this afternoon, was widely shared on Facebook with a caption which read: “Is double line parking the privilege of PG1?” … When contacted, Lim said that he was meeting several journalists and a guest from Hong Kong at a coffeeshop at the time. Lim said that his driver was liable to being fined by the local government enforcers like everyone else, “if he was unlucky”. “Anyway, I have advised him that it is not right to park illegally although he was in the car at the time,” said Lim.

Much ado about Penang CM’s illegally-parked car – Malaysiakini

Images of cars double parked ab2 ab1 ab4

Images for malaysia double parking


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