Before Kak Listen, there were Ms Tow Truck and Ms Equality…


‘Little Ambiga’ (KS Bawani) versus SW1M President (‘Kak Listen’)


Chinese Daily Kwang Wah Jit Poh described Ooi as having her face and ears flushed, and her voice breaking as she scowled into the microphone while questioning Lim.


After ‘Ms Equality’, enter ‘Ms Tow Truck’
2:59PM Feb 19, 2012

A little known MCA politician has become an unwitting ‘star’ online after the conclusion of the debate between MCA president Dr Chua Soi Lek and DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng yesterday.

kak tunda mca jessie ooi 2Jessie Ooi (right), a Selangor MCA activist, has become an Internet sensation of sorts because of the manner in which she posed a question to Lim, as well as its content.

“I am ‘half’ a Penangite. You always talk about lightening the people’s burden. But assessment rates are up. All prices are going up.

“Moreover, at 10.30pm at night, I saw this twice with my own eyes, 10.30pm the roads are devoid of cars, but you still ask enforcement officers to tow cars.

“It concluded with a fight where there were severe injuries. How do you explain this security issue? Is this called lightening the people’s burden?” she said.

Netizens are also pouring scorn over the incredulous and incoherent nature of her tirade, along with the fact that Penang’s assessment rates had not changed since 2007.But more importantly, her critics honed in on her remark about the car-towing incident and have nicknamed her ‘Ms Tow Truck’.

They pointed out flaws in Ooi’s argument such as her assertion that there are no cars after 10.30pm and that there should not be enforcement work late at night.

This had inspired numerous humorous Photoshop images which have gone viral.



Jessie Ooi的发问片段

After ‘Ms Equality’, enter ‘Ms Tow Truck‘ – Malaysiakini


‘Ms Tow Truck’ no longer Selayang BN coordinator

Selangor MCA Beliawanis chief Jessie Ooi is no longer Selayang BN coordinator after she was not reappointed when her post lapsed six months ago.

jessie ooi 05Ooi shot to fame and earned herself the ‘Ms Tow Truck’ moniker after her angry outburst at the public debate between MCA chief Dr Chua Soi Lek and DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng in February this year.

A teary-eyed Ooi told a press conference yesterday that she failed to enjoy wide support from party leaders and her position as Selayang BN coordinator was subsequently not extended by Prime Minister Najib Razak, who is BN chief.

Ms Tow Truck’ no longer Selayang BN coordinator | Free …


Tay has also earned herself the moniker ‘Ms Equality’ due to portions of her speech in which she said the Chinese community cannot expect equal treatment because they are a minority.


Gerakan councillor’s speech goes viral, gets bashing

It is rare for online videos of BN politicians giving speeches to go viral, but one relatively unknown Gerakan politician has managed to buck this trend.

The video in question is a 20-minute speech in Cantonese by Ipoh City Council member Ceylyn Tay at a 1Malaysia event on Jan 7 in Ipoh.

Wasting no time, Tay launched into a tirade against Pakatan Rakyat, arguing that the birth of coalition had led to more racialism resulting in an undesirable “two-race system”. As such, Malaysia should not have a two-party system.

NONEThe original YouTube clip, uploaded by user TalkEastTalkWest, was taken down yesterday afternoon after about 16,000 views.

An overwhelming majority of 1,237 viewers who voted on the video gave it the ‘thumbs down’, compared to 24 who gave it the ‘thumbs up’.

But within hours after the video being taken down, several copies were uploaded on YouTube and are being widely shared through social networking websites.

Ms Equality

1Malaysia 五蚊火水 by Ceylyn Tay ‘Original Version’


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